Swan Songs and the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

SWAN SONG =1218. Thirty-Third Degree =1218. Golden Anniversary =1218. Broncos Quarterback =1218. And notice the total score is at 27. This image from the latest Sports Illustrated issue doesn’t give much in the way of clues, aside from more confirmation that it’s Manning’s last game. Going out on top. 

  • Swans, in light of the crane collapse and other bird symbolism. Stop looking at me, swan. 

This Feb 8th issue of SI is done up in the Panthers colours and predicts a 22-19 win for Carolina. Face of a Franchise =720. Super Bowl Blackout =72. Act of Terrorism =72. A New World Order =2219. New World Religion =2219.

  • Panthers Twenty-Two Broncos Nineteen =150. Like the fulfilment of 50. Super Bowl =50. San Francisco =50. 
  • Twenty-Two Nineteen =251/1506/80. Super Bowl Sunday =80. Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara California =152. The Thirty-Eighth Day of the Year =152. False Flag =156. 

Lest we forget THE SPORTS ILLUSTRATED COVER JINX =131/401. Super Bowl =131. Championship =131. Super Bowl Fifty False Flag Terrorism =401. Super Bowl Terrorism =104. And it’s been 14 years since 9/11. 


10 thoughts on “Swan Songs and the Sports Illustrated Cover Jinx

  1. The opening 1218 sequence was fantastic!

    I’ve been looking into Revelation 6:8 – Denver =68. Peyton Manning =68. The verse goes – Behold a Pale Horse, and his name was Death. Slightly paraphrased there, but you get it….

    Pale Horse Rides =154. Denver Broncos =154. Levis Stadium =154. Pale Horse =99. NFL =66.


  2. How did you even find that pic w/ the 1218 on the clock?! I’m still amazed. Also, are you aware of your subconscious soaking in all that Pepsi imagery?? I sent you a strong connect yesterday tying Rice-a-Roni to Pepsi to the performers in the Halftime Show, and you yawned.

    Pepsi Halftime =139, 834. Freemasonry =139, 834. Denver =834.


    • Haha so boring. Nah I just haven’t fully locked on yet, still not able to get past the Left Shark fiasco. So much Pepsi mind control. Pepsi=96/38 Mk-Ultra=96 and the 38th day. And I got the 1218 picture from the latest SI! I get the online version with my Next Issue subscription.


  3. I bet 400. On Panthers. I just think this superbowl is connected to chicago bears 85 and the Panthers fit that model with coach Rivera being a 85 bear. I think the 2/7 or mirrored 7/2 code is for the Big Event the elite have planned for America.


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