L.A. Mid-Air Collision Fiasco

Pop quiz, hotshot: Is this picture A) courtesy of Michael Bay, or B) the current #2 headline picture on LA Times? Trick question, it’s both. Probably. Might as well be. Two planes crashed off the coast of Los Angeles this afternoon, 2/5/16. The crash was reported at — 3:30 pm. WHAT DO YOU KNOW. I wish I’d kept track of how many of these stories involve a 3:30 time. Because I’d estimate it’s at least 80%. And this supposed midair collision happened outside SAN PEDRO =330. Doesn’t Super Bowl start at 3:30 too?

And I do not think it a coincidence that the LO of Long Beach is covered in the CNN map (below). NG BEACH =66/40. If you’re not familiar with those numbers, just read the latest few posts. Ng Beach sounds a lot like Chinese ownership. Like whatever if anything goes down on Super Bowl Sunday, disaster-wise, is rigged in favour of the Chinese – who virtually own the entire West Coast of North America. 

Planes Go Down Off Coast =1380. Remember that SB Sunday is 138 days into the Jubilee year; 138 days after Yom Kippur on 9/22. Bohemian Grove is 138 years old. SB is on the 38th day of the year. And several other gems there. 

The LA Times headline: “Midair collision off coast near L.A. Harbor; search for survivors underway” =727. Not only is that a Boeing airplane model (with a 33m wingspan), that’s the ultimate tribute to the biggest two numbers of this SuperBowl MegaRitual! The Super Bowl solar system veritably revolves around 72/27. And there it is,in this bizarre airplane crash story, mere hours and miles away from SB50. 

  • The Boeing 727 has been involved in 178 hijackings. One Forty-Four =178. Santa Clara California =178. 

And hey let’s just remember that Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17 crashed on THE EXACT SAME day that ground broke at Levi’s Stadium. And both it and the vanished MH-370 were THE EXACT SAME aircraft model 777-200ER. And if we spell that out like ‘Seven Seven Seven Two Hundred ER’ =152. Levi’s Stadium Santa Clara California =152. The Thirty-Eighth Day of the Year =152. The 52nd prime is 239. There were 239 people on board and it crashed on 3/8. The Super Bowl is on the 38th day of the year. 

Maybe a coincidence, maybe fuck you. 


9 thoughts on “L.A. Mid-Air Collision Fiasco

  1. Prince Will-I-Am , search and rescue helicopter pilot,…,33y7y17m on super Bowl…UKREIGN UKRAIN….total masonic fakery…also I discern “Torra” (torah) “Son” “Lake”


    • Haha YOU confirmed that suspicion with me dog. Vancouver appears to be at least 72% Chinese owned and operated. My uncle is a baller with HSBC and provides loans to these Illuminati-East motherfuckers, and I’ve noticed his attitude has gradually black-holed over the past few years of gradual awakening. And I found two more huge 147s that I’m not even gonna reiterate its so good.

      So stoked to celebrate our win tomorrow night.


  2. I went back and looked at your 147 stuff. It was really good. Just like your late inning 152’s here.

    Steph Curry made some comments last night that leads me to believe a 19-7 or 17-9 score may happen. 19-17 is possible, and btw Curry’s comments & this gematria……

    Super Bowl Fifty =197.


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