The Disney-Pixar Ritual Sacrifice of a Screenwriter

Daniel Gerson, a screenwriter for Disney/Pixar, died the day before the Super Bowl – at age 49. He’s known for writing MONSTERS INC =149/50. And of course Super Bowl 50 at 49ers home stadium. San Francisco =50. He also wrote “Big Hero 6” =46/64 (+6). SB was the 46th of the modern era, there’s 52 men on a football roster, and Denver Broncos =64. DAN GERSON =52 and he died from BRAIN CANCER =52/88 in California =88. 

Daniel Gerson =60/123. Conspiracy =60/123. Disney-Pixar Sacrifice =127. Daniel =27 and Gerson =33. G =33. MONSTERS =33/123. 

  • Gerson was born in ’66, the year of the first Super Bowl. NFL =66. Strangely, Wikipedia lists his birthday as “1966/1967” birth numerology is not possible. 
  • Death, though: [2+6+20+16] =44. Kill =44. [2+6+2+0+1+6] =17. Kill =17. 

    M =13/78. Beta Programming =78. The sequel, ‘Monsters University’ =87. Standby Scare =131. And notice the clock is pointing at 9-11. All-Seeing Eye =119. 

    • Monsters Inc was released on Nov 2, 2001. That leaves 59 days in the year. Monsters Inc =59. Kill =59. That’s 1 month 22/23 days after 9/11. 
    • [11+2+20+01] =34. [11+2+1] =14. Gerson died exactly 14 years 3 months 4 days after Monsters Inc came out. 
    • The writer and director of the sequel is Dan Scanlon =34/97. Dan Gerson =43/97. And Super Bowl 50 score totalled 34. Wrestlemania 32 is on 4/3 and its theme song is ‘My House’ =34/43. 

    The day before he was either sacrificed or death hoaxed, the extremely disappointing Cohen Brother’s movie Hail Caesar came out. The antagonists in the movie are Hollwood screenwriters and Communists who call themselves THE FUTURE =43/124. Like Dan Gerson and the final SB score of 24-10. 

    PIXAR =408. Illuminati =48. Hollywood =48. Monsters Inc was directed by PETE DOCTER =48/666.  IMDb ranks it #216 top rated movies. 6x6x6 =216. DISNEY PIXAR =72/144. 

    • Pixar =32. NFL =32.  Monsters Inc ran 1 h 32 mins and was nominated for 38 awards. Broncos won their 3rd of 8 Super Bowls on the 38th day of the year. 


    Remember this is the studio that codes A113 into every film, allegedly because it was the room where it all started. Pro-Israel =113. Dreamworld =113. Dishonest =113. Green Screen =113. Disney Ritual Sacrifice =113. And in the Torah, Bava Kama 113 states that Jews may circumvent Gentiles by lying. The Beast =311. MK (13+11). November Third =1113, the day after Monsters Inc was released. Just like the Super Bowl was a day after Gerson died. 

    • SUPER BOWL FIFTY TWENTY FOUR TEN =133/142 (like the mirror of 24-10). Hail Caesar a Cohen Brothers Film =133. Super Bowl Fifty =197. Dan Gerson =97. 
    • Pixar Animation =74/164. Gerson Death Hoax =74/164. 

    8 thoughts on “The Disney-Pixar Ritual Sacrifice of a Screenwriter

        • Way to go! I find a few suckers I bet two guys at my job $200 each that Denver would win. They said I was crazy and took the bet. I felt kind of bad though. I feel like I know something they don’


        • Haha yeah it’s better to jack the system in the future than our fellow man. I just started gambling for the first time in my life since discovering the code, with Intertops, and been doing well going in only on the games I’m convinced are coded to a dubya.

          Liked by 1 person

        • I know what you mean. I’m not much of a gambler either. I’ve been to Las Vegas a few times with friends and my girl. But I think I might have to put this gematria to use. It could help me pay off a few bills in the process. I figure you might as well use the knowledge to your advantage if you have it.


        • That’s it my man. That’s what I’m thinking too. I like to look at it as more Insider Trading than gambling. And because that’s what the elites are doing to us on the daily, I have no ethical qualms with doing the same.

          Liked by 1 person

        • You’re on the right track. That’s the same way I see it. They do it to us and feel no sympathy at all. So why can’t we? It’s time for the 99% to get in on the I definitely feel where you’re coming from.

          Liked by 1 person

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