KONY2012 #NeverForget

Joseph Kony =48. Kony PsyOp =48 (Illuminati / Evil / Uganda / Hollywood); =57 (Hypnotize / Perpetual War); =138 (The President of the United States). He was born sometime in August 1961, just like Barack Obama. He has 88 wives (Poison / Program) and 42 children (Freemason / Zionism / Satanism). He’s from Odek Uganda =38 (Africom / Death / Killing / Masonic) =83 (MK Slave) and 83 million people watched the documentary in the first day of its release. TIME has called it the most viral video ever. 

Kony claims to be a spirit medium and host to 13 spirits including a Chinese phantom. Like Obama, Kony is considered a cult of personality. Unlike Obama, Kony was indicted for war crimes for abducting some 66,000 child soldiers – and has since evaded capture. (Jason Russell =66) 

  • Lord’s Resistance Army =112. Zionist =112 (the 47th prime number). Mason =211. 

Jason Russell =39/66. Uganda Oil =39. The Old Testament is 39 books and  Revelation is the 66th book. Invisible Children =174/93 (New World Order / Propaganda). Invisible Children Inc =119 (Star of David / All-Seeing Eye). 

Russell then had a bizarre meltdown at the peak of the Kony 2012 success, running around San Diego naked and masturbating in front of cars. March 15, 2012 this occurred. That’s the 75th day of the Leap Year, a date with numerology of 50 (3+15+20+12). That’s the Ides of March =101/56. Assassin =101 / Mind Control =56. Ides of March =65. Kony =65. Africom =65. While Julius Caesar was murdered, Russell had but his character assassinated. He was 33 at the time. 

  • Russell born (10+12+19+78) =119. Invisible Children Inc =119. Star of David =119/47. (10+12+1+9+7+8) =47. 
  • His parents founded the Christian Youth Theatre, whose initial CYT =48. Joseph Kony =48. Uganda =48. White Dove =48. 


Obama ran for reelection in 2012 on a similar platform, change we can all believe in. Indeed this appears like Kony is running for office. Notice the merger of the parties and the illusory left-right paradigm, and the 3-3 stars. 

  • KONY =500 (10+50+40+400). Kony =390/65 (11+15+14+25). Kony =20 (2+6+5+7). 
  • That looks a lot like K.O N.Y. Knockout New York =68/221. Barack Obama =68. Puppet Politicians =221. 

Remember the campaign called COVER THE NIGHT =73 (Remembrance Day / Sacrifice / Ritual Sacrifice / Sacrificial Lamb)? It was held on Hitler’s birthday, April 20th, 2012. That’s the 111th day of he leap year. The slogan “One Thing We Can All Agree On” =111. White Dove =111/666. 

  • The short film Kony 2012 was released on March 5th. [3+5+12] =20. KONY (2+6+5+7) =20. That’s the 65th day of the year. KONY (11+15+14+25) =65. AFRICOM =65. 
  • So Russell suffered his mind control meltdown TEN DAYS LATER =144. 

Cover the Night campaign came 6 weeks 5 days after the propaganda release swept the planet. Mind Control =56. KONY PSYOP =156. That’s also 1 month 5/6 days. Freemasons =115. Psychological Operations =115. 

The sequel was called PART II BEYOND FAMOUS =96/213. KONY TWO-THOUSAND-TWELVE =96/312. Racism =213. Freemason =96. MK-Ultra =96. On March 21, 2012 (2/13/12), a resolution “condemning Joseph Kony and his ruthless guerrilla group for a 26-year campaign of terror” was put forward by Senators Jim Inhofe and Chris Coons. 

  • Beyond Famous =59. Jason =59. Slave =59. Monarch Slave =59. Brainwashed =59. 

And the diamonds. And the gold. And the coltan, and the water, and the colonialism. 

  • KONY TWENTY TWELVE =70. STOP AT NOTHING =70. Arch-Zionist =70. Secret =70. Shadow =70. Hmm, looks like a red flag to me. And if you sum Kony (11+15+14+25) =65+2+0+1+2 =70. 


2 thoughts on “KONY2012 #NeverForget

    • It’s a pretty interesting case study in mass mind control. I wrote a paper on its rhetoric in college when it happened. Haven’t seen it since but it’s pretty insane and comical if I remember correctly, explaining to a child and calling for military invasion.


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