Wrestlemania 32 Occult MegaRitual


Another occult megaritual to watch for is the Super Bowl of professional wrestling. Wrestlemania 32 will be held on 4/3 at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, Texas on the 32nd parallel. The main event is a match between Triple H defending his 9th reign as WWE World Heavyweight Champion from one of three competitors: Dean Ambrose =43. Roman Reigns =133/61. Brock Lesnar =46 after the 46th Super Bowl (and Triple H is 46 years old). 

  • TRIPLE H =88/43 on 4/3 and his wrestling debut was on 4/30 of ’95. (HHH=888). Terrorist Strike =888. He was born 7/27 of ’69 and his real name “Paul Michael Levesque”=207. Paul Levesque =48/156. Six Six Six =48/156. 
  • Triple H stands for “Hunter Hearst Helmsley” =94/122. 

Terrorists =161. One of his ring names is Terra Ryzing =161/71. The event’s theme song is ‘Flo Rida My House’ =171/72. Cowboys Stadium =72. Mass Mind Control =72. 

  • Birthday [7+27+19+69] =122. Hunter Hearst Helmsley =122.   San Francisco =122/59 [7+27+1+9+6+9] =59. Kill =59. Wrestlemania =59. Monarch Slave =59. 
  • 7+27=34 like the total Super Bowl points and 3/4. 


Look at this fuckin character, decked out like a Templar demigod, or Shao Kahn from Mortal Kombat. Triple H is married into the MCMAHON FAMILY =133/61 (Roman Reigns =133/61). McMahon =67/402. His wife is Stephanie, Vince’s daughter, making Mr. McMahon – CEO of WWE – Triple H’s father-in-law. 

  • Triple H & Stephanie have 3 daughters. Her brother, Shane, has 3 sons. 

Wrestlemania =50. Thirty-Two =50. Fifty Fifty =132/60. April 3rd is the 94th day of the year. Hunter Hearst Helmsley =94. Terrorist Incident =94. That leaves 272 days remaining. Like the timer on the suicide vest cover of Newsweek. 272+727 =999. Triple H born 7/27. 

  • Wrestlemania 32 comes 8 months 8 days after Triple H’s 46th birthday. Triple H =88 (Poison / Program / Goyim Manipulation). 


8 thoughts on “Wrestlemania 32 Occult MegaRitual

    • That’s a great prediction. Dude is RIPE. Ric Flair Sacrifice =414 in Jewish. False Flag =414. Nature Boy =121. Blood Sacrifice =121/67. He turns 67 exactly 38 days before Wrestlemania. Death=38.


      • Nice. 16+16=32… Sixteen Time Champion =96/105/222. Sixteen =96. Check out the comment thread on my Blink 182 post, Maestro and I just forecasted a Travis Barker sacrifice on 9/30/17.


      • Actually, I just read that. It seems legit. I was using it as a guide to Flair.

        Sixteen Time World Champion Dead—308

        That was just fun, but no date. Let’s see. He had his heart attack on TV on 12-14-1998. I am going to make that a 35.

        Let’s say he dies on 3-5. That would be 29 days before WM32 but also 920 weeks since his Nitro heart attack. That is also 270 months and 20 days, which reads 272 to me, tying into the proverbial shit-ton of 27s and 72s and maybe linking him to the Superbowl too.


      • Nice. And Nitro reminds me of dynamite, like the 27.2 on the Newsweek cover. We’ve also been seeing some coding for March Forth – Holocaust Memorial Day – and reflection of Mania’s date. In that heart attack stunt he was speaking with Gene Okerlund =59 about Eric Bischoff =67.


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