AstroNOT Scott Kelly and the ISS Hoax


Parts of Earth Look Kind of Sick =121/139. Revelation =121. Freemasonry =139. Of course it’s no secret that astronauts are Freemasons, including this Scott Kelly actor. Scott Joseph Kelly =62. Mason =62. Space Shuttle Hoax =62. He was even born in fucking Orange NJ. ORANGE =33, like their flight suit from the props department. 

  • Look Kind of Sick =64/154. Denver Broncos =64/154. And Kelly was born in ’64. SCOTT KELLY =34/142, like the Broncos Super Bowl finishing 24-10 with a total score of 34. Tribute much? NASA Astronaut =164. 
  • This also seems to connect to Barack Hussein Obama =64 / President Obama =142. And for the last year or so Obama does ‘look kind of sick.’
  • LOOKS VERY VERY FRAGILE =270. Super Bowl Fifty Sacrifice =270. Is the Earth the sacrifice!? And of course SB on 2/7 – all the numbers of that megaritual coded up in this story. 
  • Kind of Sick =47/56. NASA Astronaut =47/56. Star of David =47/56/119. ISS (9+1+1). ISS =47. 

Scott Kelly was featured in a post-game segment on the Colbert Show alongside Obama predicting the Broncos win in an admittedly pre-recorded taping. “All the Super Bowl winners are written on the back of the Declaration of Independence,” read Obama’s script, mocking and taunting us that it’s all a hoax. Just before the segment closes with Obama, a football is thrown to Scott Kelly “in orbit” – aka on a zero gravity parabolic flight.  

Scott Kelly is currently 51 (Conspiracy / Freemason / Zionism). He was born on Feb 21st, the 52nd day of the year. [2+21+1+9+6+4] =43. SCOTT KELLY =43. And look at this bullshit: he was crew on ISS Expedition 43, which launched on 3/11 of 15. 

“Kelly is currently in his 501st day in space over six different missions and the 321st day of his one-year mission aboard the International Space Station.” – CNN

  • International Space Station =105/123. Conspiracy =51/123. Masonry =105. Zionism =105. And the story comes on 2/11. Zionist =112. Mason =211. 
  • Kelly also holds the record for total number of days spent in space by an American: 382. Three Hundred Eighty Two Days =311. USA =311. Green Screen =113.  


This man is a fucking fraud and a phoney, as is NASA. It’s all deception, smoke and mirrors. I tend to lean more toward the secret space program theory to explain all the NASA hoaxery; that black ops tech is a hell of a lot more advanced then we’re told. Although space could also be the limit to a holographic reality, which is my preferred position in the Round vs Flat Earth argument.

Also, Kelly’s “twin brother,” Mike, is married to motherfucking Gabby Giffords, the Arizona senator who played along with a hoax assassination attempt in 2011 and pretended to relearn how to speak.  The twins are apparently so identical that one also shaved off his mustache and was indistinguishable from the other. 

Aka it’s the same NASshole actor deceiver being a good little bitch in yet another aspect of the con. Maybe they’re real twins… Close call. But if two they’re both frauds.  

And just listen to these astroNOTs speak. They all sound like retards. Uh, uh, uh. Using poor grammar. They’re supposed to be the ultimate cream of the crop. The best and brightest. Then we get dumb-dumbs like Don Pettit who is an absolute joke. The Powers That Be are LAUGHING at us. Look at these lying eyes…



6 thoughts on “AstroNOT Scott Kelly and the ISS Hoax

  1. Bullseye Berg! The hoax is revealed by Extra Capsa, and most importantly – By The Numbers.

    There’s more to Expedition Forty Three =261. Mason =62. Could 261 be NASA code for Mason (62) Fulfillment?

    Scott Kelly =43, and was on Expedition 43. Forty Three =840, and 84 is everything Obama. Forty Three =834. Freemasonry =834.

    Expedition =121. Astronot =122. Astronot =511. Saturn =511.


  2. I keep wondering when ISS is going to blow. It’ll look like Season Two of Game of THRONES with the comet in the sky.

    Have you ever looked into GoT and George RR Martin?


    • Wow wouldn’t that be something. Whatever is up there is clearly unmanned. I’ve seen what they say is the ISS pass overhead like a satellite but what do you think is really going on? Spy satellite, although there’s that whole thing about all satellite images being CGI…

      ISS DISASTER =142/43. The reflection is the Super Bowl score code…

      I haven’t done any decode on GoT but I read the first three books so I should. Game of Thrones =74. Winter is Coming =79. ISS Disaster =79.


      • There is most definitely a gem or fifty hidden within

        A song of ice and fire—906, 151

        When I see a number like that 151 I like to split it half and add 15+51=66. Books of the Bible and all that jazz


  3. I’m interested in this article as I always look for info and I’m just hitting the surface when it comes to numerology. Can you explain how you guys do your calculations? for example I don’t understand the Look Kind of Sick =64/154. Denver Broncos =64/154 part and the other parts in here like that.


    • In the Calculate Yourself section in the toolbar I give links to Riding the Beast and Gematrix but the gist is A=1 B=2 C=3, right, so “Denver Broncos” (4+5+14+22+5+18+2+18+15+14+3+15+19) =154. That’s English ordinal or Long Form Gematria and the Pythagorean or Simple method reduces each number to a single digit: Denver Broncos (4+5+5+4+5+9+2+9+6+5+3+6+1) =64.

      Hope that helps clarify the process. Thanks for your question, brother.


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