Ghostbusters II and the Valentine’s Day Disaster

Follow-up to my post about something planned for Valentine’s Day. You may have heard that Ghostbusters II (1989) predicted the world would end on Valentine’s Day 2016. Washington Post just did a story on it yesterday 2/10. What sticks out is it’s been 27 years since the film’s release – same as Back to the Future II. 

  • PETER VENKMAN =144. Valentines =49/121. Revelation =49/121. And 2/7 Super Bowl (at 49ers stadium on the 121st parallel won by the pale horse) had a love-themed halftime show. TEN DAYS LATER =144…
  • Believe in Love =822. Peyton Manning =822. Ghostbusters =822. Death =822. 


World of the Psychic =101. Valentine’s Day Terror =101. Assassin =101. On this show, a woman named Elaine claims to have encountered an alien at the Holiday Inn in Paramus, N.J. The alien, after buying her a cocktail at the hotel bar, takes her back to its room/spaceship and tells her the world will end on Feb. 14, 2016.
Venkman looks in the camera and says “Valentine’s Day, Bummer” =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Masonic =223. 


Elaine says the alien must have used some sort of ray or MIND CONTROL DEVICE =185. That’s the perfect reflection of Holiday Inn. 


  • Venkman =80/26. Elaine =80. Paramus =26. Paramus NJ =113 (Dishonest / Greenscreen / State-Sponsored Terror). Bill Murray =50/131. Paramus New Jersey =87/213. Valentine’s Day Bombing =87/213. Like Feb 13, 2/13, the 44th day of the year and start of LUPERCALIA =44. 

Date numerology [2+14+20+16] =52. Valentine’s Day =52. [2+14+16] =32. Paramus NJ =32. Bomb =32. America =32. Ectoplasm =32. 


Ghostbusters =822. Peyton Manning =822. Death =228. United States of America =228. Rothschild Zionist =228. GHOSTBUSTERS II =840. SEVEN =840. OBAMA =84 (born 8/4). VALENTINE’S DAY DISASTER =84. 

  • Ghostbusters =47/74. 
  • Ghostbusters II =92. World of the Psychic =92. Valentine’s Day Terror =92. Valentine =920. 
  • Who You Gonna Call =69. Ghost =69. Paramus New Jersey =69. False Flag =69. 

The plot of Ghostbusters II involves all the concentrated negative energy of New York City manifesting as an underground river of slime. This reminds me of the reflecting pools at Ground Zero Memorial and how water holds thought energy. Also, the movie features New York flooded under water and a major power outage in the city…

Last note, the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot. It’s expected on 7/16/16 (which reduces to 777). That’s 5 months 2 days after Valentine’s Day =52 (with 52 numerology). The 52nd prime number is 239. That’s also 21 weeks 6 days (216). 6x6x6 =216. 

And in continuation of the ongoing destruction of gender as part of the transhumanism agenda, the roles have been completely reversed:


11 thoughts on “Ghostbusters II and the Valentine’s Day Disaster

  1. You can def feel the supernatural energy in that post! Those 822/228 runs are gonna Haunt me for a long Time. And the Holiday Inn connect with Mind Control Device was incredibly on point…..Slimed =158!

    Supernatural =166, and Ghostbusters 2 was released on 16/6.Ghostbusters =199 (Bacon). Do What Thou Wilt =199.

    The big question to me is what has happened to the Ghostbusters? I believe two of them have been Sacrificed (Hudson & Ramis), and I think the receptionist girl there is dead too.

    I have a feeling there are real clues in the deaths of all 3…..especially – Egon =22, the Master Builder number. Egon =41. Skull And Bones =41.

    Egon Spengler =137. Spengler =307, and the movie was made for $37m. Spengler =96, 42. Freemason =96, 42.

    Lets dig a little deeper……Glenn Frey has a track on the movie soundtrack – track 9, and its called…

    Flip City =152 (Bacon), and its 5:12 in length! Glenn =52. Valentine’s Day =52. GB2 grossed $215m.

    Bro Berg, please check out that connect, and if it plays into Valentines Day, or maybe the release of the Reboot – maybe a tribute to the Reboot? Frey =491. Egon Spengler =409. Glenn Frey’s death to the release of the new Ghostbusters….how many days? or possibly the release of GB 2 to Frey’s death? Please excuse my laziness on this one.


  2. Super Bowl L= Flower, Love, Mars, X,
    L chondrites = alledged asteroid parents are Flora (flower) and Eros (love). Eros is a Mars Cross(X)er
    Russian fake meteor is said to be an LL super bolide, a relative of L
    super Bol-ide L ? Valentine’s day features heavily in nasa/alledged comet encounters


  3. I’m so new to all of this and am trying to figure it all out.
    2/16/16 is 233 days away from 10/4/2016 which seems to be coded in the Back to the Future and Lego movies as outlined by Polarization Nation Media. I feel like gematria is just a pointer to the real code, but what is it? There is no denying that this is not coincidence.


    • Based on my research, Gematria is the code that reveals the details of the conspiracy, past present and future. Literally hidden in plain sight. Gematria =233. Confirmation in Number =233. Zionist Revelation =233. MK-Ultra Mind Control =233. Freemason Mind Control =233. Horus the All-Seeing Eye =233. And that’s the 13th Fibonacci number after 144.

      2+16+16 =34, the combined score of Super Bowl 50. So that was a great catch on the duration! Thanks for sharing and please feel free to contribute to this team effort of cracking the code.


      • So, it reveals the details, but to what end? It seems that every external occurrence is scripted reality. So if everything is scripted, then the inter-relations between events must have significance. We know that there is an effort to advance an agenda, and all of these scripted events are in support of that. I feel like there is a piece that we are missing. I have been seeking truth for years now. The sources of my information have been varied. Some of the sources are disinformation agents, but that doesn’t mean that truth is not present somewhere. It is up to us to decipher. It’s clear that there is a code in place to obscure the truth that is in plain sight. Back to this movie. A date has been revealed in this movie 2/14/2016. Based on the work of PNM, a date, 10/4 seems to have been coded into “Back to the Future”, where the future is set in the time we live in now. “The Lego Movie” references “Taco Tuesday”, which coincidentally (NOT) is the day of the week on which 10/4 falls this year. It is also the day of the week that 9/11/2001 fell on. I have calculated the gematria and bounced it off of your rosetta stone. It certainly seems like there is something a-brewing. One of the parts of the “Back to the Future” move is when the clocks all synch in time at 8:00am while Marty is on the phone with Doc. Doc tells them that the clocks are all 25 minutes slow, which is ostensibly a code for, add 25 minutes to the time. I have no idea what unit of measure 25 minutes is actually coded to be: 25 minutes, days, weeks? 7 minutes, days, weeks? Something else?

        From and including: Sunday, February 14, 2016
        To, but not including Tuesday, October 4, 2016
        Result: 233 days
        It is 233 days from the start date to the end date, but not including the end date
        Or 7 months, 20 days excluding the end date = 7+2 = 9
        233 days can be converted to one of these units:
        20,131,200 seconds
        335,520 minutes = 3+3+5+5+2 = 18 = 9
        5592 hours = 5+5+9+2 = 21= 3
        233 days
        33 weeks and 2 days = 233 mirror
        63.66% of 2016

        Simple English English Pythagorean Pythagorean Alt Jewish
        October 78 33 468 33 290
        ten four 99 36 594 36 481
        Taco Tuesday 114 33 684 42 854
        nine eleven 105 51 630 69 869
        Tuesday 95 23 570 32 800

        10/4/2016 10+4+2+1+6 = 23
        10/4/2016 10+4+2+16 = 32
        9/11/2001 9+11+1 = 21 = 3
        9/11/2001 9+1+1+1 = 12 = 3

        So, I don’t know what to make of all of this. It’s compelling, isn’t it?


  4. So, I just realized you did a whole decode of BTTF on YouTube….Nice work, BTW.
    You decoded the tagline: he was never in time for his classes.. he wasn’t in time for his dinner… then one day he wasn’t in his time at all

    You added the Aleph to that to get 411, but what if you shouldn’t have? Without the A, THE GEMATRIA IS 410 which is a mirror of 10/4


  5. […] II came out, in which they prophecy the end of the world to come on Valentines Day 2016. I covered this predictive program here, but the clue was embedded in the inverse, as it often is. The lady who tells Venkman the prophecy […]


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