Numerological IMF and the Back to the Future Code: Valentine’s Day Predictions

I found a cat on YouTube called Polarization Nation and dug a few of his videos on numerological predictive programming and the Back to the Future code, as I covered in depth a few months ago myself. He sees a 2/7 read predicting an upcoming event on February 14th – and I figure I’d take a closer look for us. 

In the film’s intro scene that I’ve spoken about as foreshadowing 9/11 and the Denver Super Bowl, Marty realizes the clocks are set back exactly 25 minutes. 2+5=7. Polarization Nation shows the notorious clip from Christine Lagarde, the Managing Director of the IMF, who dropped some serious occult shit on our asses with a speech about the magic number seven. First some jam on this witch:


  • As she points out with numbers, her name also works best when broken down: CHRISTINE =51 (Conspiracy / Freemason / Zionism), =105 (Masonry / Zionism). LAGARDE =48 (Illuminati / Evil / Six Six Six / Propaganda / Establishment).  
  • Christine Lagarde =153. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =153. Jewish International Financiers =153. Sixty-Three =153 (Christine =51=6 / Lagarde =48=3). 6-3: remember this code. 
  • International Monetary Fund =119. Star of David =119. All-Seeing Eye =119. Marty =611. The Gang of Thirty-Three =1119. Super-Terrorists =1119. 
  • The intro scene to Back to the Future has all the clocks set at 7:53, or SEVEN TO EIGHT =1119. 

She was born 1/1/1956. Notice how that also starts with 1119/56? Star of David =119/56. And Lagarde and the IMF are both certainly 100% Zionist/Illuminati owned and operated. 

  • [1+1+56] =58. Freemasonry =58. [1+1+19+56] =77. Judaism =77. Hexagram =77. Sacred Geometry =77. Marty =77. And of course Lagarde went off about the occult significance of the number 7 at that press conference. 
  • And the Feb 14th date like 14/2 =7. Hmmm. He suggests it can also be 10/4. And we’ve seen ample 10-4 coding. Like TEN FOUR MESSAGE RECEIVED =104 !!! It also =122/239. (If you’ve been paying attention you know those numbers are key – and taken in unison they’re huge.)
  • Lagarde says we drop the 0 in numerology then forecasts 2014, like 2/14. And as Doc’s clocks were 25 minutes early, aka 7 days in advance – all this 2/7 coding and teasing for Super Bowl disaster may really be setting us up for a Valentine’s Day to remember… 

Back to the BTTF code, Doc says the clocks are “Exactly Twenty-Five Minutes Slow”:

Revelation =49/121. Super Bowl 50 at 49ers stadium on the 121st parallel. Dr E Brown Enterprises =121. Einstein the Dog became the world’s first time traveler at 1:21 AM on October 26th, 1985 – with 1.21 jigowatts of electricity to the flux capacitor. One Point Twenty-One Jigowatts =121. 

  • [10+26+85] =121. 
  • [10+26+1+9+8+5] =59. Back to the Future =59. McFly =59. Flux Capacitor =59. Time Circuits =59. Twin Pines Mall =59. Hill Valley CA =59. Kill =59. Slave =59. Negro =59. 

Flux Capacitor =149. Christine Madeleine Odette Lallouette =149 (Lagarde’s birth name). In the speech she emphasizes “The Greatest Global Economic Calamity” =149. Lyon Estates =49. Calvin Klein =49. Auditions =49. Pinheads =49. 

Marty says, “Are you telling me it’s 8:25??” EIGHT TWENTY FIVE =1188. History Repeats =1188. The Proof of Gematria =1188. Denver Broncos Clock =1188. Run For It Marty =1188. THE SECOND NINE ELEVEN =1188. 

  • And Doc replies PRECISELY! =49. TWENTY-FIVE MINUTES =250/88. And of course that’s the value required to shift dimensions. 
  • And if we reckon it’s an add 25 entire days to the clearly highlighted date of 2/7 we get — 3/3. 

[3+3+20+16] =42 (Freemason / Zionism / Satanism / War / FEMA / Jihadis). Marty McFly’s birthday is June 12th, 1968: [6+12+1+9+6+8] =42. [6+1+2+1+9+6+8] =33. This is the 63rd day of the year with 303 remaining. 63 was one of the most coded numbers in the Paris Attack Hoax. Terrorism =63. Freemasonic =63. Terrorist Attack =63. Mass Mind Control =63. Six sides on a cube in 3D =34 (the score of the Super Bowl). 

  • From the Paris Attacks to 2/14 is 93 days. Propaganda =93. Hebrew Media =93. Saturn =93. Hill Valley Telegraph =93. 

That’s all for now. Let’s keep our third eyes open for monkey business on 2/14 to kick off the Year of the Monkey. Lest we forget that’s the end of Lupercalia, which equals 44 and starts on the 44th day of the year. Kill =44. Clock Tower =44. San Onofre =44. 


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