The Blink 182 Code: Predictive Programming the Assassination of Barack Obama

Blink 182 is a band by the numbers, Cabal owned and operated, and coded the heck up as part of the Big Riddle. Even the band name had me wondering about the mysteries of numerology back in middle school when I bought Dude Ranch with my allowance. 1+8+2=11. The Master Number. 

BLINK =48. ILLUMINATI =48. MARK HOPPUS =48. One Eighty-Two =166/67. Social Engineering =166. Freemasonry =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. And now that I think about it, the Blink could be code for all-seeing eye; frame rate and illusion. 

  • Some energetic synonyms of 182: Negro / Lincoln (who is the current Black Abe?) / Dragon / Archon / Alien Surveillance (our reptilian overlords) / Blood Libel (“the accusation of Jews kidnapping and murdering Christians to use their blood in religious rituals during Jewish holidays”) / Charon (the ferryman of Hades who carries souls of the newly deceased across the Styx) / Hidden Fate (aka the alphanumeric conspiracy encoded in our faces, for those with eyes to see) / Synchronicity / Quantum Mechanics / Fractal Dimensions / The End of the World. 
  • But perhaps most importantly, for the sake of this argument: US PRESIDENT OBAMA =182. 

BLINK =81. BEHEADING =81. So encoded into Blink 182 is “Beheading US President Obama.” Maybe just a coincidence. CHICAGO =81. FINALE =81. MANIA =81 (like all the code for something surrounding Wrestlemania 32 on 4/3) – remember, Obama=32 and he’s actually the 43rd man to be president. 

Blink One Eighty-Two =88 (Poison / Program / Goyim Manipulation). And if we sum 182 to the Gematria of Blink we get (48+182) =203. THIRTY-THIRD DEGREE =203. Like two threes. And just for photographic evidence to seal the deal that this is a Masonic mind control operation, Tom Delonge repping his masters:


  • Tom Delonge =47/110. President =47/110. Getting us warmer to the Obama code. I’ll add here for newcomers that Obey=47. Authority=47. Mafia=47. Judge=47. 

Travis Barker =144/54/63. Forty-Four =144 and the 44th president Barack Obama is currently 54 years old. Freemasonic =63. Eleven =63 (1+8+2). A cube is 6 sides in 3D and the cube represents Saturn which is the occult base of Satanism. 

Barker and DJ Am were the only 2 survivors of a plane crash (Flight N999LJ =63/36) that killed 4 on 9/19/08. AM died 11 months 9 days later (exactly 49 weeks) from an overdose. AM’s real name is Adam Goldstein, he’s a Jew: Star of David =119 and Zionist =49. Hmm… Also, Barker is ranked the 11th richest drummer in the world. 1+8+2…

Blink 182 officially parted ways on 2/22/2005. [2+22+20+05] =49. That’s 163 days before Obama turned 44. Barack Hussein Obama =163. Obama Gets Headshot =163. Twenty-Three =163. 

  • That’s 630 days (90 weeks) before their next project, +44, dropped their one and only album: or exactly 9 years before the Paris Attacks, which was heavily coded with 63. 
  • Of course 6+3=9. Just like 2+0+1+6. Just like Obama’s age of 54. Just like the first president to die in office was the 9th and the next will be the 9th president to die in office. 

Plus FortyFour =212/68. An Occult Conspiracy =212. Barack Obama =68. When Your Heart Stops Beating =121/139. Blood Sacrifice =121. Freemasonry =139. (Did you notice how the band name is the inverted Gematria of the album title, both summing to 333?)

Notice the logo’s turned 45 degrees, making the plus an X=144. Like 44+144=188. Obama Dies in February =188. President Kennedy =188. Targeted by Sniper =188. Hitman =188: the fulfilment of 88. Blink One Eighty-Two =88. 

  • 182+44=226. In order to make 666 we sum: 440! Antichrist =440 
  • Or is that February 26th? 57th day of the year with 308 remaining. Masonic =38. Killing =38. 

The album is called “When Your Heart Stops Beating” and it has a 44:00 run time. Subconsciously reaffirming the angle of KILL (11+9+12+12) =44. It was released 11/13/06 =32 (Obama) =50. That’s 14 weeks 4 days after Obama stopped being 44. He turned 45, like the logo. Obama is now 54, the reflection. Both 9’s. 

  • There’s a track called 155. Occult Ritual =155. The Illuminati =551. False Flag Operation =551. 
  • The last track is “Chapter 13 / Non Musical Silence.” Chapter =35/71 +13 =48/84. Non Musical Silence =71/188. Seventy-One =144. We talked about 188. (Its full title = 272/119/137). And it’s 5:09 length. Kill =59. Negro =59. 

These fuckwits do what they’re told, as per their contract. We’ll leave with the iconography from their 2001 release, “Take Off Your Pants and Jacket” =93/102. Flight 93 on 9/11 which lasted exactly 102 minutes? 

An airplane veering; pants like Twin Towers; and a G=33! The Masonic emblem, with a hidden hand behind the back and an invisible hand tucked in the front. It’s so so blatant, truth-seeker. 

  • This album dropped on 6/12/01 – 91 days (exactly 13 weeks) before 9/11. Zionist Conspiracy =91. Deception =91. 

We are being DECEIVED. But no longer shall we allow it. 

24 thoughts on “The Blink 182 Code: Predictive Programming the Assassination of Barack Obama

  1. Dude. AMAZING. I love seeing Gematria-in-Action! Such a solid piece of jaw-dropping connections.

    What peaks my interest the most was that purposeful plane crash. The DJ AM death was such a ritualized sacrifice, and don’t forget his serious Illuminati gf at the time Nicole Richie =241, 110, 660, 74, 162 (Bacon).

    My intuition says do a date count that is 9yrs & 11days from the plane crash on 9/19/08…9+19+8 =36, and if you sum 1-36 =666.

    9/19/08 + 9yrs & 11 days = 9/30/17. Wow. 9+30+17 =56. Well, if we re-count the original date… 9+19+20+8 =56. Nine Thirty Seventeen =1506, and Bro Berg dropped a bunch of 156’s in the post.

    Hoppus Barker Delonge =212, 777. One Hundred Eighty Two =1440.


      • Thanks buddy! That’s an awesome heads up projection to 9/30/17 for another plane event. Metrojet Crash =56. Dammit =174.

        They replaced Delonge with MATT SKIBA =33/96 who started his career in 96, Ha. And he’s even rocking the inverted pentagram tattoo. Born on 2/24 (our number) which is the 55th day.


      • I love Tom’s checkerboard bandeezy to match Trav’s neck tat. The callsign on the PLANE in the background breaks down to 26/62. NNW like North X NorthWest?

        Also would just like to take this moment to share a personal story that i once won a chug race against Nick Carter (48) of Backstreet Boys in a hotel lounge in Germany that I snuck into.


  2. Travis Barker is very much aware he is marked for death. After surviving the plane crash – he refuses to ever get in a plane again. He’s also aware of his personal numbers & into symbolism.

    Your #’s regarding his future death date are solid, and more then just a prediction. Prediction =360, 113. A full circle is 360 degrees – Full Circle =366. Plus Six =120 – Illuminati =120.


  3. I should let you have the last word w/ that wicked one-liner – so my apologies here for stepping on the toes of Bro Berg…..

    The Death Of Travis Barker =236, and we have lots of 36’s. BUT, if we play the game that 6’s & 9’s are interchangeable – The Death Of Travis Barker =239.

    Nine Thirty Two Thousand Seventeen =411. Four One One =1111 in JG – thats four 1’s to represent 411 in Jewish Gematria. I should really know the significance of that?


  4. My cousins gfs parents went to school with Travis at Fontana high school not to far from where I live in Whittier ca…he still try’s to supposably try to get at the mom which I believe cause she’s hot but I always wanted to ask them bout anything that stood Out about him or his parents cause he definantly in the cult.but it’s always awkward cause the dad hates him even since high school..but after this amazing work I’m gonna start asking some questions cause it’s interesting…btw they aired American pie with blink 182 today on mtv which made me write this..


    • Awesome man, that is super interesting. Yeah if you find anything out let me know! I forgot about them in American Pie, which I associate with the Don McLean song written about Buddy Holly – who died in a plane crash! Thanks for sharing brother.


    • That’s great thinking buddy. The symbols on Pants and Jacket made my jaw drop – even closer to the floor now that you pointed out the hidden 9-11.

      Take Off, as airplanes do. Your Pants and Jacket =74.


      • Thanks….

        Also, i’m not sure what your views are on what happened on 9/11…
        But if i want to show you a video series that opened my eyes back in 2011…

        Should check it out when you get a chance……

        (Pt.1/5 The 9/11 WTC Attack Paradox ~ Secrets Not Meant to Know + One Step Beyond Judy Wood)


      • Nice one, I’ll check it out for sure. Cheers. Probably the most influential media to me on 9/11 was reading The Most Dangerous Book in the World: 9/11 as Mass Ritual, by SK Bain, back in 2012.


    • You work off Greek and Hebrew systems? That’s old school bro. We use contemporary English based gematria. Z=26 and reduced Z=8 in conjunction with date numerology as proven hundreds of times over on this blog alone. Use and Riding the beast as I explain in my links tab. This is how the shit works these days so get with the program and welcome.


  5. Listen, you’re all bullshitting here.
    Why the fuck are you using different systems of calculation instead of using the same one all the way ?
    Decide, or only Pythagorean numerology, or only Chaldean numerology, but decide already !!


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