12 Monkeys: Break the Past the Future Falls

Monkeys =102. Reducing to 12. Army of the Twelve Monkeys =102. In the SyFy series they’re hunting for LELAND FROST =54. TWELVE MONKEYS =54. Obama is 54 years old now, and 2016 is the year of the Monkey; just saying. THE YEAR OF THE MONKEY =219. Sublminal Programs =219. The recent coding suggests 9 is interchangeable with 6. YEAR OF THE MONKEY =186. UNMAKE THE FUTURE =189. TWELVE MONKEYS =189. 

  • Unmake History =63. Twelve Monkeys =63. Freemasonic =63. 
  • FROST =33. What do ya know. 

And then they go and drop the line that resonates and aligns so powerfully with both my higher self and my highest visions for this Gematria Apocalypse of which you and I are an active participant: “BREAK THE PAST, THE FUTURE FALLS” =102. 

How do we break the past? By exposing the lies. By uncovering the deceit. By revealing the ancient alphanumeric conspiracy that has enslaved humanity since the dawn of Saturnic time. By cracking the code and solving the Ultimate Riddle, we rewrite history. We’re folk heroes, you and I, though most folk have no clue. We’re part of the deprogramming wave, rerouting the hijack one decode at a time. And hey, for that we salute you. Truthseekers, unite. 

The original Gilliam joint was released on Jan 5th 1996. [1+5+96] =102. The intro scene gives the date as April 12th 1990 – the 102nd day of the year. More coded 12s. They’re telling us that by cracking the Gematria we will rewrite the future. Twelve is completion. TWELVE =87. TRUTH =87. JUSTICE =87. MANIFEST =87. So allow this to sharpen your focus and let’s strike. Let’s manifest OUR vision of reality. 

Gilliam’s masterpiece [though my fav is Brazil=68] dropped in ’96. GILLIAM =96/63. TWELVE MONKEYS =63. Speaking of time travel to save the future, this clown:


You see? It’s all there for us to literally flip the damn script and take back what is ours by right as human beings of planet earth. Because hey at the end of the day it’d be rude of us not to. 

8 thoughts on “12 Monkeys: Break the Past the Future Falls

  1. Excellent Mr. Berg. If this reality is at least largely holographic, then such a reprogramming wave could indeed change everything. The question is, why are those who have held up the deception for so long now letting the truth out? Was that the plan all along? For what end?


    • All we know is this current time of unveiling. It could be argued that anything prior to our own birth is essentially holographic, perceived from our individual reference point, existing only in thought energy – and of course history and reality has been completely manipulated. We only know the time of Unveiling, the Apocalypse, as prophecied.

      I’m a proponent of both free will and destiny, with an emphasis on taking accountability for our thoughts and actions. Based on my research, the Programmers are bound by cosmic law to reveal their conspiracy and give us a chance to figure it out. Or do nothing and assume the bad karma ourselves.

      Maybe it’s all a big experiment we signed up for, like a game to see which side manifests what reality. I’m an optimist so i like to think that Truth=Love will prevail in the end.


    • If we all do our parts and recognize the responsibility. Not give into the temptations. And it’s the perfect storm now with the Internet age to unlock our telepathic abilities to come together and rise above. Now is the perfect time for the deprogramming wave to rewrite reality.


  2. I have not watched the show, but this is my all time favorite movie. I think it is his masterpiece because of the hell he had to go through to get his movie made. There is an awesome documentary of the making of it; it was his first gazillion dollar studio project so he had to deal with all that entails.

    Brazil is still the shit. And also a masterpiece, one that he had full creative control over. The man is a genius, but will shoot a shot for days.


    • That’s a rad backstory. 12 Monkeys is one of my all-times favs and it’s been too long – so i will definitely be revisiting asap, and the doco. Especially in light of unmaking the future. The series is pretty solid, two episodes in.

      I watched Repo-Man last night and was reminded just how fucking awesome it is. One of my all-times right there too.


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