Big Game: Obama Programming

BIG GAME =44/61. PRESIDENT OBAMA =61 (born in ’61). KILL =44. HOPE =44. Obama the 44th President, played by Samuel L Jackson, is hunted by assassins through the Finnish wilderness and is rescued by a child. It’s pretty funny how hard Obama gets ripped on for being a little bitch. 

Especially after I just watched a thing on the Obama branding and how Barack is being deliberately framed as the female and Michelle as the male. Like the leaked photos of Obama working out with 5lb dumbells while a shredded FLOTUS is kickboxing and dunking on Lebron.


The film was released in America on 06-15-2015. That’s the exact same date the Supreme Court legalized gay marriage and the White House got lit up in the rainbow lights. Unreal. 

We get a peek at the passport and see the issue date of April 8th, written in Finland as 8/4, like Obama’s actual birthday. Obama =84. Samuel Leroy Jackson =84. President Alan Moore was born [6+30+19+51] =106. Prophecy =106. That’s 119 days apart. 

  • Samuel L Jackson =48/156. Six Six Six =48/156. The 911th prime number is 156. False Flag =156. 
  • And notice the President’s ‘expiration date’ of [4+7+20+18] =59. Kill =59. Negro =59. The film debuted at the International Film Festival on 5/9. 


Alan Moore? Like the legendary graphic novelist who wrote Watchmen, V for Vendetta, and Batman: “The Killing Joke”=67. Blood Sacrifice =67. Batman =174. New World Order =174. ALAN WILLIAM MOORE =74. (Date of expiration 7/4).

  • MOORE =66. Thirty-Three =66. President Alan William Moore =121. Blood Sacrifice =121. Revelation =121. The 66th book of the bible. Samuel Leroy Jackson =66. Jackson born 12/21/48.  
  • Black Actor =32. Obama =32. 

Alan Moore =277. Psychological Operations =277. And notice the third line from the bottom on the passport: See Page 27. Do all US passports say this or do we have another 27 code? And peep the passport number: 5+0+2+9+3+7+7 =33. On the bottom line we get the full number, summing to 54 – Obama’s age. 

Quote: “How could they penetrate security? Same way they always do. Money, sex or God.” MONEY SEX OR GOD =71. MOSSAD =71.


And the movie ends with an inside job conspiracy being revealed between the Vice President and a Kissinger type character, who murders the VP to clean up all his loose ends after the assassination attempt turns a big pussy into a big hero. PREDICTIVE PROGRAM. (Notice the target suggests 66)


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