Eagles of Bullshit’s Heroic Return to Finish Gig


TERRORIST =142. [10:42 14 Feb 2016] The Eagles of Death Metal will this week return to Paris to finish the show that was cut short when terrorist gunmen opened fire on the concert hall. The American band will play at the Olympia Hall on Tuesday for a sell-out crowd, including many survivors of the Bataclan massacre three months ago. Psychologists will mingle with people in the crowd in case they suffer flashbacks for the tragedy, in which terrorists stormed the building and orchestrated a bloodbath as the band played on the stage. – Daily Mail Propaganda

Olympia!!! Anyone remember Mighty Hercules, that low-budget cartoon from the 60s? They ran it when I was a kid in the 80s and each episode would end with Herc racing towards Mt Olympus, invariably with villain in tow, shouting OLYMPIA =37. Mt Olympus =37. Hades =37. Hell =37. Chicago =37. Interesting that Chicago seems to be the North American base of operations for the Cabal and it shares an alphanumeric value (and thus a parallel energetic frequency) with the classic HQ of Greek pantheon. 

  •  Olympia Hall =124. Psychological Operations =124. Mind-Control Programming =124. A Conspiracy =124. Olympia Hall =52. Devil =52 (Jesse Hughes nickname). Freemasons =52. Terrorist =52. 
  • Theatre’s full name is ‘L’Olympia Bruno Coquatrix’ =112. Zionist =112. Cognitive Distortion =112. 


HERCULES =411. ASSASSIN =411. Hercules =91. Olympia =91. Deception =91. Zionist Conspiracy =91. Lone Wolf Terrorist =91. 

  • The Hercules movie with the Rock came out on 7-25-2014. That day leaves 159 in the year, one of the most integral codes to the Paris Attacks.  [Thirty-Third / Israeli Secret Intelligence Service / Mass Shooting / Triskaidekaphobia / November Thirteenth Twenty]

Their first show after the hoax was with U2, 3 weeks 3 days later. Now this show on 2-16-16 comes 3 months 3 days after the Paris Attacks with the staged PsyOp Bataclan fiasco full of crisis actors that allegedly killed 90. Ninety =33. A lot better success rate than the three suicide bombers attacking a stadium full of 70,000 people and killing 0. 

  • And if we include the end date in our calculations that’s 96 days. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. MK-Ultra =96. Another Distraction =96. This is Complete Bullshit =96. 
  • Or 13 weeks 5 days. Terrorism =135. Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant =135. France =135. Fooled =135. 

And the time between this conclusion gig and their appearance at the Parisian U2 show is 71 days [Le Bataclan / Terrorists / Suicide Bomber / Kiss the Devil / Mossad / The All-Seeing Eye / Zeus]. 


2 thoughts on “Eagles of Bullshit’s Heroic Return to Finish Gig

  1. I lost quite a few friends over calling out this bunch of shitbirds. Even friends who were open to Paris being a hoax didn’t want to believe the Band was in on it. Fuck these Queens.

    Sorry, I no likey.


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