Indigenous Genocide: Canada’s Missing Women ‘In Thousands’


[Have a look at those eyes…] IN THOUSANDS =144. Canada =144. Corporation =144. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =144. Killer =144. Canada’s Missing Women in Thousands =122. Freemason =122 (in Francis Bacon method) and 42, like time stamp. 

  • Missing Indigenous Women =120. Illuminati =120. The BBC article cites the original figure at 1,200. They say it’s actually closer to Four Thousand =63. In Thousands =63. Witch =63. Hunt =63. 
  • Missing Indigenous Women =147 and this news come on the 47th day of the year. It also comes 14 weeks 7 days after Ms Bennett assumed office. ABDUCTED BY ALIENS =147. 
  • [2+16+16] =34. Canada’s Missing Women in Thousands =347 (a clean mashup of occult numerology). [2+16+20+16] =54. In Thousands =54. Freemasonic =54. Terrorism =54. 

And here’s your riddle for the day: What is higher than thought? My answer is Love =54/18/36. [2+16] =18 (6+6+6). The sum of 1 to 36 is 666. 

  • HIGHER THAN THOUGHT =98/197. INDIGENOUS GENOCIDE =98/179. Carolyn Ann Bennett =197 (Canada’s Indigenous Affairs Minister, pictured). Everlasting Life =197. MK Ultra Assassin =197. Lupercalia =98. Oblivion =98. Mossad Job =98. Prophet =98. 
  • The Most High =60. Abducted =60. Carolyn Bennett =60. She was born on 12/20, synching up with the 122 headline Gematria as well.  

Numerology aside, where the hell are they?  I theorize that indigenous women are those most synchronized with the harmonic resonance of Mother Nature; direct links to Source who help maintain homeostasis with the energy of the Divine Feminine. Are these thousands of women being ritually sacrificed as part of the ongoing warfare against the Earth? Or have they been abducted by aliens for some nefarious purpose. Perhaps it’s the fulfilment of indigenous prophecy foretelling of a gradual exodus, a return back into the Earth from whence they came. Like the disappearance of the Mayans…

It should be noted that statistics say 607 people go missing worldwide each day, vanished without a trace. That’s 4.4 million people in the past 20 years… never to be seen again. ALL-SEEING EYE =607. And Flight MH-370 vanished on the 67th day of the year. Vanished =37. 

One thought on “Indigenous Genocide: Canada’s Missing Women ‘In Thousands’

  1. They have all been abducted, and put into rituals. Horrific.

    Indigenous Females =611. There are lots of corresponding jewish gematria 611’s on that will prove the fate of the women.

    Take it one step further – Six Eleven =115. Freemasons =115. Both in Simple Gematria, but again if you plug Six Eleven into Gematrix – you will find your confirmation – especially in JG.


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