Economist 2016 Cover Decoded

LDL VENMO ME =115/43. Freemasons =115/43. Obama is the 43rd man elected US President. LDL =44 in Jewish Gematria (DUMB PHONE =44/98. Lupercalia =44/98, the 44th day of the year.) LDL (3+4+3), as we’ve been seeing much of this 34/43 code lately. Venmo Me =87/860. Truth =87 (Kill Truth?) Satanic Ritual Sacrifice =860. Gematria is the Key =860. Hidden Coded Message in Numbers =860. Sacred Geometry =860. I also see that as Venom Me, like Poison Me…

  • LDL is slang for “Let’s Discuss Live” =54/198. Freemasonic =54. Terrorism =54. Obama is 54 years old. Terrorist Attack =198. Barack H Obama =189. 
  • Jar of Brains =59/113/959. 

Here I see FALSE FLAG =69 connected to the American flag. The red ribbon out of Reagan’s head (that’s Reagan, right?) like a blood spray, coding for presidential assassination? “Total Bonds Outstanding” =95/266. Seventy-Two Virgins =95/266. Martyr =95. Homegrown Terror =95. State-Sponsored Terror =95. Domestic Terrorist =95. Two Thousand and Sixteen =95. 

  • Freedom For =60/105. Obama Sacrifice =60/105. Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi =60/105. 
  • 60 (Conspiracy / Death to America / Obama Sacrifice). 105 (Masonry / Zionism / American Dream / Royal Arch Freemasonry / Saturnic)

AIDS =33/104. The 44th President Barack Obama =104. ISIS Hoax =104. Domestic Terrorist =104. Two Thousand and Sixteen =104. 

  • Hot Air Balloon =142. President Obama =142. Terrorist =142. 
  • Albania =74. Flag was adopted on 7/4 of ’92 (April 7th). Double-Headed Eagle =71/116. [Synched perfectly with its technical term] Bicephalated Eagle =71/116. 

The Illuminati Rex symbol on the throne in Eyes Wide Shut, the double-headed eagle (going back to the Hittites and most associated by the mainstream with the Byzantine and Russian empires) is a symbol for Saturn – and the only sphere that rules two consecutive Zodiac signs: CAPRICORN AND AQUARIUS =223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Masonic =223. It’s said to be linked to the original assassin sect, the Nizari, and it’s the emblem of the Scottish Rite of Freemasonry. 

Deus Meumque Jus =68. Illuminati Rex =68. Ein Sof =68. Sacred Geometry =68. Barack Obama =68. The principal motto of the Scottish Rite translates to “GOD AND MY RIGHT” =145. ORDER OF THELEMA =145. MANIPULATION =145. 

The focal point in the cover image is a Japanese PAGODA =44. There’s a guard on top, like surveillance, the all-seeing eye, or perhaps secret service to #44. Sun =54 and Obama is 54. Although stylized as sundial, it’s also meant to represent Saturn. Sun =330, Satanic Clock =330, both in Jewish G. Notice the butterfly between the 3 and 4. Like the 34 total points of Super Bowl 50. Perhaps a date of 3/4 or 4/3. The transformation symbolism of a butterfly, Trance-Formation of Monarch mind control programming. TRANSFORMATION =75. NEW WORLD ORDER =75. 

Speaking of formation, I see 333 and 144 coded into this front line: 4 to either side of 1 Angela Merkel (or False Flag =414); and 3 men, 3 women, 3 men. That’s 9 like (2+0+1+6)=9. Like 6+6+6=18 and 1+8=9. Like completion of a cycle in numerology. 

  • ANGELA MERKEL =50/104. The 44th President Barack Obama =104. Two Thousand and Sixteen =104. 
  • Merkel =64. Barack Hussein Obama =64. She was born in ’54 and is 61 years old; Obama was born in ’61 and is 54 years old. She took office on 11/22/05 – the 42nd anniversary of the JFK assassination. (She was also born on 7/17/54 – the 37 year anniversary of the Windsors changing their house name to hide their German roots, as we discuss in the previous post.) 

This is the p.15 copy beneath the full size cover image. WOES WOMEN AND WINS =216. Barack =216. Operative Masonry =216. Of course the subject here is 2016. And remember, not only does 6x6x6 =216, 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016. Notice the abbreviation makes WWW, which in Hebrew equals 666. 

  • Notice the Jewish Gematria also makes a 999 (and another 27) as well as 555 in Pythagorean – or 15: like the code coming on the 15th page. Fifteen =171. Coincidence =171, which I’m sure all of this is…
  • And there’s another 4-1-4, like the aforementioned formation of the “Illuminati Puppet All-Star Team” =111/336, ha. 


7 thoughts on “Economist 2016 Cover Decoded

  1. Great job! There is something Catastrophic coming. I pet goat 2 shows what is coming before obama leaves office. There will be no election! No christmas! People need to be studying i petgoat 2 !! That tsunami is coming. But when??


    • I finally watched I Pet Goat and while its certainly a trip full of occult symbolism my gut says it’s a red herring. There’s so much hype about this being the huge key and I don’t see it. More just a cultural critique on our present state of affairs. That being said there’s a high chance of a HAARP induced tsunami event in North America and I don’t think there will be an election after Obama dies and Biden takes office. I’m optimistic that Christmas will still happen, tho it may be even more debt on the credit card for many.


  2. great article! It’d be great if you did one on the 2015 economist cover and the numbers 11.5 and 11.3 that are present in the picture.
    thank you for your informative blog 🙂


  3. What language did you use to discover this?
    I don’t understand how you calculate these things. Very interesting, please can you teach me?


  4. Btw, there’s an illuminati card saying Trump will be assistinated. So, it may be Trump getting killed instead of Obama. But I can’t say. I have different knowledge and missing knowledge. Please tell me where you have all these numbers from. For example: LDL VENMO ME =115/43
    I really wonder where you found that. I want to study it. I am writing a book containing all stuff like this, but I have never seen this before. Would you like to share your knowledge with me so we can spread truth in an understandable way?


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