Prince Harry the Antichrist

Today I stumbled upon a YouTube video that by using the classic methods of Hebrew and Greek Gematria, reveals how four of Prince Harry’s names sum to 666. These are the commonly accepted forms of Gematria, whereas the coding of numbers into English (the deciphering of which is the focus of Extra-Capsa) is the secret language of language – used against us in an alphanumeric conspiracy of psychological warfare. And I discovered two more 666 connections, along with several other incriminating pieces of evidence.   

Harry Mountbatten Windsor =2410. Like the score of the 50th Super Bowl: 24-10. It was played on the 38th day (Prince =38), Feb 7 or 7/2: Prince Harry =72. PRINCE HENRY OF WALES =216. In the Hebrew language, HARRY =216 (Yod+Resh+Aleph+He: 10+200+1+5). 6x6x6 =216. 

  • As the video shows, using this same methodology, Mountbatten Windsor =450. Spencer =450. (Prince Harry the Antichrist =145 in Pythagorean). 
  • Thus, Harry Mountbatten Windsor =666; Harry Spencer =666 (216+450). 
  • Prince =145. Henry =265. Albert =242. David =14. Prince Henry Albert David =666. 
  • And my find: in Jewish Gematria, HENRY CHARLES ALBERT DAVID =1666. 

That’s six of his names all summing to 666. The odds of one name summing to 666 is 1 in 1000. The odds of two names: 1 in a Million. The odds for three: 1 in a Billion. The odds for four: 1 in a Trillion. The odds of six… are beyond my calculations. But totally impossible, and proof positive of the occult use of Gematria in the English language. 

HARRY =420 (reducing to 6) and WINDSOR =39. The number on his patch SM520 (19+13+5+2+0) =39. Antichrist Moshiach =639 (Moshiach means Messiah in Hebrew). Narcissistic Leader =639. An anagram of the 3-6-9 code. HARRY WALES =49. ANTICHRIST =49. 

Prince Harry was born on September 15th, 1984. That’s 216 days after Lupercalia =44, the 44th day: Antichrist =440. [9+15+1+9+8+4] =46. Global Elite =46. Satanic Elite =46. Overlord =46. Demiurge =46. Prince of Wales =146. Dirty Harry =146. [9+15+19+84] =127. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =127. [9+15+84] =108. Prince Henry of Wales =108. Henry Charles Albert David =108. Order of the Illuminati =108. 

  • (That’s also 7 weeks 4 days after I was born and both my parents have names that equal 74 in Jewish Gematria…) House of Windsor =74. Prince of Wales =74. Windsor =48. Six Six Six =48. Evil =48. Illuminati =48. 
  • And I love that his religion is listed as CHURCH OF ENGLAND =139. FREEMASONRY =139.
  • Harry =420. Henry =420. Arch-Zionist =142. Terrorist =142. Freemason =42. Satanism =42. 

Furthermore, his brother PRINCE WILLIAM =144. Mark of the Beast =144. Number of the Beast =1044. And the sum of the first 144 digits of Pi equals 666.

Harry’s full title: HIS ROYAL HIGHNESS PRINCE HENRY OF WALES =223. The Synagogue of Satan =233. Masonic =223. Reptilian Bloodlines =223. Let Him That Hath Understanding Count the Number of the Beast =223. And of course that’s the 666 passage from Revelation. 223 is also the 48th prime number: Windsor =48. Yet another rock-solid connect. 

  • REVELATION =49/121. ANTICHRIST =49/121. 
  • Son of Perdition =593. I Am the Antichrist =593. The Enemy =593. 
  • Prince Harry =72. Harry the Nazi =72. Prince William =72. Stigma Stigma Stigma =72 (Greek for 666). There are also 272 numbers used in the Book of Revelation. Prince Charles of Wales =272. The Bloodline of the Serpent =272. Dragons =272. Archons =272. The Death of Jesus =272. I Am Satan =272. 

44 days after his birthday, Harry met the 44th President for the first time, on the second day of the 111th World Series to kick off the “Invictus Games” =72. Recall the final game of the World Series ended 7-2, won by the ROYALS.  

The definition of the word Harry means “A) to harass, annoy, or prove a nuisance to by or as if by repeated attacks; worry, B) to ravage, as in war; devastate.” Lovely. 


So I looked into Harry and the Hendersons for a laugh and was stunned by the results: Henderson =102/322. Windsor =102. Military Industrial Complex =322. So is that code for Prince Harry and the Windsors? The BEAST hidden in plain sight. 

  • Harry and the Hendersons =108. Prince Henry of Wales =108. Henry Charles Albert David =108. Order of the Illuminati =108. 
  • The movie came out June 5, 1987. That’s 5/6 in the UK and the 156th day of the year. Royal Family =56. Six Six Six =156. [6+5+1+9+8+7] =36. The sum of 1 to 36 equals 666. [6+5+87] =98. Lupercalia =98, which he was born 216 days after. [6+5+19+87] =117. Henry Charles Albert David =117. 

Bigfoot =38/74. Masonic =38/74. Prince =38. House of Windsor =74. Prince of Wales =74. Might just have to revisit this flick. And looking ahead…


11 thoughts on “Prince Harry the Antichrist

  1. […] Prince George was born 22 weeks 5 days after Lupercalia 2013. Charlemagne =522. (Malaysia =552.) That’s also 159 days: Saturn the Creator-Controller of Earth =159. The Psychological Warfare Machine =159. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service =159. He was born 951 days before our target window 2/27/16… And if you haven’t yet, I recommend understanding the mind-blogging amount of 666 codes on his Uncle Harry.  […]


  2. Just saw and only simpson episode from March 1st 2011 or 2013 where called holidays of futures passed in which they say call him a tyrant prince harry and call him bloody harry because he brought back beheading in a big way, though it was docking since the big say the anti christ will behead christians for the testimony and prince harry where’s a pin that says I AM, which is a mockery of God because Jesus is the great I AM!


  3. Actually, theres more than six names that equal 666..

    the ones you’ve covered + Harry A.D. Windsor of Wales = 666 (Hebrew)

    Captain Henry Wales = 666 (Hebrew)
    Prince Charles of Wales = 666 (Hebrew) and in Numerical Gematria aswell.

    Harry A. David = 666 (English)

    Harry Spencer and Henry Spencer the Ninth (Errikos Spenser O Enatos) also match “Antichrist” (1841) in Greek Isopsephy


  4. It is. Check out “Antichrist Watch” on Facebook, started by the guy on youtube which video you saw-Mark Chiswell. We have posted ALOT more pictures and facts there.

    God Bless!


  5. How ridiculous!! Really!!! Everyone has to pick on the royals and really they are human no different than you or I. I love Queen mom and if it was not for her we would not have our rights and freedoms under the BNA act. Really people who create this nonsense need to see a psychologist. Although I am proud to say I am too part of this blood line through Queen Anne of Ireland way back in the 1700s and dam proud of it.


    • I know nothing about gematria and I’m not sure what is real but I do know your comment is just dumb. Oh and of course you love them, even the wicked old witch who was the Queens mum, but of course you are biased so why wouldn’t you?


  6. In order to find the pattern to detect an antichrist, you need an organization/set of rules to your “christian” religion, this is called an organized religion.

    Organized religion requires time and money.
    Religion = Time x Money

    we all know time IS money
    Time = Money

    Religion = Money x Money = (Money)^2

    And because “money is the root of all evil”
    Money = sqrt(evil)

    Religion = (sqrt[evil])^2

    …and we are forced to conclude that:

    Religion = Evil

    -Just used your mathematical logic to prove your religion is evil.


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