Lincoln Memorial and the Obama Death Hoax

How’s this for a fun ‘coincidence’: LINCOLN MEMORIAL =165. OBAMA DEATH HOAX =561. It’s in the news today, 2/16/16 (Barack =216) due to an $18 million donation to refurbish the site, given on President’s Day. 6+6+6=18. 6x6x6=216. 

The donation comes from PHILANTHROPIST DAVID RUBENSTEIN =163. BARACK HUSSEIN OBAMA =163. Manchurian Candidate =163. Obama Gets Headshot =163. Barack Obama Head Wound =163. DAVID RUBENSTEIN =68. BARACK OBAMA =68. 

  • And just like the intro synch: Rubenstein =571. Masonic Assassin =175. Lee Harvey Oswald =175. 
  • David M Rubenstein =81/180, matching his $18m donation. (Other sources say he gave $18.5m – Philanthropist =185).
  • David Rubenstein =167. Managing Director of the Carlyle Group =176. Carlyle =76. Lincoln Memorial and the Reflecting Pool =176. Reflecting Pool =76. Secret Society =76. Barack H Obama =76. 

Rubenstein, a Rothschild Zionist if there ever was one, has a birthday of August 11th, 1949. Like 11/8. Obama Death Hoax =118. Death =118. That’s the 223rd day that leaves 142 remaining. President Obama =142. 

  • [8+11+1+9+4+9] =42 (Zionism / Satanism / Freemason). 
  • [8+11+49] =68 (David Rubenstein / Barack Obama). 
  • [8+11+19+49] =87 (I Have a Dream / Justice / Truth / Inside Job). The Carlyle Group =78.
  • [8+1+1+1+9+4+9] =33. The slogan for the Carlyle Group is “Global Alternative Asset Management” =333. 

The Carlyle Group is the largest private equity firm in the world, and one of the nation’s largest defense contractors. Both George HW Bush and the Bin Laden family are tied into Carlyle. It’s the epitome of the Military Industrial Complex (which equals 322). Rubenstein is also Vice-Chairman of “The Council on Foreign Relations” =146. Global Control =146. Invisible Jewish Government =146. CFR (3+6+9).  

  • THADE =228/118. DEATH =228/118. OBAMA DEATH HOAX =118. SACRIFICIAL LAMB =118 (the President’s Day headline as covered by Zach). Planet of the Apes =64/163. Barack Hussein Obama =64/163. Wow. 

A=1. L=12. Zionist =112. Presidential Assassination =112. The Council on Foreign Relations =1120. Army of the Antichrist =1120. Mason =211. Masonic Mind Control =211. Publicity Stunt =211. EIGHTEEN MILLION DOLLARS =112. 

  • For Whom He Saved the Union =115. Freemasons =115. Killing =115. The Memory of Abraham Lincoln =122. Freemason =122. Gematria the Unexplainable Coincidence =1220. 

6 thoughts on “Lincoln Memorial and the Obama Death Hoax

  1. In the series 100 there is also Lincoln memorial, and a character named Lincoln who is played by Ricky Whittle= 163. There is also nuclear shelter in the series called mount weather= 163. There is also fictional US president Dante Wallace, he dies at age of 63 by assassination (shot in the chest) by Clarke Griffin= 119.


  2. More from the 100. Kane asks Pike how many of them from Farm Station survived and Pike says only 63 have survived. And this really got me: hexagon shaped blue chip with the number 8 on it, when they swallow it they get access to the city of light (some kind of imagenary place with no pain). They call the chip with names like: the key and the sacred symbol. Like you wrote Blue Chip Assassination =83.


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