Predictive Programming the Death of Judge Scalia in Adult Cartoons

In a 2007 episode of Family Guy – one of the biggest culprits in predictive programming – the murder of Justice Antonin Scalia is referenced: Dick Cheney shoots Scalia while quail hunting (like we’re told he did in real life). Well as it turns out, not only was Scalia on a quail hunting holiday when he died, the time durations between these events are PERFECT synchronizations. 

The ’07 episode aired on May 20, a day that leaves 225 days remaining. Death by Assassination =225. Now get a load of the timespan between Dick Cheney shooting his buddy in the face and the alleged death of Justice Antonin Scalia: between Saturday February 11th, 2006, and Saturday February 13th, 2016 is a span of exactly 522 weeks. 

  • Not only are 225/522 perfect reflections of each other (summing to 777), JUSTICE =522. ANTONIN =522. PILLOW =522. DICK CHENEY =522. CODEBREAKER =522. 

Scalia’s also made an appearance in the 59th episode of Futurama, which aired on 12/22/02. Scalia Coverup =1222. Scalia Dead =59. Kill =59. 

  • The episode is called “A Taste of Freedom” =63. Dead on the Bench =63. Scalia was only the third Supreme Court Justice to die in the bench in the last 63 years. He was born in ’36. LAW (12+1+23) =36. 
  • Scalia’s Head =46. Sacrifice =46. The now notorious ‘Sacrificial Lamb’ headline paralleling Obama and Scalia came on the 46th day of the year. 

Scalia was also mentioned on an episode of the Simpsons: “When Mr. Burns’ “Antonin Scalia bedroom” of his manor was being demolished, Robert Siegel said that it was a National Public Radio broadcast center now.” 

  • ANTONIN SCALIA BEDROOM =87. The Family Guy episode is “Meet the Quagmires” =87. Justice =87. Antonin =87. Pillow =87. Dick Cheney =87. Inside Job =87. 
  • Robert Siegel =63. Dead on the Bench =63. And it’s no stretch to connect wrecking balls and controlled demolition with an inside job hoax death pre-program. 

The epi was titled “Opposites A-Frack” =174. New World Order =174. This is extremely curious because he died on the same day as huge earthquake in Ohio, most likely caused by fracking. (Opposites A-Frack =66. Supreme Court =66)

  • Scalia’s Seismic Death =179/71. The fulfilment of 79, Murder =79, and he died at 79. Scalia was born on 3/11, the 71st first day of the year and died on the 44th day. Forty-Four =144. Seventy-One =144. Lupercalia is 144 days after 9/23. 
  • The episode came 66 weeks 6 days before the Ohio Quake / Scalia Death. 


2 thoughts on “Predictive Programming the Death of Judge Scalia in Adult Cartoons

  1. 522 all day! Nice punch at the end as well. Scalia =71 (Bacon).

    I’ve been researching Pope Francis today, and he’s also 79yrs old (like Scalia), and the gematria is overwhelming to support his fast approaching assassination. Now check this connect…..

    Antonin Scalia =404. Pope Francis =404. Four Zero Four =184. Antonin Scalia =184 (Bacon).

    Let me add….. Prince Charles =404. I can already see all 3 of these 404’s being assassinated this year. I have a good idea of when the Pope goes down (hint: very late 2016) – that puts Prince Charles next on the – Chopping Block =322!

    Sorry to stray off subject here but, we know Prince William is destined for the throne. So Charles dies btw now & the middle of Sept, and soon after the Queen dies because she’s old…..and just like that – William Is The New King =223.

    From 9/23/15, the day the Pope Francis visited Obama to the murder of Antonin Scalia on 2/13/16 is a timespan of 4mo 21 days. Queen Elizabeths birthday is 4/21 – she will turn 90….and Brother Berg this one’s for you – Ninety =522.

    From 9/22/15, the day Pope Francis arrived in America at exactly 4:04pm to the death of Scalia on 2/13/16 is 144 days. Hundred Forty Four =1313. Pope Francis was Coronated on 3/13/13.

    You might think I’m crazy, but the Gematria gives me the Validation & Confirmation….

    Antonin Scalia Prince Charles Pope Francis =1212. There is deep significance to that number.

    Pope Francis =122. Judge Antonin Scalia =1220. Prince Charles Of Wales =212.

    Twelve Twelve =1044. Do the math – 12×12=144.

    1212 is the ultimate answer here. Look at those Gematria Name Combo’s again. Incredible symmetry. I can do no better. Ha, well, I can do a lil better…..

    One Two One Two =184. Four Zero Four =184. All 3 names =404 – Antonin Scalia, Pope Francis, & Prince Charles.

    One Two One Two =1104. Assassin =411.

    ** I wasn’t prepared to share this yet, BUT I feel compelled to emphasize that 1212 is the ultimate answer. The final of the three assassination will happen on 12/21…..

    The Destiny Of Pope Francis =1221. December Twenty First =1044. Twenty First Of December Twenty Sixteen =4114.


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    • Ah mate that is a thing of intellectual beauty. A+ my man. I’ll be massaging this into a post soon, but I was just looking into the potential new Judges, my pick is Paul J Watford =48, age 48. Assumed office on 5/22.

      Another 411 I was sitting on is the Greek letters for 666: Chi Xi Digamma =411.

      This is Gematria is hella persuasive for 12/12 as a focal point, and here’s one more ya: TWO DOZEN =122.


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