The Island (2005) – The Gematria Leak

Brainwashed clones living in a manufactured virtual reality, blissfully unaware of their own enslavement. Sound familiar? The Island (2005) reveals an astounding amount of truth, including a Gematria lesson that gave me goosebumps. Speaking of which, both of Scarlett & Ewan’s characters sum equivalent:

  • LINCOLN SIX ECHO =162. JORDAN TWO DELTA =162. TOM LINCOLN =46. SARAH JORDAN =46. Lincoln =34. Ewan =43. Jordan =26. Scarlett =26. 
  • The Island =38. Death =38. Six Echo =38. And instead of retiring to the heavenly Island as promoted, lottery winners are killed. If only they understood that Gematria doesn’t lie…

Released on 22/7/05. That’s the day that leaves 162 remaining, matching with values of the leads. You see, insiders are leaking information to those like us with our eye open. 22/7 also represents the approximation of Pi, cycles and fractal time. 

  • [22+7+05] =34. Lincoln =34. Sheeple =34. Occultism =34. Michael Bay =43. Ewan =43. Steve Buscemi =143. 
  • [22+7+20+05] =54. Jordan Two Delta =54. They Own You =54. Freemasonic =54. 

And they escape the desert on Amtrak train 227, synching with the release date. Wheels Within Wheels =227. Notice the callsign 056-487 reduces to 11-19. This same number is coded on the ladder he finds to escape the D.U.M.B. 

  • THE GANG OF THIRTY-THREE =1119. Super-Terrorists =1119. Star of David =119. INTERDIMENSIONAL GATEWAY =119. And indeed this is what both the train and ladder represent. 

The movie begins and ends with a boat, another Interdimensional Gateway. The boat is called RENOVATIO =119/47. ALL-SEEING EYE =119/47. 


  • And in the very next shot after Lincoln sketches his dream for the director, we’re shown an All-Seeing Eye symbol, as nanobots are injected into his ocular.  

Immediately following is the Gematria scene, which has Lincoln’s coworker suspecting a conspiracy and crunching numbers to theorize how the lottery is rigged. (Sound familiar?) The quote: “I took the first letter in each name and assigned it a point value system based on its position in the alphabet. Like the last guy, Starkweather, S=15. Q=15 S=19. Do you see what I’m saying?” So how’d he do?

  • STARKWEATHER =149/50/59. (15+15+19) =49. Which you could say is real close to all 3 correct answers, one number off each. This is a major REVELATION =49. And wait a minute… CLONE =49. OK he nailed it. 
  • Starkweather is the NFL player’s clone who wakes up mid-operation, he would sum to 59, the number stamped on black celebrities. Negro =59. Slave =59. Kill =59. HUMAN CLONING =59. 


The other black guy in the film is Djimon Hounsou’s character “Albert Laurent” =50/149. Just like Starkweather, but tastefully leaving out the 59. Buscemi’s character “Steve McCord” also =50. 

  • Sean Bean’s character, the man in charge of the deception and the conspiracy,  is BERNARD MERRICK =139. FREEMASONRY =139. 
  • Yet another movie telling us exactly what the fuck is going on.  



4 thoughts on “The Island (2005) – The Gematria Leak

  1. Creepy. It reminds me of Avatar the Last Airbender (2005-2008). When they were in Ba Sing Se they found out that the secret police(Dai Li) 26/35, were sending people to Lake Laogai-38 (the island)
    to be brain washed under the lake. If their programming broke down they were sent back and they would say they had been on vacation. They were not clones but would all say their name were Joo Dee.


    • Oh no way. Truth hidden in plain sight it would seem. Maybe some insight into what goes on in Deep Underground Military Bases, and where we get all these retards playing their roles in positions of power. JEW D =42/1509. Saturn the Creator-Controller of Earth =159. Artificial Satellite Signal Enhancer =159. Earth Moon as Mind Control Broadcast Station =159. Death of Barack Obama =1159. President Barack Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =159. Joo Dee =54.


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