Zika Virus and the Zombie Apocalypse

Notice the product placement: NIKE =64. FLAVIVIRIDAE =64 (virus family). ZOMBIE OUTBREAK =64. 

SALVADOR, Brazil — The Zika virus, some Brazilians are convinced, is the inadvertent creation of a British biotech company that has been releasing genetically modified mosquitoes to combat dengue fever in Brazil. Others here and elsewhere see it as a plot by global elites to depopulate the earth and install a “one-world government.” – Conspiracy Theories About Zika Spread Through Brazil With the Virus (New York Times)

  • Salvador Brazil =61. The Zika Virus =61. Some Brazilians Are Convinced =123. Conspiracy =123. Some intro paragraph. 

Equating conspiracy theories with deadly viruses eh. Sounds about par for the course. And nice orange=33 chairs. Weird how mainstream media is also currently discussing conspiracy theories regarding the death of Justice Scalia… (Which FTFT closed case on)

ONE WORLD GOVERNMENT =95/239. POPULATION REDUCTION =95. ZIKA HOAX =95. WEAPONIZED MOSQUITOS =95. GLOBAL ELITE =239. PRESIDENT OBAMA POISONED =239. And of course America is now 239 years young. POPULATION CONTROL =236/83. EUGENICS =83/38. PANDEMIC =38. DEATH =38. AFRICA =38 (where all these scary diseases allegedly spawn, aka are released and tested). 

  • Zika =47. Discovered in “Entebbe Uganda” =47 in 1947. Eugenics =47. Brazilian =47. [Similarly, AIDS was discovered in ’59 in the Belgian Congo =59.]
  • Zika Virus =1599. Two Sixteen =1599 (6x6x6 =216 / The Zombie Apocalypse =216 / Barack =216). 44th President of the United States of America =1599. Something Really Evil =1599. ZIKA VIRUS =136. DUPING DELIGHT =136. ALIEN INFECTION =136. 
  • World Health Organization =2083. Six Hundred and Sixty-Six =2083. Vaccination =666. 

ATCC VR =67. ZIKA VIRUS HOAX =67. CURE FOR CANCER =67. [Zombie Apocalypse =84]…

Inadvertent Creation of a British Biotech Company =212. An Occult Conspiracy =212. Genetically Modified Mosquitos =137. The virus is marketed by “AGCC-LHC” =137. Mind Control =137. Scientific-Technological Elite =137 [the 33rd prime number, as my loyal readers know.] Zika means OVERGROWN =137/56. MIND CONTROL =137/56. It’s reported that Zika is in at least 33 countries. AIDS =33. 

  • GM Mosquitos =168/51/69. Brazil =68. Conspiracy =51. Vaccine Hoax =51. Vaccination Hoax =69. False Flag =69. And now WHO is calling for use of GM skeeters to “combat Zika.”
  • MOSQUITO =39. VAMPIRE =39. LEECHES =39. BLOODSUCKER =44. PARASITE =44. DISEASE =44. VIRUS =45. THE MONKEY =44 (2016 is the Year of the Monkey and we’re told Zika, like AIDS, comes from monkeys). 
  • Mind Control Virus =82. State of Emergency =82. High Magic =82. Ordo Ab Chao =82. The Cure for Cancer =82. Sexually Transmitted =82. You Are Being Duped =82. Forced Vaccinations =82. 

Zika Vaccine =50/104. Zika Outbreak =50/140. World War Z =50/140. In this disaster movie, the infected zombies are called ZEKE =47/520. ZIKA =47/520. 

  • The Prophet Ezekiel born in 622 BCE. Mind Control Virus =226. ZIKA VIRUS OUTBREAK =229. And the Zika Virus patent is owned by the ROCKEFELLER FOUNDATION =229. 
  • They say it’s spread by the “Aedes Aegypti Mosquito” =93. Outbreak =93. Which really means it’s spread by “Propaganda” =93 and “Smoke and Mirrors” =93 via the “Hebrew Media” =93.  

BIG PHARMA =48/75. Illuminati =48. New World Order =75. Zombie Apocalypse =75. And with this coding in mind, get a load of the latest CNN headline:

El Chapo I’m Becoming a Zombie =122/221. World Health Organization =122. Becoming a Zombie =76. Zika Virus Hoax =76. Zika Virus Outbreak =76. Oxitec =76 (the biotech company manufacturing GM skeeters). Zombie =70. Zika Conspiracy =170. Vaccine Fraud =107. Ebola =17. 


  • They Are Turning Me Into a Zombie =332. El Chapo =33. Aka “Shorty” =33. Mexican =33. Ill =33. And I’m imagining him in his fake cell belting out the hit song by THE CRANBERRIES =145. WEAPONIZED MOSQUITO CONSPIRACY =145. 
  • In summary, Irish rock band The Cranberries are solely to blame for the entire Zika global pandemic. 


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