Obama’s Popular Science Appearance and the Ritual Sacrifice Code

I see a another 34/43 coded into his finger position, and maybe it’s just me but that looks like a new model of Obama clone. Something in the eyes… Build The Future =64. Barack Hussein Obama =64. (And if six is nine) Build the Future =939. Barack Obama Murdered =936. Dang. And notice the Red Cross with 4-4 line design. RED CROSS =38/56/157. Death =38. President =56. The Killing of the Divine King =157. Sixty-Four =157. Popular Science =157. 

  • KILL=44. HOPE=44. The 44th President. Like JFK was the 44th-Term President and the first president to die in office died on 4/4, just like MLK. 

Barack Obama Murdered =589. Donald Trump =589. Perhaps this code is the real reason why the media relentlessly spams that clown’s name and likeness, way more than even the President’s. And we gotta love how there’s a story on life extension paired with yet more Obama assassination coding.


Here’s the top half of the Cheshire Cat’s feature photo – and the bottom so we can see the time on his watch. It’s a bit blurry but I’m convinced it reads 7:22. What do you see?

  • Lincoln died at 7:22 AM and Reagan was shot at 2:27 PM. 22/7 is the approximation for Pi, cycles and the nature of fractal time. History repeats.
  • Wheels Within Wheels =227. And as it says on the cover, his watch is “A FITBIT” =227.  

Check out the numbers coded into the table of contents. 40 associated with transformation, some say Jesus actually died at 40. FORTY =84. OBAMA =84 born on 8/4. And look at that 44: Live Forever =137 (the 33rd prime, connected again to Jesus, multisymbolically). 

  • Obama is 54 years old. The Baron of Low-Earth Orbit =117. The President is a Hologram =117. Obama Hit Hoax =117. Low-Earth Orbit =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. 
  • Obama Sacrifice =60. Conspiracy =60. Abraham Lincon =60. Revelation is the 66th book of the Bible. Murder by Numbers =72. President Biden =72. Eighty-Sixed =72. 

Volume 288. I’ve Been to the Mountaintop =288. That’s the name of the last speech Martin Luther King Jr. gave before he was assassinated the next day. The speech was on 4/3… like the sign language on the cover. 

  • Article written by one Cliff Ransom =53. Obamacide =53. Obamacide May Third =737. Crystal Ball =737. Planet Saturn =737. History =737. 

And just to play on this 5/3 target date that emerged through the code: it’s 11 weeks 3 days after Lupercalia; 39 weeks after Obama’s last birthday; and 93 days before his next. That’s also 8 weeks 6 days left in the 239th year (before 7/4). May Third Sixteen =86. And cherry on top: days after the target window of 9/23, start of the Jubilee Year? 223. 

  • [5+3+20+16] =44. MAY THIRD =44. Boom. May 3rd is the 123rd day of the year. Conspiracy =123. President of the United States =123. Abraham Lincoln =123. 
  • That’s 242 days remaining. Predictive Programming =242. Trauma-Based Mind Control =242. A Sacrifice =242. The New World Order =1242. 

Obama Dies in May =59/68. Barack Obama =68. Obama Killed May Third =84. Obama =84. Born 8/4. Obama Murdered May Third =101. Assassin =101. Barack Obama Murdered May Third Twenty Sixteen =187. BARACK OBAMA ASSASSINATED MAY THIRD =144. 

19 thoughts on “Obama’s Popular Science Appearance and the Ritual Sacrifice Code

  1. Excellent, detailed, thorough, and amazing work!

    If you calculate the letters that are not obscured in the title Popular Science – POARSCICE, you get:
    53/Pythagorean Alt
    89/Simple English

    Playing off the 10/4 date….10/4/16 is 7 months and 22 days after Lupercalia if you include the end date in the calculation.

    Every single page number listed in the TOC has significance.

    By my calculations, HOW TO WIN THE FUTURE (the article title) = 251 and not 86, which reduces down to 8, so with the number 40, it could be read as 4/8 or 48, mirroring 8/4

    This is just beyond. Even the date on the magazine March/April = 99/54


    • And you know this 7 months 22 days duration is getting me riled up after all the 22/7 and 272 coding we’ve been bombarded with lately. Perhaps it’s pointing at this span here. Did you see my new find that Twenty-Two Divided by Seven =314! Just like 22/7 =3.14. Gorgeous symmetry.


      • Wow, Brother, that’s amazing! I wish I could do this all day! Like I said, I’m down the pi and Fibonacci rabbit holes.

        22/7 = 3.14285714285714

        22/7 as an approximation for pi really got me going. I’m further researching this pi convergence and other mathematical number sequence theories.

        I made 2 simple matrices in Excel number 1-360 in the first column and number 1-9 in the first row. The first matrix divided the row and column, and the second, the column and row. (7/22 vs 22/7)
        I’m also trying to spot some number patterns in the gematria of the dates, paired with the concatenated month/day, month gematria and day of week gematria.

        I’m still poring over the data, but here’s what struck me:
        None of the numbers went past 15 decimal places. They almost always went 13 decimal places.
        285714 shows up in the remainder of every number divided by 7 that isn’t divisible by 7
        ex. 71/7 = 10.2857142857143
        It also shows up every time a number divisible by 7 is divided by numbers 1-9
        ex: 14/5 = 0.357142857142857
        112/8 = 0.0714285714285714

        3.14 shows up 5 times:
        22/7 = 3.14285714285714
        92/7 = 13.1428571428571
        162/7 = 23.1428571428571
        232/7 = 33.1428571428571
        302/7 = 43.1428571428571

        I’m not familiar enough with the numbers to know if they have significance.


  2. Great work by Extra-Capsa. I’d agree that his watch has the time set to 7:22. The real winner of this post is my new fave word….Obamacide,

    Obamacide =53. Pope =52. Seven Twenty Two PM =3525.

    Popular Science Obama Issue =262. March April =292. Nice balance. 262+292=554, and 554 is an important # I’ve been working on….more on that in the near future.


      • Yo KOR, I like your gematria based comments, but the speculation on 10/4 doesn’t ring true to me. KOR =140, which is kinda like 10/4.

        Did that 10/4 prediction come for Po Nation? I know Bro Berg has been passing along some of his work. I’m not a fan, but don’t dislike his channel. I’m curious to what Po Nation has been correct about in the past – to come across so strongly regarding 10/4?


      • Maestro, I can’t seem to reply to your reply, so I will reply to my own.

        I see what you’re saying. I don’t know why it’s ringing true for me. I’m honestly not even sure that it really is. I’m just trying to figure all of this stuff out.

        I recently came to gematria a couple of weeks ago after finding FTFT, and have felt compelled to comment on some of the work that Brother Berg has been doing on this site. This is unusual for me, as I don’t even have a Facebook account.

        Anyway, I’ve been down many paths over many years. There is a lot of disinformation out there, and I certainly do not want to contribute to that. 10/4 seems plausible to me. I have no concrete evidence. I’m also not a “the past is a predictor of the future” kind of person, so I don’t entirely judge on that either. I feel like Po Nation, FTFT, Brother Berg, and maybe a couple of other people are genuinely trying to put out good info with the best of intentions. I’ve been burned before thinking that, so maybe I’m wrong?

        I really don’t even know what is true anymore. Everything out there seems to be contrived, so, is there any truth to be found? If we find it, will we be too skeptical to accept it as truth? I don’t know. What do you think?


      • I hear ya loud & clear – well articulated, and if it helps…..we’re all confused 😉

        What I like about Gematria is that its the Master Key to unlocking the Truth. Gematria is unbiased, fair, and fascinating. What its not….is easy.

        If you like to Think, & you’re up to the challenge of discovering the truth for yourself – stick w/ Bro Berg, & the Zach Attack over on F2FT. Those guys are bonafide Truth Slayers.

        As October approaches I’ll certainly take a very hard look at 10/4….Over & Out, ha.


      • Fourth Of October =790. Murder =79. Fourth Of October =187. The Police code for Homicide is 187.

        Homicide =66. October Fourth =166. Ha, this Oct 4th thing may have legs.


      • More reasons I believe 10/4 isn’t so far fetched:
        October = 33 – the only 33 month that I could find
        October fourth = 67
        over and out – 45/135
        10/4/16 is the 278th day with 88 days remaining
        Plus, October is just a month before the election, which is the perfect timeframe to implement a plan to suppress the peaceful exchange of government.
        Build the Future = 172/64
        Joe Biden = 64 and 172 could be the realization of 72

        I spent way too much time on this post today when I should have been doing other things. I made a whole spreadsheet breaking down every phrase and snippet and pinging it against each type of calculation (I wrote a script that calculates 5 different gematrias, if that’s a word). What really struck me was that EVERY item is coded. EVERY SINGLE ONE. Like I mentioned, if you decipher some of the hidden text, or don’t include hidden letters, there is significance, like poarscice = 89 (religion) – the visible letters of popular science, but the hidden letters, pulen = 68 (Barack Obama). All significant.
        For example, if you decipher exclusive interview = 92 but exclusive = 39 and interview = 53. Maybe we are to read that as 2 codes, rather than one? Who knows? There are so many ways I can see this.
        And don’t get me started on the Fibonacci number and Pi number sequence rabbit holes that I went down.
        Did you know that:
        The string 1042016 occurs at position 662336. This string occurs 17 times in the first 200M digits of Pi.
        The string 10042016 occurs at position 81507024. This string occurs 1 times in the first 200M digits of Pi.


      • Wow that’s awesome research dude!! That 662336 resonates. Like a MK-Ultra Mind Control =233 hidden within the 666 of fixation with illusory reality. Especially with my latest research into the Saturn-Moon Matrix. It’s perfect, poetic as this Gematria almost always is. I’ve definitely got my ear to the ground for 10/4. And I love that edit you made on my 411 poster read.

        TEN FOUR =99. Obama Killed Twenty Sixteen =99. Elaborate Death Hoax =990. Masonic Ritual Murder =99. Cognitive Dissonance =99. The Crescent of Saturn =99. The Magic Square of Saturn =99.

        Keep up the awesome work buddy, welcome to the Club. Stoked to have you on board.


      • Decoding takes lots of work, but you’ll find most code is hidden in plain site. Also, correct decoding repeats itself. You should arrive at the same conclusion even when you drive down different paths – that will confirm you did the decipher correctly.

        It also helps to know what you’re looking for. In this circle, we are all strongly predicting an Obama hoax assassination to take place in the near future…..and have over a years worth of work to back it up. So when Obama pops up on the cover of a mainstream propaganda rag like Popular Science – we jump on it.

        I liked the code in the hidden letters of Popular Science. I would not have seen that on my own….especially the 68 discovery – fits like a glove. I’m still not serious about 10/4, but I am alert to it now. Your instinct about Biden is rite on – check out all the Joe Biden work on F2FT – there’s lots of Zach/Bro Berg/Maestro work on that subject over there from earlier in the year – Spoiler: Biden is destined by the numbers to be President.


      • Wow, Brother, I didn’t even notice the 233 in the 666!
        While the 10/4 number is definitely interesting, in many ways, I feel like it’s too literal and easy, so I’m researching dates between 10/4/16 and 11/8/16, with a focus on very early November. I remember that while things were crazy 9/2001, the election still went on that November, and I’m not decided on whether the election will go on this November crowing Hillary, or if it will be impeded, crowning Biden.


  3. So, people spend time crafting these elaborate messages with numbered codes. Who, besides people like us sit around deciphering them?
    There have got to be other rules that we are missing? For instance, on the Contents page, there are a lot of titles and subtitles. Would you decode each in their entirety, or break them up by what is on each line? The numbers are different, so which do you use?
    Japan is cleaning up one of the worst nuclear disasters the world has ever seen it still has a long way to go
    japan is cleaning up one of the worst
    nuclear disasters the world has ever
    seen it still has a long way to go

    Or on the cover:
    Return to Fukushima
    Return to

    And how do they know they are transmitting the correct information? Which are messages? Which are dates? Are any of these coordinates? Or something else entirely?


  4. Build The Future Popular Science =329. Read backwards – 923.

    President Obama Popular Science =299. If we flip the 9’2 – 266, and 9/23 is the 266th day of the year.

    President Obama On The Cover =267. This is a Leap Year – so 9/23 is the 267th day.

    President Obama Popular Science =1103. Barack Obama Popular Science =225.


  5. Winter Solstice = 1287
    Freedom Trail = 47
    Obama boom-boom = 666
    Kool-Aid = 333
    Trireme of tumult = 11.34

    1287/47 = Angel of Perfidy = 57
    333/11.34 = Coded Psychosis

    Midnight frenzy, bizarre sounds, death of reason…
    Coded lunacy


    • Nice poem. None of those are actual Gematria though and all you’re doing is being case in point that as Einstein is credited with saying, the height of ignorance is condemnation without investigation. So either have an honest look through a few of my reports and recognize the undeniable and transparent patterns or move along and go graze elsewhere.

      That would be a rad poem if you used actual code, which you can find on Gematrix.org or RidingTheBeast.com/gematria-calculator


  6. Heads up date on georgia guidestones block 8/14/2016
    August Fourteenth in Simple Gematria Equals: 221
    Three Twenty Two in Simple Gematria Equals: 221
    Second War Of Independence in Simple Gematria Equals: 221
    Twenty Sixteen in Jewish Gematria Equals: 2094
    August Fourteenth = 322 969
    August 14 is the 227th day of the year in the Gregorian calendar. There are 139 days remaining until the end of the year.
    Freemasonry in Simple Gematria Equals: 139
    Julius Caesar in Simple Gematria Equals: 139
    Two Two Seven in Simple Gematria Equals: 181
    Barack Hussein Obama II in Simple Gematria Equals: 181
    Barack Hussein Obama 2nd in Simple Gematria Equals: 181

    I got the date from a new matthew nicholson video

    Lincoln died at 7:22 AM and Reagan was shot at 2:27 PM. 22/7 is the approximation for Pi, cycles and the nature of fractal time. History repeats.


  7. Brother Berg, I see one mistake on the reading of the fingers’ position, you read 3/4, but it is actually 1/2 1 and 2 = “12”, a PERFECT NUMBER, so he associates himself as being the PERFECT MAN, remember 76-Perfect Man (Perfect MASON) that equals his Gematria as well, and the name of Rancho Mirage, CA – the city he is got a million+++ dollar house!
    This guy is coded, sent to to White House, and based on what we have decoded separately (and probably many other people did read codes too!!!), once the system does NOT need him anymore, he is a PERFECT TARGET to go…VANISH…probably FAKE DEATH…
    Cheers! KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!!


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