More Seth MacFarlane Pre-Programming Busted

The Cleveland Show. Cleveland =33. Aka “The 33 Show.” A terrorist posing as luggage smuggles himself on a plane to Paris. It happened in S04-E11. That’s a coded 411. Assassin =411. Chi Xi Digamma =411 (the Greek letters for 666). It aired on 3/3/13, a day that leaves 303 in the year. Pentagon =303. The Psychological Warfare Machine =303.

  • The show aired 987 days before the Paris Attacks Hoax. The Unexplainable Coincidence =987. Tells Blatant Truth =987. Bohemian Grove =987.
  • That’s also 140 weeks 6 days (146). Global Control =146. The Council on Foreign Relations =146. International Business Crime =146. Destructive =146. Manifestation =146. Je Suis Paris =146. The Apocalypse =146. The Unveiling =146.

Episode #76. The Cleveland Show =76/176. Like in the Movies =176. Terror Treat =67. Freemasonry =67. The episode had a guest appearance by KiD CuDi =239. Global Elite =239. Mind Control Technique =239. And indeed this sort of predictive programming is a mind control technique of the Global Elite.


I missed a huge bloody fingerprint in yesterday’s Paul Walker pre-program post. As it turns out, a WEEK before his death hoax, Brian the dog character in Family Guy DIED IN A CAR CRASH. Making matters even more incriminating, Walker’s character in the Fast & Furious series is also called Brian. . I mean c’mon. It’s S12-E06. That’s another 126. BS=126. This was the 216th episode. 6x6x6=216.

It aired on Nov 24, 2013. [11+24+13] =48. Illuminati =48. Hollywood =48. Evil =48. Six Six Six =48. Hoax =48. So we’re to believe that Brian from Furious died in a car crash 144 hours after Brian from Family died in a car crash. Right. BRIAN DIES IN CAR CRASH =94. FAKE CAR CRASH =94.

  • And to make matters worse, in the episode they replace Brian with a new Italian dog named VINNIE =73. SACRIFICIAL LAMB =73. SACRIFICE =73. RITUAL SACRIFICE =73.
  • Like Paul Walker’s co-star VIN DIESEL =54. DIESEL =54. FAST & FURIOUS 7 =54. Walker died 54 weeks after the American Dad pre-program aired on a date with 54 numerology. Brian returns from the dead 2 episodes later after Stewie goes back in time to save him.

Then in season 11 episode 3 (yes good old 113, like Dishonest =113 and Bava Kamma 113a of the Talmud that permits Jews to circumvent Gentiles by deceit), we’re told that the elite hold the cure to cancer and refuse to release it due to there being far more money in the treatment than the cure. Matching with the 113, it’s episode 191. DECEIVING AND BEING DECEIVED =191.

  • It first aired on Nov 4, 2012. [11+4+20+12] =47. A CANCER CURE =47. MAFIA =47. OBEY=47. AUTHORITY =47. The cure is called SPECIMEN Z =47. CURE =47. Z =26. CANCER =26.
  • The episode is called “Old Man and the Big C” =84. Specimen =84/48. Illuminati =48. Big Pharma =48. Propaganda =48.


SETH MACFARLANE =390. THE ATOMIC BOMB =390. This fucking propagandist helping to brainwash and dumb down the world has the same Jewish Gematria as the ultimate hoax weapon. SETH =52. PROPAGANDIST =502. MASONIC MEDIA =52.

  • MACFARLANE =74/187. Masonic =74. Lucifer =74. The Death of Humankind =187. Brotherhood of Death =187 (police code for homicide).
  • SETH WOODBURY MACFARLANE =96 (Freemason / Satanism / MK-Ultra / Disinformation Agent), =105 ( Masonry / Zionism / American Dream / Royal Arch Freemasonry).
  • WOODBURY =42 (Freemason / Zionism / Satanism / TV), =123 (Conspiracy / Psychological Operation / Obedience). MacFarlane is currently 42 years old.

Seth MacFarlane =126. Born 10/26 of 1973. [10+26+19+73] =128 (Born Villain / Deceiving and Being Deceived). [10+26+73] =109(Psychological Warfare / Zionist Conspiracy). [10+26+1+9+7+3] =56 (Mind Control / Videodrome). And did you know MacFarlane was supposed to be on Flight 11 on 9/11 but missed it because he was hungover? Lol, just nonstop propaganda, truth-seeker.

One thought on “More Seth MacFarlane Pre-Programming Busted

  1. I don’t care what anyone says. Seth MacFarlane worships the Devil! This is one very sick individual. How come he always has the inside scoop before a tragedy? When a friend told me Seth missed Flight 11 I knew that was it! He gets the inside scopp from the power that be. Then he pust subliminal messages in his sick cartoons and think it’s funny! A low life bastard! I can’t stand this punk!


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