The Deaths of Umberto Eco and Harper Lee


Legendary authors Harper Lee {=52} and Umberto Eco {=525} have both died on the 50th day of 2016, the day after the death of another renowned author, Rosario Ferré. ROSARIO =50. AUTHOR DEATHS =50. Later that evening the two oldest legends of the UFC fought a rematch of UFC 1… All this on a secret Masonic holiday, as we uncovered in the Japan Earthquake post. Eco, who incorporated much occult knowledge about secret societies in his works, died at age 84 and Rosario Ferré =84/75. Character Assassination =84. Legendary Author =75. New World Order =174/75. Literary Legends =174. Lee dies 7 months 5 days after the release of her second and final novel, Go Set a Watchman =150/51. Legend Death =510. Eco born on 1/5 of [19+32] =51. Conspiracy =51.

  • To Kill a Mockingbird =454. Umberto Eco =45. Dies 45 days after his birthday on [2+19+20+16] =57. Born [1+5+19+32] =57. Obama the 57th-term president. Fifty-Seven =131. John F Kennedy =131. Dead at 84, Obama =84, born 8/4.
  • ECO =58, died of PANCREAS CANCER =58. FREEMASONRY =58. Pancreas Cancer =67/121. Blood Sacrifice =67/121. Pancreas =77. Three Authors Die =77. Ferré died at age 77.

Harper Lee =52/88. Atticus Finch =52. To Kill a Mockingbird =185/1110. Legend Death =85. Harper Lee & Umberto Eco Dead =111. To Kill a Mockingbird =86. Lee dead at 89.

  • And isn’t it a coincidence that Harper Lee dies during Black History Month when the one and only book she was famous for is all about civil rights, released in 1960 during the CIVIL RIGHTS MOVEMENT =66. HARPER =99.
  • BLACK HISTORY MONTH =213/78. RACISM =213. The movie To Kill a Mockingbird was released on March 16, 1963, the 78th day of the year.


5 thoughts on “The Deaths of Umberto Eco and Harper Lee

    • Umberto Eco wrote Foucalt’s Pendulum. This book describes men in a publishing house creating alternative histories for entertainment. His death along with miss harder lee exposes the game they play which is actually creating entertainment to give the generation eating it an alternative history.

      yes, THIS WORLD’S literary crown, and it’s shown up for what it is ….manipulation of beliefs through entertainment


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