Rigged Elections Rigged UFC: Oliveira VS Cerrone – Cowboy VS Cowboy


It’s Cowboy VS Cowboy tonight in UFC Fight Night 83: COWBOY =83. It’s outrageous how cocky the coders are. This is actually Cowboy VS Indian, as Donald Cerrone is a white American and Alex Oliveira is a Brazilian native. As Zach covered, the last time Donald fought he got whooped in 66 seconds while at the same time Donald Trump was getting whooped in the Democratic Debate. Trump =88. Oliveira’s born in ’88 and Cerrone in ’83. Sum the Gematria of Cowboy-Cowboy and we get 166, the fulfilment of that last fateful bout of 119 days ago. Donald =119. Donald Anthony Cerrone =99. Nines are sixes. And I’m hypothesizing that the election headlies(not a typo) are coding the results of the fight for insiders (like us).

Trump Clinton Win =221. Puppet Politicians =221. Today is 2/21 and it’s Oliveira’s 28th birthday. That’s a special number because only it and 33 equal 156. Clinton =33. And look how it reads, “Trump… Clinton Win.” GOD =156/61. CATTLE =61 (that’s us, the useless eaters). OLIVEIRA WINS =156. Alex Oliveira =61.  [Notice the stars on the flags, a coded 39. OK CORRAL =39] [Notice too that Hitlery’s wax mask cheeks look very presidential, very Obama-esque. Props to the prop department that manufactured that cyborg.]

  • Oliveira’s last fight was on November 7th, 2015. That makes a span of 106 days between then and now. Prophecy =106/666. BATTLE OF THE COWBOYS =216. ALEX COWBOY OLIEVERA =216. 6x6x6 =216. That’s also 3 months 14 days. TWENTY-TWO DIVDED BY SEVEN =314. And 22/7 =3.14, the approximation of pi. BIRTHDAY SUBMISSION =227. OBAMA DEMISE =227. Obama was just in Popular Science wearing a digital watch reading 2:27 and a Newsweek had a suicide vest reading 27.2 Reagan was shot at 2:27 PM and Lincoln died at 7:22 AM. Consider this a teaser to the feature article upcoming, our major target window is now red alert for February 27th.
  • Meanwhile, in other rigged sports news, the Golden State Warriors are being hyped to beat the Bulls’ all-time win record and go 73-9. That’s funny because SEVENTY-THREE AND NINE =227. Batten down the hatches, truth-seekers.

Clinton Still Work To Do =280. Like Oliveira’s 28th b-day. I Understand Voters Have Questions =133. Alex Oliveira =133. White House =133. Government =133. Get Ready for World Currency =133. Oliveira also has a current record of 13-3. Toasty.

  • OLIVEIRA FOURTEEN AND THREE =270. COWBOY VERSUS COWBOY =270. I UNDERSTAND VOTERS HAVE QUESTIONS ABOUT TRUST CLINTON SAYS =207. And Alex was 27 up until today, this number coded so much lately. Reduced he’s moving from a 9 to a 1, the reset of a new cycle, a step forward in the Agenda.

Like Highlander, THERE CAN ONLY BE ONE COWBOY =111. The only fighter who synchs with that code is Oliveira, birth numerology of [2+21+88] =111. Mind Control Broadcast Station =111. Subconscious Programming =111. Obama Shot and Reborn =111. Barack Obama Killed Under Pisces =111. And Feb 27th is under the Pisces sign.


  • So my only reads to the contrary are the spicy numbers in CERRONE TWENTY-NINE AND SEVEN =122/311, and he was born in COLORADO SPRINGS =77. TRUMP CLINTON WIN =77. Cowboy Versus Indian =94. Donald Cowboy Cerrone =94.
  • CERRONE WINS =143, while Oliveira goes 14-3 with a victory…
  • Hitlery won with 53% of the fake votes. Indians Win =53. Obamacide =53. The 16th prime and Oliveira’s last fight was his 16th.

It’s another black vs white matchup, like the Super Bowl on 2/7. February Seventh =1722. Broncos Super Bowl =1722. So perhaps we need balance, and have the white skinned character lose this time. We’ve seen Donald Cerrone synched up with Donald Trump, and while he just won the South Carolina Republican Primary, I reckon neither he nor Clinton will make the White House – it’s destined for Joe Biden, by the numbers. And speaking of the Super Bowl, that’s Carolina there for our dark-skinned brother to win tonight. Cowboys ride Broncos. Oliveira is the underdog so might be worth puttin a few coins down.

29 thoughts on “Rigged Elections Rigged UFC: Oliveira VS Cerrone – Cowboy VS Cowboy

  1. Alex Oliveira =61. UFC Eighty Three =160. Submission =610.

    Alex Oliveira =1200. UFC Eighty Three Winner =2010.

    Oliveira will win via Submission in the 2nd or 3rd round – imho. Donald Cerrone Tap Out =221 – exactly like the date of the fight 2/21.

    Oliveira =91. Maestro =91.


      • “Cowboys vs Indians” = 2478
        2+4+7+8 = 21
        (like the date “21’st”)

        “Indian Wins = 696 (21)
        & in Simple..
        “Indian Wins” = 116
        The reflection of 119
        (Rear naked choke, Donald)

        pretty interesting…..


      • Thanks for doing the work B Savage…..honestly, I was just too lazy to look up Oliveira’s submission move. Man, it def paid off.

        Indian Burn =106…..very similar to UFC Eighty Three =160, Alex Oliveira =61.


  2. We’ve got to look closer at the Official Fight Poster….its the first pic of this post. It boldly reads…

    Cowboy Vs Cowboy =207. Brother Berg listed in the post – Cowboy Versus Cowboy =270.

    Next line on that poster for all to see…

    Feb Twenty One Sun =208….and as noted in the post, Oliveira turns 28 today. Centre Bell =280, and thats the venue!

    Centre Bell =96, 42. Freemason =96, 42. Montreal Canada =122. Freemason =122.


  3. “Submission” = 840 in English gematria.
    “Pittsburgh” = 840 in English Sumerian.
    “Submission” = 610 in Jewish. “Alex Oliveira” = 61


  4. one thing i’m worried about is this possible connection..

    Dale Earnhardt Jr. #88 (spun out and crashed in The Daytona 500 today)

    # 88,
    alex oliveira was born in “88”

    The winner of the Daytona 500 was Denny Hamlin.

    “Denny Hamlin” = 119
    Just like “Donald” = 119

    “Denny Hamlin” also = 597
    5+9+7 = 21 (like the date)

    Now “Donald Cerrone” = 768
    5+9+7 = 21 (like the date)

    Is the fighter born in “88” going to take a fall like #88 in Nascar???
    Is the nascar winner “119” telling us that “Donald” is going to win tonight??

    Guess we’ll see…….

    p.s. Alex Oliveira B-day today is what i like….. Plus his name = “1200” which is the reflection of “21” today’s date…

    Also Alex Oliveira = 798
    (interchange that 9 and make it a 6 and you get 768 (21)….. just like Cerrone.

    Either way we will most likely see a Submission today….

    Alex Oliveira had a +1200 for a submission today…. so i decided to throw down a few bucks haha.


    • Ooo yeah that’s a tricky trick right there!! Well this will be a good learning experience for us either way. OLIVEIRA SUBMISSION =231. WIN BY SUBMISSION =213. Racism =213, the continuing theme. Of course that’s not too clear what end of the submission Oliveira is on… And that surname like Olive Green =58/112. Green =137.

      Regardless, I’m throwing down on Oliveira by submission too, ha. Good luck boys!!


  5. “brazilian jiu jitsu” in the English Ordinal system equals 211. for Feb 21st.

    Hey Brother Berg, I have a question. What does the “fulfillment” of a number mean? Is it just taking of the hundred of a 3 digit number?


    • I read in a numerology book that a 1 before a number makes it the ‘fulfilment’ of said number. 18 is the fulfilment of 8 and 1224 is the fulfilment of 224. No matter the digits. This is based on the numerological significance of the #1, the primal force and action energy frequency, the phallic obelisk going balls deep into the subsequent digits, inseminating it with life force and giving it direction so that it may fulfill its unique purpose and reach its full potential. I suppose it could also be called the activation of a number, charging its energy field up to a more active state.


  6. Dennis Bemudez just won…

    Hopefully that’s a good sign for Alex Oliveira.

    Dennis Bemudez = 846
    (interchange the 6 to a 9)
    8+4+9 = 21

    Alex Oliveira = 798
    (interchange the 6 to a 9)
    7+6+8 = 21

    21 Just like today’s date the 21’st…


      • Check this out…..
        Not all these fighters “won”….. but now you know why they are fighting today on the 21st 😉

        Alex Oliveira = 798

        Donald Cerrone = 768

        Anthony Hamilton = 897

        Derek Brunson = 876

        Anthony Smith = 876

        Ashlee Evans = 965

        Alex Garcia = 486

        Augusto Mendes = 984

        Shane Campbell = 666

        How many sum of “21” do you see????


  7. well that sucked!…. lol

    They said in the beginning of the fight that Alex Oliveira was 13-2 …… ????

    when i looked it up it said he was 13-3………. I wouldn’t of bet if i knew he was 13-2!

    lmao……. now he has that nice 13-3 (133) …….. oh well.


  8. Yeah i’m almost positive the record they showed when he stepped into the ring was 13-2…….

    Guess the trump and Nascar connection was good…….. we also got the “Submission” correct.

    oh well, live and learn….


  9. I think one of his fights was a no contest with the ruling overturned by promoter (I don’t even know what that means). I was looking at his record on wikipedia. Fight ended in 2 minutes 33 seconds I think or 153 seconds. The number of fish from the Bible story. Can you think of anything 233 or 153 connect to?


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