Cowboy Vs Cowboy: Cowboy Wins!

Wrong Cowboy. My apologies, truth-seeker. The numbers were all fucked. I missed the fight myself but I’m being told the TV said Oliveira’s record was 13-2 when he entered the ring, not 13-3 as the card I attached to my preview post read. And yet somehow he ended up 14-3 with a loss. Explain that. It’s now been corrected to 13-4 after his loss. Anyway it was rigged to some lovely numbers – crystal clear in 20/20 hindsight, as most things are.

Cerrone took the title of #1 Cowboy with a win by Triangle Choke submission at 2:33. As it turns out the BIRTHDAY SUBMISSION =227 was ON Oliveira not BY him. 2:33 is 153 seconds and Oliveira’s last opponent had name Gematria of 153. That’s also the 17th Triangular Number (like the choke), and this was his 17th career fight.

  • 233 is the 13th Fibonacci number and Oliveira had 13 wins. MK-Ultra Mind Control =233. Freemason Mind Control =233. Gematria =233. John Fitzgerald Kennedy =233. President Abraham Lincoln =233.
  • Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =153. Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse =1503. Saturn Creator-Controller of Earth =153. Matrix Transmission =1530. Obama is Saturn =153.
  • Check this one: TRIANGLE CHOKE SUBMISSION =133. ALEX OLIVEIRA =133. And he went into the fight 13-3.

What we should have done is connected that Warriors 227 code with their first loss coming in the 28th game, like this was Oliveira’s 28th birthday. Remember both 28 and 33 equal 156, the God number, and 33 is a number of sacrifice.

  • And get this: ALEX OLIVEIRA =798. DONALD CERRONE =768. Coming off a headline that Donald Trump just won, like Cerrone lost the last fight on the same night Trump lost a debate.

There was also a big tell in the Daytona 500 today when Dale Earnhardt Jr #88 spun out and crashed. Oliveira was born in ’88. The winner of the Daytona was DENNY HAMLIN =119 like DONALD =119. Also, Denny Hamlin =597 (5+9+7) =21 and Donald Cerrrone =768 (7+6+8) =21. Today’s the 21st. TWENTY-FIRST =53. The fulfilment of 53 is 153 and the fight went 153 seconds.

3 thoughts on “Cowboy Vs Cowboy: Cowboy Wins!

  1. And not only that, but I’m seeing it reported that it was the Donald’s 22nd combined MMA victory (UFC/WEC). On 2/21. Looks like MMA records are sometimes difficult to pin down, but I’m finding with sports that the most obvious connections between the records and the date are most often correct. Like yesterday too, the Brooklyn Nets picked up their all-time 2222nd loss, which also happened to be their 22nd home loss of the year.


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