The Pi Prophecy of February 27th


The numbers have idenitifed Feb 27th, 2016 as the first major target window for blue chip assassination; a major story about a prominent black male involved in a horrible tragedy. Coded into the Feb 27th date is 22/7=3.14, the approximation for Pi – indicative of cycles and fractal time, history repeating itself. Wheels Within Wheels =227. Obama Demise =227. The occult significance of ths number is confirmed by Gematria: TWENTY TWO DIVIDED BY SEVEN =314. Three Point One Four =98. February Twenty-Seventh =98. Mind-blowing, right?

  • Prophet =98. Obama Dead =98. Obama Killed in Pisces =98. Barack Obama Killed in Pisces =98. And indeed 2/27 is ruled by the astrological sign of Pisces. September Twenty-Third =98; Yom Kippur, the first day of the Jubilee Year. 2/27 comes 157 days after 9/23. February Twenty-Seventh Twenty Sixteen =157. That’s also 5 months 4 days (Obama is 54) and 22 weeks 3 days. Forty-Fourth US President =322.
  • 239 days after America’s 239th birthday is our date of 2/27. The 44th President Barack Obama =239. Barry ‘Barack Obama’ Soetoro =239. Blue Chip Assassination =236. USA History Repeats =239. Golden Gate =239, and indeed the symbol for Pi is a gateway.
  • The 52nd prime is 239 and it’s been 52 years since the assassination of JFK. It’s also 52 years since the one and only time that Malcolm X and Martin Luther King Jr ever met [3-26-1964] to observe the Senate hearing on the Civil Rights Act. MALCOLM X AND MLK JR =1239.

FIFTY-SECOND ANNIVERSARY =272, like our target date. The duration between JFK’s assassination on 11/22 and the historic meeting of Malcolm & MLK was 125 days. HUNDRED TWENTY-FIVE DAYS =272. THE INAUGURATION OF BARACK OBAMA =272. NINETEEN SIXTY-EIGHT =1272 (that fateful year of MLK and RFK’s tragic deaths). THE UNTIMELY DEATH OF BARACK OBAMA =1272. And fun fact: there’s 272 numbers in the Book of Revelation. And recall the Newsweek cover with the 27.2 on the suicide vest timer, and the feature in Popular Science #288 (Obama Killed Twenty-Sixteen =288) with Obama wearing a digital watch that reads 7:22.


MLK & X were both in DC for the passing of the CIVIL RIGHTS BILL =171. BARRY SOETORO =171. Martin Luther =171. City of Saturn =171. Sigil of Saturn =71. Pisces =71. Dead at Fifty-Four =71.

  • TWO TWENTY-SEVEN SIXTEEN =326. They met on 3/26 in “Washington DC” =215 [Francis Bacon method], Three Twenty-Six =215. Twenty-Sixth of March =251. Barack Obama Killed in Pisces =215. Pisces-Sagittarius =215 [JFK was killed on the first day of “Sagittarius” =144]
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1964 was enacted on 7/2. Demise of Barack Obama =72. Dead in Pisces =72. President Biden =72. The occult mega-ritual that was the racially-charged Super Bowl 50 on 2/7, MVP “Von Miller” =720; dude was born on 3/26. It’s all connected. Von Miller wears #58 and 2/27 is the 58th day of the year.
  • Malcolm X was shot at the “Audubon Ballroom” =58 by the “Nation of Islam” =58. Abraham Lincoln was shot at “Ford’s Theatre” =58/139 after surviving an attempt at “Willard Hotel” =58/139. Freemasonry =58/139. MLK was shot the day after speaking at a Masonic Temple at 930 Mason St on the 93rd day of the year

Martin Luther King Jr =93. Malcolm X =93. Their one and only meeting on [3+26+64] =93. [Obama Fake Death =93. JFK Death Hoax =1093. Saturn =93. The Black Cube =93.] And both MLK and MX died at age 39. JFK DEATH HOAX =1093. PI PROPHECY OF FEB 27TH =193. THE PI PROPHECY OF FEBRUARY TWENTY-SEVENTH =193. OBAMA WON’T LIVE TO SEE HIS FIFTY-FIFTH BIRTHDAY =193 (the 44th prime). It’s said there’s 13 dimensions of heaven and 9 levels of the underworld.

  • MLK died on 4/4 and X died [333 days after their meeting] on a date with life lesson numerology of 44 (2+21+1+9+6+5). X’s assassin “Thomas Hagan” =44 received a 44-year sentence. MLK’s assassin died in prison on the 113th day of the year, a date with 144 numerology (4+23+19+98). X=144. And from JFK’s assassination to their meeting it’s exactly 4 months 4 days. THE HOAX ASSASSINATION OF PRESIDENT OBAMA =404.
  • JFK was the 35th president and the only Catholic president: Catholic =35. He was also the 44th-term president. JFK ASSASSINATION =1122 and he died on 11/22. Far from coincidence, this is a continuously repeated pattern of Gematria forecasting death dates. John’s little brother Bobby died on 6/6. Robert Kennedy =66. Sirhan Sirhan =66. Assassin =606. RFK was born on “March Nineeten” =66, a date with numerology of 66 (3+19+44). More intel on the RFK hit here. 
  • RFK officially died at 1:44 AM and JFK was killed on the first day of Sagittarius =144. Forty-Four =144. Time =144. Clock =44. Saturn/Satan is the keeper of time.


Lincoln died at 7:22 AM. Reagan was shot at 2:27 PM. Did you catch the story from October out of the Maldives where the vice-president attempted to assassinate the president? That VP, Ahmed Adeeb, assumed office on 7/22. Secret Service agent Arthur Baldwin was shot and killed 7 months 22 days after his court appearance April 23rd, the 113th day of the year with 252 remaining and a date with 42 numerology. FISH =113/252/42. Pisces is the fish symbol and 2/27 is in Pisces.

  • Tim Russert died exactly 227 weeks after the interview with George Bush on 2/7 where he asked about his involvement with Skull & Bones 322. Russert’s birth and death numerology both equal 27.
  • The President’s Commission on the Assassination of President Kennedy =272/722. The car behind JFK’s in the Dallas motorcade was license plate 227. The 9/11 Commission Report was issued on 7/22/04. [Notice the 722 and 224 coding: Three Point One Four =224. Terrorist Strike =224. Obama Fake Death =224. Obama Killed Twenty Sixteen =2246.] According to the French Revolutionary Calendar, which starts on 23/9, it is currently the year 224.
  • Flight MH-370 had 227 passengers (239 total) and Pan-Am Flight 103, the Lockerbie Bombing, killed 270 people – 27 years ago. United Airlines Flight 227 (a Boeing 727-22) crashed on 11/11/65, killing 43 people. Obama is the 43rd man elected president.
  • NASA’s Expedition 44 launched on 7/22/15, a date with 44 numerology.
  • The Boston Marathon Bombing occurred on April 15th, exactly 148 years after Lincoln was assassinated. [Presidential Assassination =148. The Killing of the Divine King =148.] Dzhokhar Tsarnaev was born on 7/22 and Lincoln died at 7:22 AM.
  • BBC Broadcaster Sir Terry Wogan died on 1/31, a week before Super Bowl 50 on 2/7. Sir Michael Terrence Wogan = 227.

Last year on 2/27, Leonard Nimoy was sacrificed. [2+27+20+15] =64. Leonard Nemoy =64. Spock =64. Barack Hussein Obama =64. Barry =64. [2+27+15] =44. Kill =44. Like JFK was the 44th-term president and Obama is the 44th. Like Lincoln had a vision of his death on 4/4 and died TEN DAYS LATER =144. FORTY-FOUR =144. DEMISE OF BARACK OBAMA =144. DEAD AT AGE FIFTY-FOUR =1044. President Biden =144. President Joe Biden =1044.

pied piper

PI DAY =330. Obama has been called the PIED PIPER =98. Three Point One Four =98. February Twenty-Seventh =98. Barack Obama Killed in Pisces =98. Obama Dead =98. PIED PIPER OF HAMELIN =181. BARACK OBAMA =181.

  • Pied Piper of Hamelin =461. The Pi Prophecy =164. Death of Barack Obama =64. Obama Sacrificed =64. Sacrificial Lamb =64.
  • Hamelin =113. Pi Multiplied By Diameter =113. Gate =113. Fake Reality =113. JFK Death Hoax =113. Of Hamelin =83. Blue Chip Assassination =83. The Pi Prophecy =83.

20 thoughts on “The Pi Prophecy of February 27th

  1. Stellar work, Brother. This is a slam dunk date no matter what happens. It’s primed for an event, by the numbers. Maybe this is a stretch, but the date on the Newsweek cover, 2/12/2016 not only falls in the Lupercalia window, but can also read 239.


    • Cheers KOR, that’s a wicked find right there buddy. It’s all about the stretch, Gematria Yoga as mental calisthenics.

      Gematria Yoga =59/122. Black Propaganda =59/122. The Da Vinci Code =122. The Math of God =122. Riddle =122. Six is Nine =122. Elohim =122. Great Seal of the United States =1222 (the subject of my next post)


  2. One of the fullest meals Extra-Capsa has ever prepared for us, and it was delicious!

    You know I love to add on, and the first thing I gotta do is tag a – Two Two Seven =181 – to the end of ur 181 run.

    President Obama =142. President John F Kennedy =241. Fifty Two =124. And here’s a fun factoid – from JFK’s assassination on 11/22/63 to the 2/27/16 =19,090 days. Do what thou wilt with that number 😉

    Here’s another think point for ya…..from Obama’s birth on 8/4/61 to potential death on 2/27/16 =19,930 days. A strong 93 point was made in the post – Martin Luther King Jr =93. Malcolm X =93. So that leaves us with – Nineteen =86. Barack Obama =68. Nineteen Thousand =188. President Kennedy =188.

    I also want to mention how poetic it will be for Obama to be born in ’61 & die in ’16 – The Hoax Assassination Of President Obama =1616. Sixteen =33.

    I’ve been picking up on the Biden hints, and wouldn’t you know – from Obama’s death on 2/27 would leave Biden as President for 326 days. Just like the date of 3/26 when MLK & Malcolm X had their historic meeting……and what this entire 2/27 event is going to Honor/Tribute.


    • Right on, Maestro. 61-16 would be so poetic. One more interesting tidbit…2/27/16 leaves us with 44 weeks left in the year, or 309 days.


      • HOLY SHIT: Sixty-One Sixteen =227 !!!

        And it’s 308 days on 2/27, although 309 would be so money based on my upcoming Great Seal report. Coroner =308. Invisible Jewish Government =308. Program =308.

        Forty-Four Weeks =207/72. Booyah.


    • Nice reporting dude. Also the first president to die in office died on 4/4. He was the 9th president and the next to die in office will be the 9th do so. 2+0+1+6=9 and so much more coding for this being the end of another cycle, marked in blood with the Masonic ritual of the Killing of the Divine King.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Yes your right BB its a cycle…….. a neverending (number eight shaped) time loop The Killing of the Divine King is followed by a civil war a revolution chaos then the rise of the new order the Boring Borg Empire its the cuba n missile crisis all over again the days of future past with another President sacrificed. Also Abe was killed after the last civil war and this time its going to happen to help start the next one according to the script. Guess where he is meant to be on pi day 3.14/15


  4. Newsweek magazine= date is a 2.3.9., all Mh370 logo ’33’ tridents colours red/orange and blue, 3-3 sticks, Malaysian flag same as usa minus stars, MH is MAS, mass means sacrifice and with usa being 239y239d old….the whole cover indicates suicide via a second appearance of MAS plane.


  5. 31m4d (PI) time length between PI 22/7 birth of baby Prince GEORGE and 2/27/16. Or probably his age exactly factoring in time zones of crash and birth time


  6. Really interesting presentation on gematria, pi, the number 27, and many other things. Explains a lot about numbers.
    I don’t know how you feel about links in your comments, so, I will post just the title from YouTube:
    Number Magic – Gematria – Marty Leeds FYM2


  7. Bye Bye Miss American Pie =1308 and 218. The Book of Revelation, US President Barack Obama, Reconstruction Era, February Made Me Shiver (lyric from song),Two Twenty Seven=1380 english gematria, 218 simple gematria.


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