227 in Kalamazoo

Notice the 227 on the sign and 27.72 on the ticker. Kalamazoo MI =702 (in both Jewish & English Gematria). Psycho Driver =72. All just a coincidence I’m sure, in light of everything we’ve been revealing about this very code as of late. The psycho driver’s car was reported as a “Silver Chevrolet HHR” =227. Michigan Avenue Courthouse =277/115. W Michigan Ave =115. Freemasons =115. Killing =115. And the guy playing the witness reading the script there is MATT MELLEN =115.

This latest made-for-tv shooting hoax (which allegedly killed 6 injured 2; Mason =62), happened on the 51st day of the year on the 42nd parallel north. Six Killed =42/51. Conspiracy =51. Freemason =42. Gun =42. TV =42. February =42. It’s being marked down officially as the 42nd mass shooting of the year, a statement the media provides with little to no hard data to back it up — (really, 42 mass shootings in 51 days?) — and based on precedents set and the available information, it’s most likely another staged drill presented as reality. 

  • It also went down on a date with numerology of 58 to boot (2+20+20+16) =58. Freemasonry =58. Uber operates in 58 countries. Dalton was even arrested at a place called “Shakespeare’s Pub” =58. Kalamazoo County =58. Taxi Driver =58. 
  • The perp’s name: JASON BRIAN DALTON =61 (God / Church / Religious / Sins / Saturn Matrix / Masonic Media / Terrorist). W MICHIGAN AVE =61. RAMPAGE =61. K-ZOO =610. Jason Dalton =44. Brian =44. Car Crash =44. Lone Gunman =44. MK-Ultra Assassin =44. Police State =44. KILL =44/59. JASON =59. UBER DRIVER =59. He was arrested on [2+21+20+16] =59. Travis Bickle =59 (De Niro’s character in Taxi Driver). 
  • Born June 22, 1970. [6+22+19+70] =117. Kalamazoo Shootings =1107. Kalamazoo MI =117. Fake Terror =117. Central Intelligence Agency =117. [6+22+1+9+7+0] =45. Hoodwink =45. Lies =45. Crimewave =45. Dalton is 45 years old.


And of course two days later there’s still absolutely no motive, as is par for the course in shooting hoaxes. NO MOTIVE =113. FAKE REALITY =113. DISHONEST =113. MAINSTREAM =113. GREEN SCREEN =113. WE ARE UNDER HYPNOSIS =113. The police spokesman is “Chief Jeff Hadley” =113/77. Kalamazoo Michigan =770. Police Department =77. Police Officer =77/122.

  • Freemason =122 [Francis Bacon method]. Dalton arrested on 2/21. KALAMAZOO SHOOTINGS =221.The incident is recorded as lasting from 5:45 PM to 10:24 PM. That’s 279 minutes. The Untimely Death of Barack Obama =279/1272. TEN TWENTY-FOUR =62, like 6 dead 2 injured.
  • Notice that’s the Super Bowl score, 10-24. “Ten to Twenty-Four” =241. The Kia dealership where he killed two is at 4102 Stadium Drive. It’s reported that the perp was apprehended at 241 E Kalamazoo Ave at 12:40 AM. It even synchs with Dalton’s initials: JBD (10+2+4) =16/96. Sixteen =96. Freemason =96. MK-Ultra =96. Another Distraction =96. And I think we found a new motto for UBER TECHNOLOGIES INC =96: A TERRIFYING RIDE =96.

3 thoughts on “227 in Kalamazoo

  1. This is what gets me…Who is setting this up? If I were a camera guy, would I make sure to include the signage in the scene? If it were me, no, because it detracts from the guy talking. And this guy, is he convinced of what he is saying, or is he an actor playing a part? Does the producer run the numbers on all the witnesses to see who they’ll interview?

    An who comes up with these perfectly coded taglines? How many of them does an employee have to suggest before the boss says, yes? Are the people that make it mind programmed enough that creating perfectly number coded headlines is instinctual for them?
    Deadly Shooting Rampage = 111 = 666

    Or is it that we are truly in the presence of alchemy, where the spells cast upon us are through definition, redefinition, and coded language?
    alchemy = from Khem = out of darkness

    Someone entirely different is likely responsible for the stock data, but all together, it’s the perfect formula for mind control and reality programming. We give away our power to government authority or news media and brush aside cognitive dissonance and don’t ask the right questions, because the logical fallacies are abundant.
    government = mind control = guvernare: to control mens: mind
    authority = authors = write things, make rights, make things right = BS

    I’ve never watched CNN nor visited their site because I never trusted their information. I started visiting since I found Zach at FTFT because he proves time and time again that they are a propaganda machine. What I notice about CNN is that their time, number of views, and number of comments are always fake. When the page loads, I see a glimpse of one number, and then it refreshes to another number. When I look at the page source, the numbers look hard-coded in. Now, I’m no web development expert, but if I were programming a worldwide site, I would make the variables and data for page views and comments counts be dynamic, and not dynamic in the sense that they would hard code into the application.

    Absolutely nothing you see out there is true. Nothing. Not one thing. Realize this and see it for what it is with your real eyes.


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