227: The Sitcom


There was an America sitcom called 227 that ran from Sept 14th 1985 to May 6 1990. That’s a span of 4 years 7 months 22 days, for another coded 227. (If you haven’t yet, please read our report on the Pi Prophecy and the occult significance of this number.) That’s also 242 weeks: Predictive Programming =242. Trauma-Based Mind Control =242. The New World Order =1242. Malaysian Plane Reappears =242. And if you sum with its reflection (242+424) =666.

  • [9+14+19+85] =127. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =127. Heil Saturn =127. Pre-Program =127. Death of Barack Obama =127. [9+14+85] =108. Order of the Illuminati =108. Grand Master Freemason =108. There are 108 days left in the year on Sept. 14th. [9+14+1+9+8+5] =46. Heil Saturn =46. TWO TWO SEVEN =46.
  • [5+6+19+90] =120 (Illluminati / The Church of Illumination / The Architect / The Truth / Satanic Brotherhood of Saturn / Saturn the All-Seeing Eye / Mind Control Broadcast Station / Matrix Transmission). [5+9+90] =101. Saturn the All-Seeing Eye =101. Assassin =101. May 6th is the 127th day of the year, leaving 239.


TWO TWO SEVEN =59/68. Negro =59. Slave =59. The notorious number 59 coded on black people throughout history, coded into a show with an all-black cast. Barack Obama =68. And there’s another connection between him and 2/27.

  • The show’s theme song is “There’s No Place Like Home” =144. Forty-Four =144. Global Emergency =144. Demise of Barack Obama =144/72. NO PLACE LIKE HOME =72. President Biden =72. Murder By Numbers =72. Eighty-Sixed =72.
  • Actor “Alaina Reed Hall” =103, died last year on 12/18/15 from breast cancer. That’s 72 days before 2/27/16, or including the end-date, 10 weeks 3 days synching with her name Gematria.
  • The old lady Helen Martin died on March 25, 2000. That’s 831 weeks before 2/27/16 – and if you’ll believe it, SEVEN TWENTY-TWO =138. The President of the United States =138. Weird, right?

One thought on “227: The Sitcom

  1. I’ll admit it. I watched the show back in the day. Who knew?
    Reality creation and mind control to accept the construct has rendered life here utterly absurd. We need to create our own reality.

    I watch more TV than I would prefer, and what’s interesting is that we were watching ‘2 Broke Girls’, and Jackee had a role on the show, which I categorized as odd. The other odd thing was a character on the show ‘Grandfathered’ was wearing a “Save the Clock Tower” t-shirt, so the predictive programming is in full force. The numbers are everywhere, and the odd references are everywhere too. I know I’m off topic, but tonight 2 shows that we watched used the congratulatory term “Mazel” and the statement “I had to pee in the sink”. I won’t go into the story setup, but that’s just odd.

    Everyone has lost their damn minds, and I just keep hearing people arguing talking points and I’m just disgusted.

    Brother Berg, I want to thank you for the thorough and groundbreaking work you’ve been doing to make these posts. It takes a lot of time to do all this research and to write it all down, and I really appreciate it. If I have to have a distraction, I’d rather it be focused on finding the truth rather than absorb more mind control. With all the disinfo out there, at least there is one place that is hosting a real conversation.


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