Ariel Sharon’s MH-370 Connection


Ariel Sharon, the 11th Prime Minister of Israel, died on 1/11/14 – that’s 56 or 57 days before MH-370 vanished into seemingly thin air. Star of David =56. Ariel Sharon =57. Fake Plane Crash =57. Six Six Six =57. SHARON =75. NEW WORLD ORDER =75. GOY MANIPULATION =75. FUCK THE GENTILES =75. ENLIGHTENED ONES =75. SATURN WORSHIP =75. Sharon’s funeral was three days later, on 1/13. Pro-Israel =113. Moral High Ground =113. Fake Reality =113. State-Sponsored Terror =113.

  • He was born “Ariel Scheinermann” =96/168. Disinformation Agent =96. MK-Ultra =96. Freemason =96. Windsor-Bush Bloodline =96. Jerusalem Israel =168. Israeli Defense Force =168. February Twenty-Seven =1608. Israeli Politician =1086. And Sharon was born on 2/26/28 (the day before 2/27, right between the 26 and 28).
  • [2+26+28] =56. Star of David =56. All-Seeing Eye =56. President =56. Tel Aviv Israel =56. [2+26+1+9+2+8] =48. Illuminati =48. Propaganada =48. Hoax =48. Six Six Six =48. One One One =48. Mossad Chief =48. Grand Master =48. Sharon was a commander in the Israeli Army from its creation in 1948. The 48th prime is 223. The Synagogue of Satan =223. Masonic =223.
  • Sharon died 404 weeks and 1 day (441) after leaving office in 14/4/06 (144). 9/11 happened 188 days (6 months 4 days) after he took office on 3/7/01 — 13 years 1 day (131) before MH-370. Assassinated =131. Obama Dies February Twenty-Seventh =131. He was also hospitalized by a stroke exactly 421 years before he died. This number shows up again when we run his death back to 9/11/01 — 12 years 4 months. Psychological Operations =124. Mind-Control Programming =124. Killing of the Divine King =124. Dead President =124. Barack Murdered =124. Eleventh Prime Minister =124.


But here’s the thing: from Sharon’s death on 1/11 to our 2/27 target window is precisely 111 weeks (or 777 days). MH-370 was a Boeing 777. One Hundred Eleven Weeks =1404, tying back into the Sharon sequence. Global Emergency =144. Killer =144. Mark of the Beast =144. Number of the Beast =1044. And the sum of 1 to 144 is 666.

  • Rothschild Zionist =111. Flag of Israel =111. Jew’s Invisible Government =111. Doublespeak =111. Subconscious Programming =111. Mind Control Broadcast Station =111. The Windsor-Bush Bloodline =111. Bush Family Crime Syndicate =111. Saturn is the Keeper of Time =111. Barack Obama Killed Under Pisces =111.
  • One Hundred Eleven Weeks =2221. Great Seal of the United States =1222. US President Barack Hussein Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =222.

222 weeks after the death of Sharon – or 111 weeks AFTER the disappearance of MH370 – is April 23rd: 23/4. One Hundred Eleven Weeks =234. Masonic Ritual Murder =234. President Barack Obama =2034. Hmm… Something planned for Easter Weekend?  Remember, there were 227 passengers and 239 total people on Flight 370; and 239 days after 23/9 is 2/27. Symmetry, baby.


If Obama were to be fake assassinated on 2/27/16, his death would come 19,091 days after JFK’s. Ramon Castro just died on 2/23: 19 weeks after turning 91… Furthermore, if Obama dies this year he’d have been born in ’61 and killed in ’16. Extremely curious symmetry, truth-seeker.

  • And get this, that timespan between JFK’s hit and 2/27 is also 2727 weeks 2 days… There we see 272 highlighted, again this number so heavily coded lately: The Untimely Death of Barack Obama =1272. The acronym for The Powers That Be: TPTB (2+7+2+2). Act of Terrorism =72. President Biden =72. Demise of Barack Obama =72. 2/27 comes 207 days after Obama’s 8/4 birthday.
  • 272+727 =999. An inverted 666. Prophecy =666. Mark of Beast =666. Obama Democrat =666. The Archons =666. The Dragons =666. Anarchy USA =666.

I found another juicy piece of evidence for the Pi Prophecy of 2/27: Remember how “Twenty-Two Divided By Seven” =314? THE OBAMA HIT =314.

2 thoughts on “Ariel Sharon’s MH-370 Connection

  1. the same men tell us that the “lost” plane was the 404th off the production line. Aerial Char.On. BOWing ARROWplane. 515w1d (ISIS backwards) after leaving office…2/27/16….The UK is country code 44….and my hunch always says target origin is perhaps UK , perhaps our massive lng facility in (“MH”) Milford Haven opened on 20/3/09 Knowing date / 239…..especially considering 2/27/16 is 3y7m0d after the opening olympics ceremony..and we are under their fabricated daily threats of imminent attack and these fabricated events……Brings to mind…and in their greed they will exploit you with fabricated stories, their judgment from long ago is not idle, and their destruction is not asleep. 2/27/33 was the Reichstag fire as well. 83 years ago. And the anniversary of the passage of the 22nd amendment limiting presidential terms limits to 2…….we shall see….easy to see the fabrication not so easy to discern the intended meaning ….


  2. WWZ premiere 223d before Israel’s Ariel Sharon death, “1000” days before 2/27/16. WWZ plane actually depicted by a 777 not another as claimed, flight crashes in Wales on its way from Tel Aviv to Cardiff Wales CDC (7x7x7), home to the Millenium “1000” stadium……pitt the husband of….Apollyon ..


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