Royal Babies and the Return of MH-370


Royal Family =137 (the 33rd prime). Emperor Constantine the Great =137 was born on 2/27/272. How’s that date for a Pi Prophecy code match? Feb 27th leaves 308 days in a leap year and Emperor Constantine the Great =308. Constantine =44. Similarly, 2/27 is the “Fifty-Eighth Day” =1063. Barack Hussein Obama =163. Remember, all US Presidents trace their lineage back through the House of Windsor and the Mervoingian Dynasty to Constantine and beyond, as far back as the Nephilim.

One of the latest in this bloodline is the royal baby, Prince George, born on 7/22/13 – making him currently 2 years 7 months old. Prince George =77 (Half-Blood Prince / The Powers That Be / Saturn Mind Control / Saturn-Chronos / Judaism / Christ), =122 (Elohim / Occultists / Pope Francis / Great Deceiver / MH-Three Seventy Returns). PRINCE GEORGE OF CAMBRIDGE =133 (Government / White House / Habitual Liars / Evil Incarnate / Psychological Operations / MH-Three Seventy Reappears) Zionists and Freemasons =1330.

  • PRINCE GEORGE OF CAMBRIDGE =1230/205. [His little sister] PRINCESS CHARLOTTE =1230/205. Leaders =205. Israel =205. Israeli Secret Intelligence =123. Conspiracy =123. GEORGE ALEXANDER LOUIS =100/217. Psychological Warfare =100/217. GEORGE =57. ENGLAND =57. FAKE PLANE CRASH =57.
  • Born [7+22+13] =42 (Freemason / Zionism / Satanism / Satanic Cult / Masonry / Saturnic / Gnostic / Elitism / Activism / Archons / World / War / History). [7+22+20+13] =62 (King Charles / Queen / Elohim / Mason / The God Saturn / Saturn the Eye / Rothschild / Powers That Be).
  • Prince George was born 22 weeks 5 days after Lupercalia 2013. Charlemagne =522. (Malaysia =552.) That’s also 159 days: Saturn the Creator-Controller of Earth =159. The Psychological Warfare Machine =159. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service =159. He was born 951 days before our target window 2/27/16… This 159 days is also the exact period of time between 2/27 and Obama’s upcoming 55th birthday.
  • And if you haven’t yet, I recommend understanding the mind-blogging amount of 666 codes on his Uncle Harry. 


That 7/22 date is an alternate Pi day (along with 2/27 and 3/14), and a clearly key number. Now get this: from the 3/8/14 disappearance of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH-370 with 227 passengers to our fast approaching target window of 2/27 is… 722 days!! “Seven Hundred Twenty-Two Days Later” =139/148. Freemasonry =139. Obama Assassinated at Fifty-Four =139. The Killing of the Divine King =148. Presidential Assassination =148. Missing Airplane Reappears =148.

  • If we don’t include the end date, that’s 721 days or exactly 103 weeks [George’s little sister Princess Charlotte was born on 5/2/15 – 301 days before 2/27…] Presidential Assassination =103. Malaysia Airlines Returns =103. Death of Barack Obama =127. Who Killed Barack Obama? =1207. The Jesuits =1207. Damn… But that’s not all.
  • MH-370 vanished 229 days after the birth of Prince George. Malaysian Jet Reappears =229. According to the Roman Calendar, 9/22 is 2/27.
  • And the duration between Prince George’s birthday and our 2/27/16 target window? 31 months 4 days. Like Pi=3.14. Like “Twenty-Two Divided By Seven” =314. Crazy. And notice in the UK format, MH-370 disappeared on 8-3-14.

PI BABY =474. Chaos Magic =474. Murder =474. Massacre =474. And if instead of dividing 22/7 to reach 3.14, we divide our target date: 2/27 = 0.074074074 — one of the major numbers of Masonic obsession, 74, repeating into infinity. Like wheels within wheels and the cyclical nature of fractal time.

6 thoughts on “Royal Babies and the Return of MH-370

  1. I feel everything can be coded to Obama, and/or The Royal Family.

    The Royal Family =170, 71. Thats 71 emphasized to me – Seventy One =144. Prince William =144, but with so much unbelievable Brother Berg work – who has time for 144’s in every post?!

    The Royal Family =1130, and that been the Go code for major false flags recently. Prince Charles =131.

    The Royal Family =1020. King William =120. Illuminati =120. Spoiler Alert: Charles dies before Elizabeth – gasp.

    Queen Elizabeth =150. Red Headed Step Child =150. Brother Of William =1370. The Queen Is Dead =137. Royal Family =137.

    The Royal Famity =170, 1020. Long Live The King =170, 1020.


  2. a TV show called “Blindspot”, which is coded, recoded, and coded again just had a plotline that featured the return of a disappeared aircraft….hmmmmm


      • I’ve been paying more attention to everything, TV, music, random articles, etc ever since I saw a video showing 9/11 predictive programming on an X-Files spin-off months before the event.
        I find it especially interesting that Zach covered wreckage washing up on Mozambique on March 2, which was the day after the Blindspot show aired.


      • Yeah dude writing a book on predictive programming is what led me to Zach and Gematria in the first place, which of course took me even deeper down the rabbit hole. It remains my main focus through this exploration of the frontiers of consciousness.


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