Donald & Krav Maga: Secret Weapons of the Mossad


Make America Great Again =163. Manchurian Candidate =163. Barack Hussein Obama =163. Freemasonic =63. Command =63. The Establishment =63. Capitol Hill =63. Mass Mind Control =63. Secret Weapon =63. You’re Fired =63. American Dream =630. George Bush Sr =63. This slogan was first used by Ronald Reagan during his 1980 presidential campaign, making it 36 years old. Thirty-Six Years Old =107. Trump is an Israeli Weapon =107.

  • The only difference is Reagan used the word Let’s, framed more like an idea, whereas Trump’s motto sounds like an imperative, a demand. LETS =56. PRESIDENT =56. LETS MAKE AMERICA GREAT AGAIN =102/111. UNITED STATES OF AMERICA =102. Flag of Israel =111. Subconscious Programming =111. Problem-Reaction-Solution =111.

Make America Great Again: M.A.G.A = 13+1+7+1 = 22. Twenty Two =39. In Jewish Gematria, MAGA =39. In Hebrew, maga (מגע) means “contact” =76. Master =76. Like Krav Maga, the self-defense system developed for the Israeli Defense Forces. The root word krav (קרב) means “combat” and COMBAT =186. IDF KRAV MAGA =93, which just so happens to be half of 186. Presidential Campaign of Donald John Trump =186.

  • Trump is from New York, NY. New York =39. NY =39. MAGA=39. Knesset =39. State =390. Duck =39, an even more famous Donald. (It’s also something you might feel inclined to do during combat).
  • Combat =186. Fighting =186. Security Forces =186. Israeli Defense Force =1068. Saturn Matrix =1068. New York City =168. Jerusalem Israel =168. Iran, You’re Fired =168. Poisoning America =168. Ein Sof =68. The Mastermind =68. Holy of Holies =68. Jewish Empire =68. Mossad Conspiracy =68. Shadow Government =86. Puppet Politicians =86.
  • The Donald =38/83. Winner =38/83. Krav Maga =830. Americans =38. Eagle =38. I Want You =38. New King =38. Masonic =38. Lucifer =38. PsyOps =38. Kabbalah =38. Jew =38. ISIS, You’re Fired =83.
  • THE DONALD =232. COMMANDER IN CHIEF =323. SATAN =232. LUCIFER =323. BOSS =232. PINOCCHIO =232 (All in JG.) Freemason Master Teacher =232. Saturn Symbolism =1232. [232+323] =555. Entertainers =555. Entertainment =555. Prison Planet =555. Indifference is Killing America =555.


The initials of Trump’s slogan, MAGA, leave the KRAV implicit. Hidden in plain sight, if you will. Krav =791. Thirty-Nine=791. Maga=39. And notice the 4-4 letter count in Krav Maga; Kill =44. Military =44. Counter-Attack =44. Mossad Job =44. Make America =44.

  • Krav Maga =444 (Weapon / Jewish / Jesus / Messiah / Cross / Lucifer / Masonic / Muhammad / Occult / Energy / G-D / Killing). Krav Maga =74. Trump is a Weapon =74. Trump =470. President =47. Great Again =47. “Make America” – Make has 4 letters, America has 7 letters = 4-7.
  • KRAV =52. TRUMP IS MOSSAD =52. The 52nd prime is 239, the age of America.
  • TRUMP IS A WEAPON AIMED AT AMERICA =123. PSYCHOLOGICAL OPERATION =123. CONSPIRACY =123. ISRAELI SECRET INTELLIGENCE =123. (Trump is an Israeli Secret Weapon =159. The Psychological Warfare Machine =159. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service =159.)

After researching this Maestro-backed report it’s quite obvious that not only is Donald Trump backed/supported by the same people who back/support Krav Maga, but he is a form of Krav Maga incarnate – a self defense method protecting Israel from its Arab enemies. Mossad =71. Seventy One =144. Killer =144. Secret Weapon =144. Trump’s initials: D T =144. Krav Maga’s: K M =144.

  • Trump Card =114. President of the United States =114. Holocaust =114. Psychological Operation =114. World War =114. Jewish Empire in America =114. IDF =114. Assassin =411. America =129. The President of the United States =129. Jew’s Invisible Government =129. Jedi Mind Trick =129.
  • Israel Did It =110. Hidden in Plain Sight =110. British Intelligence =110. Ronald Reagan =110. President =110. Osama Bin Laden =110. Adolf Hitler =110. President Donald Trump =110.

BONUS FACT** Trump announced his campaign on 6/16/15, exactly 511 days before Election Day on 11/08/16. Saturn =511. Greed & Lust =511. The Message of Hate =511. Totalitarian =511. Fascist Global Government =115. Freemasons =115. Psychological Operations =115. Leader =115.

10 thoughts on “Donald & Krav Maga: Secret Weapons of the Mossad

  1. Have ya looked in to the TV Show called 227??

    I don’t know anything about it only that its from the 80s and based in Chicago.
    I was flipping through the channels last night and saw it.
    I think it could be interesting…


  2. Donald Trump on Extra-Capsa is so much better then Trump on CNN or FOX.

    Knowing that Trump is protected by Mossad is a big deal. It adds legitimacy that he really can win the Presidency, and it means he will not be assassinated or tampered with on the IDF’s watch. Trump might say negative things about many groups, but Israel is not one of them – Smart guy – Smart =71.

    Israeli Martial Arts =205. Israel =205. Donald Trump Is A Jew =205.

    Two Hundred Five =74. Krav Maga =74. Krav Maga =126 (Bacon). Under IDF Protection =216.

    One Two Six =144. Two Hundred Five =1044. Seventy One =144. Secret Weapon =144.

    Make America Great Again =426. The Jew =426. The Jew =71. Mossad =71

    Donald Trump =138. Master Mason =138. Krav Maga =830. Jew=38.

    Donald Trump =190. IDF =19. Maestro =91.


  3. I really think he might take it. I remember a few months ago I kept seeing 142 around the campaign race. So I looked up Trump 142 but ran into this other cat: Judd Trump.

    He is a Snooker player, and I dont know shit about that sport, but he won the Grand Prix of Snooker with a 142 Break, which is apparently quite good. He also has ties to Donald. Wiki had him nicknamed as the Real Donal Trump a few months ago, but that is gone now. He still has the nickname Mr. Haircut, much like our Trump. Might be worth checking out


    • Snooker fan here…
      Judd Trump hasn’t done much since that Grand Prix win.
      The World Championships will be starting in April, let’s see how he does…


  4. Hey Brother Berg. Check out this Blog . Deephighlands He is Truly a Genius at Gematria and Decoding the coming Catastrophe that’s coming to the USA. There will not be an election. The commercial the Final Countdown by Geico is another one to Decode. Pay close attention to the Black man at the Microwave ,when the song starts He slowly looks up at the wall where a taped office memo is that Reads, help KEEP OFFICE clean…… The black Man has a set of keys on his belt, to show he is the Boss, he represents Obama.. He will keep Office due to a national disaster. the Blog I mention above is amazing in its breakdown og the coming Nibiru ,national Catastrophe event. it all starts in Obama 4th quarter of his second term . Remember Alicia Keys singing OBAMAS ON FIRE?? Ipet Goat 2 is a work of prophecy im afraid. We are going to have a electrified flood of some sorts?? That’s why the usa flag came crashing down during Serena Williams Olympics presentation. and the American flag split into two during the national anthem at the Buffalo Bills game last season, the powers to be are foreshadowing whats to come. maybe I, wrong, but I wouldn’t bet on it.. check out deephighighlands. shawn c


  5. Trump is the new Harold Hill (Heil Hitler) character from (the musical=666/111) “The Music Man”.

    Trouble, oh we got trouble
    Right here in River City!
    With a capitol ‘T’ that rhymes with ‘P’
    And that stands for TrumP (not ‘pool’ as in original lyrics)

    As a closer: Seventy-six tromBONES led the big parade
    With a hundred and ten cornets right behind.


  6. Israel is now “owned” by the Edomites (Russia, sons of Esua), has been since 1948. Trump is also an Edomite, as the Edomited created all secret societies. Trumps red-tie is for the Red Lodge, his Blue for the BLUE LODGE. Putin, Trump, Merkel, they’re ALL Edomites, China, Iran, Iraq…..
    Esua’s twin-brother was Jabob, aka: Israel. And now Jacobs “brother” Esua has taken over Israel. Edomites teamed-up with the Kenites, and they are the most evil people on earth, including Trump.
    The Edomites created ISIS, and Trump is making sure that iSIS is in America, and ready to kill Chrisitians and True Jews. (research: “how the vatican created islam.”) Yes, the Poop is in on this whole deal, the church was edomite created, which is why it’s called The Synagogue of Satan in Revelation. The Synagogue of the Edomites


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