Cracking the Plane Crash Riddle


The Metrojet crash from last Halloween is back in the news, the Egyptian President publicly blaming terrorism for the first time. The story droppped late on 2/24, and it’s said there were 224 victims. This comes 116 days after the crash. Psychological Operation =1116. President Barack Hussein Obama =1016. Barack Obama Killed in Pisces =116. The Fifty-Eighth Day =116 (which is 2/27). Based on the 224 kill count, our man Maestro predicted on 2/22 that there would be another crash on 2/24 – and he nailed it.

Tara Air Flight 193 crashed in Nepal and was reported as missing for some time before eventually being found with 23 passengers dead – the reflection of Tara Air =32/68. Obama =32. Barack Obama =68. Tara Air Crash Hoax =84. Halloween Plane Crash =84. Obama =84. The plane was a TWIN OTTER =144. DE HAVILLAND TWIN OTTER =236. FLIGHT ONE NINETY-THREE =113/239. Boom, there we have a solid connect to MH370 with its 239 vanished victims. Remember, 2/27 is the 239th day of the 239th year. The 52nd prime number is 239. Plane Crash (7+3+1+5+5+3+9+1+11+8) =52.

  • One Ninety-Three =177. Twenty-Three Dead =177/69. Malaysia Airlines =69. Aviation Accident =69. But here’s the thing about 193: JFK Death Hoax =1093. Pi Prophecy of Feb 27th =193. The Pi Prophecy of February Twenty-Seventh =193. Obama Won’t Live To See His Fifty-Fifth Birthday =193. And 193 is the 44th prime number…
  • And on the Hebrew Calendar, 2/27 is the 18th of Adar I, 2776. That’s the 12th month which gives numerology of [18+12+27+76] =193. Adar I =33. [18+12+2+7+6] =52, with its prime connection back to 239. 
  • Now get this; the exact same model of airplane was involved in a Nepalese crash back May 16th, 2013. The duration between the two crashes: exactly 145 weeks. HOAX PLANE CRASH =145 (!) The flight was Nepal Air 555. Barack Obama Killed in Pisces =555. Two Two Seven =55. Coincidence?

TARA AIR =272 (Jewish Gematria). And of course the other way of writing our target date is 27/2… Preparation of the Storm =272. Southern California Earthquake =1272. Nineteen Sixty-Eight =1272. An Occult Conspiracy =1272. End of the World =1272. An Apocalypse Scenario =1272. There are 272 numbers in the Book of Revelation.


MH-370 lost radio contact at 1:19 MYT. It’s 119 days between the Halloween Crash and 2/27. Just like there were two Nepalese crashes involving the exact same aircraft, there were two Malaysia Airlines crashes involving the exact same aircraft. If you’ll recall, the other was MH-17, which crashed on the 17th of July of 2014. It was the 84th Boeing 777 produced and first flew exactly 17 years before the incident – and 1 year 7 months 10 days before 2/27. And just as some icing on the cake, that 119 day duration is also exactly 17 weeks later.

  • The MH-17 crash happened exactly 81 weeks before Super Bowl 50 on 2/7 – the very day that Levi’s Stadium opened to the public. FEBRUARY SEVENTH =1722. EIGHTY-ONE WEEKS LATER =227. OBAMA DEMISE =227. DEMOLITION DAY =722.
  • (And you know this bullshit about Apple and the FBI all over the news? At the center of this privacy debate is legislature from George Washington, a 227-year-old statute.)
  • If we run the same 81 week sequence off our target date of 2/27, we end up on August 9th, 2014. That’s the 221st day of the year, the one with 144 left. That’s also the very day that Michael Brown was shot and killed in Ferguson, Missouri –  another major psy-op hoax by the numbers.

Speaking of which, you know how the Pi Prophecy of 2/27 highlights the 3.14 code, history repeating itself? Well between 2/27 and the Paris Attacks is — 3 months 14 days. That’s also 106 days. Prophecy =106. Divine Plan =106. Assassination Threat =106. 

  • 10/6 on the Julian calendar is 9/23, and both those target dates from last year yield suspicious durations with 2/27: it’s 22 weeks 3 days after 9/23 and 144 days after 10/6. The lunar phase on 2/27 is A WANING GIBBOUS =144/72. 

8 thoughts on “Cracking the Plane Crash Riddle

  1. Thanks for the shout out Bro Berg! I was thinking plane crash for 2/24, but not exactly the one that actually happened – though that 84 we get off it it does fit in. Plane Crash =97….and Super Bowl Fifty =197 – so thats where my thinking begun, and then this happened…

    Fourteen Point Win =224, and in my mind 224 signaled the date 2/24, and made me think of a plane crash.

    Fourteen Points =197. Super Bowl Fifty =197. Plane Crash =97. Broncos beat the Panther by 14 points in SB 50.

    Thirty Four Points Scored In Total =408. Obama =84. Barack Obama =408.

    Four Eight Sixteen =205. Israel =205. April Eight =113, 307. All tip-off #’s to something big.

    This year April 8th will be the 99th day, and if you flip the date to 8/4 – thats Obama’s Bday – watch out!


  2. Barack Obama was named the 44th president, but he is really only the 43rd president because Grover Cleveland is counted twice. 2/27/16 is exactly 43.44% of a year before his 55th birthday. Cleveland ’44 known for lng explosion….grove cremation…..which is a burnt offering, holocaust. How many times are Israeli leaders on record referencing Iran + nukes = flying holocaust. .? Iran is on that red/blue trident 33 Newsweek cover. Or the news preprogramming with ISIS …find it relevant that Aerial char.on has been out of office ISIS backwards, 515w1d


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