Another Random Rampage: The Hesston Shooting Hoax


“POLICE SAY” =42/105. [MASONRY =42/105. ZIONISM =42/105.] That’s how the CNN report starts, as all these hoax drills staged as live events start: ANOTHER RANDOM RAMPAGE =207/99. HESSTON SHOOTING =207/99. Hesston Shooting =72. Kansas Shooting =172. I know I’ve been going berserk on this potential 2/27 event but c’mon..: 48 hours away we get an event with 3 dead 14 wounded?! Another clue in the Pi Prophecy, as I don’t believe in coincidence.

As the story goes, Cedric Larry Ford drove around randomly shooting peeps in Newton and Hesston, Kansas. The 38-year-old (Kansas =38, Masonic =38, Death =38) rolled up on the Excel Industries plant where he worked as a Painter (=38) and opened up on some more people, including an old woman, before being mowed down in a hail of police gunfire. Of course as always we’re shown absolutely no evidence. Excel Industries =187. Cedric Larry Ford =87. Inside Job =87. Obama Demise =87. JFK Assassination =187/1122 – and he was killed on 11/22.

  • Including Cedric that’s 4 dead 14 injured. False Flag =414. Mass Shooting =414. Excel =333. Cedric =33. Cedric Ford =244/58. Satanic =244. Freemasonry =58. Kansas=232. Satan =232. Assassination Threat =232.
  • It happened on numerology of [2+25+20+16] =63. Random Rampage =63. False Flag Event =63. Terrorist Attack =63. [2+25+16] =43. Ford =43. Massacre =43. Murdered =43. Assassination =43. Obama is the 43rd man elected president (Grover Cleveland was 22 & 24). 

Zach posted about the 2008 death of Charlton Heston =64/172. Excel Employee =64. Kansas Shooting =172. Cedric was described by his buddy Matt Jarrell =40 (Excel Plant =40) as “A MELLOW GUY” =44/804. Eighty-Four =804. Charlton Heston died 184 days before his 84th birthday. HESSTON KANSAS =84. Death By Poisoning =84. Not to rehash what I been hashing but… Obama =84 born 8/4. That’s the 216th day of the year. Barack =216. 6x6x6 =216. And what time did this CNN propaganda finish?

And just for curiosity’s sake… Charlton Heston died 2882 days before the Hesston Shooting. PsyOp =28. Barack Hussein Obama II =82. Evil =288. Obama Killed Twenty-Sixteen =288. Satanic Illuminati Bloodline =882. That’s also 411 weeks. Assassin =411. JFK was shot from “Four Eleven Elm Street” =1440.

  • Wikipedia says the shooting lasted from 4:57 pm – 5:23 pm. That’s 26 minutes. Random Rampage =126. TWENTY-SIX MINUTES =260. THREE DEAD FOURTEEN WOUNDED =260.
  • Another Newton Hoax =252/2016. It happened on 25/2/2016. Whoa! That’s 166 weeks 6 days (1666) from Sandy Hook. And remember this trick to connect those numbers: 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016. 

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