Newsweek: Slamming ISIS


Obama’s age and the 144 code found in every single historic assassination investigated on Extra-Capsa. Nothing to see here, folks. [3+4+20+16] =43. There’s our 34/43 code again (President Barack Hussein Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =434) — and the issue date falls 144 hours after 2/27. On Patrol With Iraq’s Special Forces =150. Fake Death of Barack Obama =150. President Barack Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =150. 

  • Replacing Scalia =76. Alexander Hamilton =176. The Fifty-Eighth Day =176. Barack H Obama =76. The Obama Administration =760. 
  • WWAHD (23+23+1+8+4) =59. Kill =59. WWAHD (5+5+1+8+4) =23. [3+4+16] =23. Hamilton died on July 12th, 1804: [7+12+04] =23. And notice how it’s written on the cover: 3+4+2016 =2023. Kind of like the Skull & Bones number?

124 (Psychological Operations / Mind-Control Programming / Killing of the Divine King / Barack Murdered). Notice the acronym WWAHD contains a 551 and 84. Not only was Hamilton born in 1804, The Illuminati =551, False Flag Operation =551, and 84 represents all things Obama. Bomb =84. Iran War =84. Fitting in with the CGI explosion on the cover. 

  • Now check out the glorious timespan between this issue date and the death of “Alexander Hamilton” =77. Newsweek =33. Mason =211. And what d’ya know, yet another 227. 

77+33=110. President =110. Secret Language of Language =110. Hidden in Plain Sight =110. Decode Gematria =110. 

  • Updated discovery on the Ariel Sharon story is the timespan between his leaving office and our 2/27/16 date tomorrow: 515 weeks 1 day (5151). Viewed upside-down that spells ISIS. 

2 thoughts on “Newsweek: Slamming ISIS

  1. May be just my eyes but I see lammin highlighted, lambing ISIS…ew(e)s week ….the imagery of babies in a foetal position in the one leg breech position, breach births usually happen in pregnancies less than “37” weeks


  2. Brother Berg, excellent job on that one, I also decoded plenty of info and getting a similar result. The interesting fact is during the April 30 Interview (dropping the mic), the message was so scripted “by the numbers” that made me feel he signed his “death note” right there…But, there was the word “fake” present as well. Please, look up a video of this interview, it is very interesting! So, it might a “fake death”…
    I am not sure whether his name is even REAL:
    just coded:

    Zach suggested May 23rd, I gave an alternative date November 25 (Black Friday), and my decoding shows also something might happen to him in the future taking into account the State, zone and area he lives:

    loo at this s**t – He’s got a house in Rancho Mirage, CA:

    “Rancho Mirage” in the English Reduction system equals 67
    67 – mirror is 76 /
    67/ Freemasonry / Secret Society /
    76 | Barack H Obama / Secret Society / The Times of Israel / / The Book of the Law / Murder-Suicide / Pennsylvania Avenue / Disinformation / Transgender Agenda / Two Thousand Sixteen / Freemasonic Master / The Obama Administration (760) / Solomon’s Temple/ The Times of Israel / Titanic
    (7-complete 6-man = complete man / Masonic man)

    “Rancho Mirage” in the English Ordinal system equals 112
    112 alt dialing code for 911 (and the ‘SOS’ code in Europe wher I am=)!

    “rancho mirrage” (in some parts of the world it spells with 2 “rr”) in the English Ordinal system equals 130 or 13-FATAL, “Washington DC”,

    This guy isn’t for REAL, he is a coded guy sent to the White House…



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