The Rocky Balboa Riddle

Apollo Creed’s cornerman, Tony Burton, has kicked the proverbial bucket – under extremely suspicious timing. TONY BURTON =47. CORNERMAN =47. (ADRIAN =47. ROCKY OSCAR =47). Burton’s character’s name “TONY EVERS” =1470. KILLED IN PISCES =147 (and indeed he was, on 2/25). Burton =27. Rocky =72. Carl Weathers =52. Apollo Creed =52. Adonis Creed =52 (actor + character + character’s son; the 52nd prime is 239). This might be a hint that Muhammad Ali will die soon, or that Sylvester Stallone will win an Oscar tomorrow (although he’s the favourite, so no shocker there).

  • Born [3+23+19+37] =82, and is the 82nd day of the year. [3+23+37] =63. And he died on the harmonic date of [2+25+20+16] =63. Sylvester Stallone =63. Stallone Wins =163. Barack Hussein Obama =163.
  • Carl Weathers =61. Anthony Burton =61. (His character in The Shining) Larry Durkin =61. Michael B Jordan =61. Muhammad Ali Dies =61. Tony Evers’ nickname “Duke” =219. Sly Stallone Wins =219. February Two Seven =219.

Sylvester Gardenzio Stallone =144. Born {7+6+19+46} =78. And Burton died at age 78. {7+6+1+9+4+6} =33. Southpaw =33. Cassius Clay =33. Stallone has been nominated for his third Oscar (0 wins) for the 2016 Rocky sequel, Creed, about Apollo Creed’s son. Like Apollo Creed’s cornerman died in real life, three days before the 88th Oscars. EIGHTY-EIGHTH =666. UNCLE SAM =88.


In Rocky IV, Apollo Creed – inspired by Muhammad Ali – gets punched to death by Ivan Drago. His character dies at age 42. Rocky Balboa =42. Muhammad Ali =42/96. Freemason =42/96. Satanism =42/96. Best Supporting Actor =96. Creed’s nickname was THE MASTER OF DISASTER =225. And his cornerman died on 2/25.

  • 2/27 is 47 days after Ali’s 74th birthday on 1/11. Tony Burton =47. And 93 days after the release of Creed on 11/25. Apollo Creed’s Trainer =93.
  • The Oscars on 2/28 come exactly 7 months 22 days after Stallone’s 69th birthday. Ha! Another 722. Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. And 22/7 =3.14. OSCARS =314.

Trainer In Rocky Films Dies =141. Twenty-One =141. Codeword Blackjack =141. (That’s what they call a teaser-trailer, more on the Blackjack Code, coming soon…)

7 thoughts on “The Rocky Balboa Riddle

  1. This is really sad news. Tony Burton was a good actor. Gone too soon. I do find it odd that he dies right before the Oscars though. Stallone is up for best supporting actor as well. If he wins,I wonder if he’ll mention Burton. I guess we’ll see.


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