Navy SEALs and Medals of Honor

I spy with my little eye, an all-seeing eye and inverted pentagram…

Navy SEAL Edward Byers received the Medal of Honor on Monday morning for his role in rescuing an American civilian being held hostage by Taliban insurgents in Afghanistan. President Barack Obama awarded Senior Chief Special Warfare Operator Byers the nation’s highest medal for valor in combat, while pointing out that only five other SEALs had received the honor ever before. – CNN

In fact, Senior Chief Byers is the first living active duty enlisted member of the U.S. Navy to receive the Medal of Honor since October 15th, 1973 – that’s a duration of exactly 2211 weeks, like JFK killed on 22/11. NAVY SEAL EDWARD BYERS =223. THE SYNAGOGUE OF SATAN =223. MASONIC =223/74. EDWARD C BYERS JR =74. ED BYERS =33. BYERS =33.

  • Navy SEAL =99. The Inverted Pentagram =99. Masonic Ritual Murder =99. Ninety-Nine Problems =94. United States Navy SEAL =94.
  • United States Navy’s Sea Air and Land Teams =156. Perpetual War =156. God =156. False Flag =156. July Fourth =156. Six Six Six =156. Seal Team Six =651.


The site says Byers is the 6th Navy SEAL in history to receive the Medal of Honor and there are 78 living recipients total, making him the 78th… ED BYERS (5+4+2+25+5+18+19) =78. THE MEDAL OF HONOR =78. Security Forces =78. Islamic State Soldier =78. It’s A War on Humanity =78. We also learn that Byers has deployed overseas 11 times with 9 combat tours, for a sneaky 119 code. All-Seeing Eye =119. Star of David =119. Great Seal of the United States =119. US World Leadership =119. Land of the Free =119. SEAL =116. 
  • The number two story on CNN at mid-day: “DELTA FORCE READY TO TARGET ISIS” =124. EDWARD BYERS =124. BYERS =24. Another coincidence eh. Pyschological Operations =124. Mind-Control Programming =124. DELTA FORCE =44. KILL =44. MK ASSASSIN =44. MK ULTRA ASSASSIN =44. EXECUTION =44. MILITARY =44. OFFICER =44. TEAM AMERICA =44. POLICE STATE =44.

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