America’s First School Massacre: Decoding the Centuries-Old Hoax Pattern

On July 26, 1764, four Delaware (Lenape) American Indian warriors entered a settlers’ log schoolhouse in the Province of Pennsylvania. Inside were the schoolmaster, Enoch Brown, and a number of young students. Brown pleaded with the warriors to spare the children; nonetheless he was shot and scalped. The warriors then tomahawked and scalped the children. Brown and nine children were killed. Two scalped children survived their wounds. Four children were taken as prisoners. – Enoch Brown School Massacre.

As a result of this alleged massacre, Pennsylvania reintroduced the scalp bounty system where settlers could collect $134 (that’s $4,000 today) for the scalp of an enemy American Indian male above the age of ten; the bounty for women was set at $50 (worth $1,500 today). Sounds to this truth-seeker like the perfect case of problem-reaction-solution, especially upon the decode.

  • Enoch Brown School Massacre =106/133. Prophecy =106. Psychological Operations =133. This is a Hoax =133. Government =133. United States Declaration of Independence =1333. It’s described as one of the most notorious incidents of Pontiac’s War =58/139. Freemasonry =58/139.
  • July 26, 1764: [7+26+17+64] =114 (Psychological Operation / Keystone). [7+26+64] =97 (Fairy Tale / Imaginary / Story). [7+26+1+7+6+4] =51 (Indian / Mass Shooting / Conspiracy / Freemason / Zionism). [7+2+6+1+7+6+4] =33 (Pontiac / Indian / Delaware / False Flag / Masonry / Race War). Teacher =33/60. Scalped =33/60. Scalp Bounty System =60. And notice there were 16 casualties: Sixteen =33. Keystone =33.
  • ENOCH =27. BROWN =27. MASON’S =27. RITUAL =27. (Notice this reduces to 9, as does the year 1764, representing the culimination of a cycle in numerology – like 2016.) SCHOOL MASSACRE =79/151. WAR CHIEF PONTIAC =79/151.

That great native rebellion of 1763-1766 is also known as PONTIAC’S CONSPIRACY =103. SCHOOLMASTER ENOCH BROWN =103, making this piece of propaganda an optimal harmonic match for the history books. Terrorist Incident =103. Social Engineering =103.

Now here’s where it gets weird. The first school massacre in North American history happened exactly 42 weeks after the Royal Proclamation of 1763, which forbade all settlement past a line drawn along the Appalachians – an attempt to reconcile American Indians to British Rule and help prevent future hostilities. If you’ve been following along, you know that 42 is one of the main Masonic signatures, making the timing of this horrific massacre (falling on a date with 33 numerology) more than a little bit suspicious. [Especially when we realize it happened 11 years, 11 months, 9 days before the DECLARATION OF INDEPENDENCE =122; and exactly 1220 weeks before Pennsylvania became the second state to join the Union.]

Chief Pontiac, the inspirational element behind the rebellion, was assassinated on April 20th, 1769 – that’s 4/20 for another Masonic signature. The story goes that the war chief was murdered by another tribe, yet rumours spread at the time of British involvement. [4+20+17+69] =110 and April 20th is the 110th day of the year. British Intelligence =110. First US School Massacre =110. School Shooting Hoax =110. Adolf Hitler =110 (who was born on April 20th, exactly 120 years later). [4+20+69] =103. Pontiac’s Conspiracy =103. [4+20+1+7+6+9] =47. Rebellion =47. Obey =47. Authority =47.

  • Exactly 110 years after the 110th day of 1769, an assassination was attempted on Alexander II of Russia on 4/20/1879. It was reported that the Emperor “fled in a zigzag pattern” after being shot at in public. 4/20 if of course now the Cannabis Holiday and 1879 is coincidentally the same year that the Zig-Zag™ rolling paper company was founded.

The Columbine Hoax of 1999 happened exactly 230 years after Chief Pontiac was murdered. (Ottawa Leader Pontiac =203, as Wiki calls him). COLUMBINE =359. HOAX =359. LET’S GET HIGH =359. I’m sure Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold were just ardent history buffs and planned their massacre to honour the Pontiac Rebellion… ERIC AND DYLAN =110. PSYOPS =110. [Columbine happened 234 years after the Enoch Brown Massacre: Brown =432.]

  • Royal Proclamation =1248. The Sandy Hook Hoax occurred 248 years later (and 4 months 19 days – very close to another 4/20). However, that’s also 142 days, which is bang-on, as Forty-Two =142. Terrorist =142. And remember that 9/11 lasted 1 hour 42 minutes, and Eric and Dylan planned to hijack airplanes and crash them into the World Trade Center. 9/11 would go down exactly 125 weeks after Columbine: PREDICTIVE PROGRAMMING =125. (Ottawa Leader =125.)

Enoch Brown =54. Lanza =54. And if we remove the vowels, as one form of Gematria dictates, we get L=12 N=14 Z=26. Sandy Hook occurred on 12/14 and killed 26.

7 thoughts on “America’s First School Massacre: Decoding the Centuries-Old Hoax Pattern

    • We manifest reality through thought form projection and by programming our collective subconscious with their code, thus hijacking and rerouting our operating system, we project and manifest the reality that the programmers want to create.


      • I agree with a portion of that. Our environment is a program designed, created, and maintained. There is obviously more to it than that too. Luckily, we have the ability to transcend it and create our own reality if we so choose.


      • Totally. That’s my working theory anyway, I’m obviously fascinated to know how this code really operates, if it’s just merely occult ritual or if it’s literally programming reality on some Matrix type shit. Either way, the awareness of the programming enables our deprogramming in order to manifest the reality of our choosing. So let’s work together to make it a good one.


  1. …as one form of Gematria dictates..

    to which form are you referring?

    I have 6 different ways I run through the words:
    Simple English
    Pythagorean Alt
    Marty Leeds key

    Which one removes vowels?


    • The Ancient Hebrew system of Gematria omits vowels. I never use that one though. How does Marty Leeds work? Never heard of that one. There’s also the Francis Bacon system where lower case a-z = 1-26 and upper case A-Z =27-52. G=33.


      • He’s a mathematician and he uses some ostensibly olden times cipher that uses your hands. I run them all through my calculator, and many times, when a word doesn’t hit on the more common methods, it will using the Marty Leeds cipher, for lack of a better term. There’s probably an official name for that method of gematria. I just don’t know what it is.
        My mother died in 1986 I won’t go into it, but I think there was something more to it. Her name comes up 44 using the Marty Leeds cipher. I’ll have to add the Francis Bacon system to my app.


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