Super Tuesday Results

441 eh?! SUPER TUESDAY =1044. MK-ULTRA =441. MASONIC GRAND LODGE =441. Grand Architect =441. Death Cult =441. Prophetic King =441. The Prophecied Child =441. The Golden-Haired One =441. The Dark Messiah =441. Satanic Megalomaniac =441. All those in Jewish Gematria, so take your pick.

  • America Never Stopped Being Great =144! Hillary Rodham =144. American President =1044. Super Tuesday =1044. Secret Weapon =144. Global Emergency =144. Mark of the Beast =144. Number of the Beast =1044. And the sum of the first 144 digits of Pi equals 666.
  • Remember, 666+666+666+6+6+6 =2016. And 6x6x6 =216. TRUMP VS CLINTON =216. And the master code informs us that sixes can read as nines:

That being established, get a load of this code: “Projection Clinton Four Trump Four Sanders One” =219. Hillary Rodham Clinton =219. Boom. Yet further confirmation that Hillary is the Prophecied Child, the Dark Messiah, and the Satanic Megalomaniac chosen by the Masonic Grand Lodge.

  • HITLERY CLINTON =1104. PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES =114. Hillary Diane Rodham Clinton =264. Heil Hitler =264. Rodham Clinton =146. Barack Hussein Obama II =146. The Council on Foreign Relations =146. Sixty-Eight =146. And Hillary is currently 68 years old.
  • Hillary =538. Houston =538. And we have the occult megaritual called Super Bowl LI (like lie) coming up right after the next president in sworn into office. That’s Super Bowl 51. Hillary =510.

That’s cute, six states each, aw. SUPER TUESDAY =66. Woman =66. Trump born with 66 numerology (6+14+46) and Hillary born on 10/26, the day that leaves 66 remaining.The Triple Six =66. Triple Sixes =66. Thirty-Three =66. Revelation is the 66th book of the bible. Sixty-Six =149. Clinton Trump Each Win Six States =149. Skull and Bones =149.

  • [3+1+20+16] =40. HILLARY =40. Liar =40. Bullshit =40. Enslavement =40. Zionist =40. March 1st is the 61st day of the year. March First =61. God =61. Programmer =61. Masonic Media =61. The Mark of the Beast =601.
  • Clinton Trump Each Win 6 States =322. The number of Skull & Bones, who are most instrumental in selecting the next puppet-in-chief

6-4 eh, weird, because SEC PRIMARY =64. This date has been dubbed SEC Primary since 2016 since many of the participating states are represented in the Southeastern Conference of the US college athletics league. SOUTHEASTERN =48. SUPER TUESDAY =48. ILLUMINATI =48. SIX SIX SIX =48. PUPPET-IN-CHIEF =148. And the first year of Super Tuesday was ’84.

Clinton Takes Seven States Trump Six =156. The President of the United States =156. God =156. July Fourth =156. Six Six Six =156. And I spy with my third eye, a coded 67. Female =67. Freemasonry =67. Hillary was the 67th Secretary of State.

  • The foremost female politician was MARGARET THATCHER =76. She was born on 67 numerology (10+13+19+25) and died on (4+8+20+13) =45. Hillary will be the 45th president, elected 38 years after MARGARET =38. THATCHER =38.
  • 38 is like March 8th, the 67th day of the year (68 in leap years). International Women’s Day is 3/8 and Hillary is now 68. Barack Obama =68. The Powers That Be =68.

Clinton Trump Each Take Seven States =144. Super Tuesday =1044. Clinton Trump Each Take 7 States =313. BILL CLINTON =313. ARKANSAS =313. SEVEN-SEVEN =58. FREEMASONRY =58. SEVEN TO SEVEN =48/66 [see above].

5 thoughts on “Super Tuesday Results

  1. The Hillary connections in this post are quite good, but I don’t see any path to her winning the White House…..with all due respect to the opinion above 😉

    This country is about to feel the power from – Freemason Donald Trump =1404. As he unleashes his – Freemasonic Forces =1044, upon Hillary Rodham =144.

    Freemason Donald Trump =234 – if we add it’s mirror – 234+432 =666.

    Freemasonic Forces =553. May The Freemasonic Force Be With You =355.

    May The Force Be With You =247. May The Force Be With Trump =274. Notice the 47/74 swap….Trump =470, and President =47.

    This decode is funny, but it’s no joke.


  2. One thing Big to consider is The Cover of the 2016 Economist mag. Donald Trump is NOT on the cover. Very Very Telling. These Freemasons Run the World.


    • Damn dude good catch. I was thinking 7/7 and read 117 wrong. But i just found out “Clinton trump each take 7 states” =313. Bill Clinton =313. Arkansas =313.

      And I make a distinction between seven and 7 right? The number basically counts as a blank space, although we can also add 7 digits to the sum.


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