Sharapova Fails Drug Test, Returns to Lab for Upgrades


Maria Sharapova failed a doping test at the Australian Open, the tennis star told a press conference on Monday. (Australian Open =58, Tennis Star =58, Freemasonry =58). She will be provisionally suspended effective March 12. The banned substance was Meldonium, a Latvian drug for magnesium deficiency. Meldonium  (4+5+3+4+6+5+9+3+4) =43. This news comes exactly 43 days before her 4/19 birthday and the day before International Working Women’s Day =143. Maria Sharapova =143. SHARAPOVA =38. DOPING =38. 

  • 43 days can be read as 1 month 12 days. Maria Yuryevna Sharapova =112. Mind Controlled Sports =112.
  • [4+19+87] =110 and her upcoming birthday is on the 110th day of the year. World Anti-Doping Agency =110. Sharapova In For Upgrades =110. [4+19+19+87] =129, and she’s turning 29. Illuminati Cloning Program =129. [4+19+1+9+8+7] =48. Doping Test =48. Illuminati =48. [4+1+9+1+9+8+7] =39. Tennis Star =139. World’s Highest Paid Female Athlete =139. Freemasonry =139.
  • Nike =39. Saturn =93. Nike =22. Saturn =22. The swoosh is the ring of Saturn.

Maria Sharapova =62 and she’s 6’2. Tennis Phenom =62. Obedience =62. Brainwashing =62. MK Tennis Star =64. Sharapova Cloned =64. Sharapova Comeback =64. Mind-Controlled Tennis Star =126. Doping Test =129. Sharpova Goes In For Upgrades =129. Drug Test =42/114. Update Time =42/114. Sharapova Banned =141. — Watch for the new model of Sharapova to come back early from suspension and light shit up.

*Fun Fact* The Tennis Channel ranked the 100 Greatest of All-Time and I guessed that Maria Sharapova =62/71 (with s-exception) would be ranked either 62nd or 71st. Sure enough, she’s ranked 71st. Her ban goes into effect on March 12th, the 71st day of the year. Seventy-One =144. Banned Substance =144. Forty-Four =144. And if you include the end date, her doping news comes 44 days before her b-day. Kill =44, and this is a character assassination – like Manning’s dope allegations setting the stage for “epic comeback starts right here.” It’s no coincidence that Sharapova’s press conference came the same day Manning announced his retirement…

  • That day is March 6th, 2016. The 66th day of the year. Again, Revelation is the 66th and final book of the bible, which references 666: 3/6 like the sum of 1 to 36 equal 666, 20+16=36, and 6x6x6 =216. A cube is 6 sides in 3 dimensions and the cube represents Saturn (the keeper of time, more commonly known as Satan), which is symbolized by the swoosh of Nike – the Illuminati megacorp that sponsors both Sharapova and the NFL.
  • Want another connection? Sharapova =38. Manning born on the 83rd day of the year. Tom Brady born 8/3. David Beckham =38. Football =83.

This fateful 3/6 date also comes 10 months 31 days before Super Bowl 51, or Super Bowl =131, Championship =131. Let’s research if any moves happened on this same day, as clues for what’s to come. 

5 thoughts on “Sharapova Fails Drug Test, Returns to Lab for Upgrades

  1. I love that on Woman’s Day we belittle the highest paid female athlete while celebrating a man who’s name essentially says Pay Man.


  2. All.that.being.said…’s.(abnormal)”big.head”?…(that.I’ve.seen/heard)……Brother.Berg…is.there.a.number.for.that?(smile)


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