Taylor Force and Another Israeli Stabbing Rampage Hoax

Netanyahu cancels a meeting with Obama then meets with Biden in Tel Aviv today, 3/8. DEATH =38. PALESTINE =38. While they spoke of peace between Israel and Palestine, as the propaganda goes, another Palestinian went on another stabbing rampage less than a mile away. The victim’s name: TAYLOR FORCE =795. NETANYAHU =795. THE 44TH PRESIDENT BARACK OBAMA =795.

  • 3/8 is the 68th day of the year. Barack Obama =68. Assassination =68. Mossad Conspiracy =68. TAYLOR =91. Zionist Conspiracy =91. Tel Aviv =91. POTUS =91. Taylor =651. The President of the United States =156. Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu =156. The 911th prime number is 156.
  • FORCE =144/47. US Army Vet =144. Jaffa =144. President Biden =144. American President =1044. President Joe Biden =1044. President =47. Star of David =47. President Obama =477. US President Barack Hussein Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =474.

Force is a former army officer on a group tour from VANDERBILT UNIVERSITY =98/116. Israeli Intelligence =98. Mossad Job =98. Prime Minister Netanyahu =116. President Barack Hussein Obama =1016. Psychological Operation =1116. VANDERBILT =44/62. Forty-Third =62 (Obama is the 44th president and the 43rd man elected).


The school said in a separate statement that Force was among 29 students and four staff members who had gone to Israel to study global entrepreneurship. They were in Jaffa by the Mediterranean Sea when they were attacked.

33-person squad, eh. No surprise there. And get a load of this load from the CNN piece: “They were shouting, ‘The terrorist, he’s stabbing people,'” said Emily Young, who is originally from Scarsdale, New York.

  • The terrorist, he’s stabbing people =143. International Working Women’s Day =143. Dead Presidents =143. EMILY YOUNG =56/146. Peres Center =56. Star of David =56. Tel Aviv Israel =56. President =56. Barack Hussein Obama II =146. International Business Crime =146. The Council on Foreign Relations =146. Scarsdale =46/82. Barack Hussein Obama =82. Scarsdale New York =67. Blood Sacrifice =67.
  • Terrorist’s name: BASHAR MASSALHA =42/69/123. Zionism =42. Jerusalem Israel =69. Benjamin Netanyahu =69. Conspiracy =123. Israeli Secret Intelligence =123. President of the United States =123.

Force was stationed at Fort Hood from 2009 to 2014 as a “Field Artillery Officer” =119. Curious timing as the two shootings at Fort Hood happened in 2009 and 2014.

One thought on “Taylor Force and Another Israeli Stabbing Rampage Hoax

  1. I liked the 68 run, but wanted more insight on Biden’s real reason for visiting Netanyahu. Though, I know – we know 😉

    Ruler Of The World =1608. President Barack Obama =1068. Jerusalem Israel =168. New York City =168.

    Bacchus Diphues =683. Jesuits, Zionists, And Freemasons =368.


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