Jamie T Deciphered: Kings & Queens and the Castro Clues

Jamie T =58. Freemasonry =58. His second album, King & Queens, was released on 9/7/9. As we covered in the previous post, Queen Elizabeth I =979 and she was born on 9/7. Queen Elizabeth =970. Elizabeth I =97. No mistaking. Wimbledon =97, which is Jamie T’s hometown. From the date of the album release to our target date of 3/24 is exactly 2390 days. The 44th President Barack Obama =239. Archbishop Oscar Romero =239. And both Romero and QE1 died on 3/24. President Obama Poisoned =239, perhaps joining the other Kings & Queens.

  • Jamie Alexander Treays =210/84. March Twenty-Four =210. Obama =84. Romero =84. President Biden =84.
  • Born [1+8+86] =95. Oscar Romero =59. [1+8+19+86] =114. Obama =14. Obama Murdered at Fifty-Four =114. Assassin =411. [1+8+1+9+8+6] =32. Barack Obama =32. Romero also born with life lesson number of 32.

Track 1 on this album is cryptically titled “368” (Three Hundred and Sixty-Eight =142, President Obama =142). Fidel Castro =368. And to validate this coding, track 8 is titled “Castro Dies” =59/113.  Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz =113. Archbishop Oscar Romero =113. President Barack Obama Killed in Gemini =311. Oscar Romero =59. In Jewish Gematria, Castro Dies =432, an anagram of the 3/24 date. Again confirming the code: Castro =324. March Twenty-Fourth Two Thousand Sixteen =4203, the reflection of our target date.

  • In the UK, Jamie T’s birthday is written 8/1, and from Fidel Castro’s last day in office on 2/24/08 to our 3/24 is exactly 8 years 1 month. Act of Terrorism =81. Terrorism =810. Murder By Numbers =81.
  • Castro spent exactly 11,406 days in office. Barack Hussein Obama II =146. Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz =104. The 44th President Barack Obama =104. Castro was born on August 14th, the day that leaves 140. President Obama Killed in Gemini =140. [8+14+1+9+2+6] =40 (same birth numerology as Romero). Forty =84. Jamie Alexander Treays =84.
  • [8+14+26] =48. Easter =408. President of the Council of the State of Cuba =408. Illuminati =48. Evil =48. Six Six Six =48. [8+14+19+26] =67. Blood Sacrifice =67. Barack Obama’s Fake Death =67. [8+1+4+1+9+2+6] =31. Castro spent 31 years in office.


The first single from Kings & Queens was “Sticks N Stones” =79/187. Three Twenty-Four =79. Michelle Obama Murdered =97/187. It was released on 6/29/2009 (reducing to 61111). From Castro’s last day in office to this single release is 1 year 4 month 6 days, like his 11,406 days total. The track length is 4:01, like Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz =104, for yet another ominous link.

If you’ll recall, Castro’s eldest brother Ramón recently died this year on 2/23. Obama is visiting Cuba on 22/3. Romero was installed as Archbishop on 2/23. Three Twenty-Four =223. Pope Francis visited Cuba on 9/19, or 22 weeks 3 days before his death. Ramón Castro died 19 weeks after turning 91. Imagine a foreshadowing of Obama born in ’61 and dead in ’16. Ramón’s death numerology equals 61 and 16.

  • Ramón Castro shares a triple match of birth numerology with Fidel: 67/48/40. He died on a date with 41 numerology (like that 4:01 track length), 4 months 10 days after his 10/14 birthday. Like Jamie T’s birth numerology of 114.
  • Jamie T and the Pacemakers =202. Ramon Castro Ruz =202. May Twenty-Three =202 (our other major target window after 3/24).

He died 27 days before Obama’s scheduled historic visit on 3/21. Cuba =27. JFK =27. Poisoned President =207. Poisoned by the Cuban =217. Barack Obama Assassinated =702. Remember the stepping stone of 2/27 and the Pi Prophecy, that’s 19,091 days after JFK’s death and 207 days after Obama’s last birthday. 3/24 is 27 days after 2/27. Oscar Romero born on the 227th day of the year. 24+3=27. 22/7 =31.4. Twenty-Two Divided By Seven =314. President Obama Killed Under Gemini =314 (the 5/23 date is under Gemini).


From the release of the Sticks N Stones single to the death of Ramón Castro is exactly 2430 days, for yet another coded reference to 24/3. And from the album release, the one with the track called Castro Dies, to the day Ramón Castro dies, is exactly 2360 days. Blue Chip Assassination =236.

  • Obama shook hands with Raúl Castro, the 18th President of Cuba, for the first time at the funeral of Nelson Mandela on 12/10/13. That’s exactly 119 weeks before Obama’s upcoming meeting with President Castro on 3/22. From JFK’s assassination to this Easter Sunday is 19,119 days. Easter Sunday =1016. President Barack Hussein Obama =1016.
  • That duration is also 833 days. Hospital =338. All Be Fulfilled =338. And notice the 121 coded into the 12/10 funeral of Mandela: Blood Sacrifice =121.
  • Raul Castro =47. President =47. The State of Cuba =47.

There’s another prophetic song on the album, the track between “Castro Dies” and “British Intelligence”, called “Earth Wind & Fire” =140 (we’ve covered a few of those connections already). Maurice White, the co-founder of the band Earth Wind & Fire died 20 days before Ramon Castro, on the near-identical date of 2/3/16.

  • From the release of Kings & Queens to White’s death is exactly 2340 days — YET. ANOTHER. PERFECT. SYNCH. Born with a life lesson number of 46, White died of Parkinsons =46, exactly 46 days after his 74th birthday. Sacrifice =46.

In closing, I’ve been a big supporter of Jamie T’s since his debut album Panic Prevention. Real dope, check it out. And I’m sure his latest records are an absolute treasure trove of even more clues waiting patiently to be discovered.

Spillers Records =93. Prophetic Records =93. Foxes =33/69. Prophetic Album =69.

2 thoughts on “Jamie T Deciphered: Kings & Queens and the Castro Clues

  1. Damn right I’m gonna throw down another complimentary comment. These last 2 post (Archbishop & Jamie T) have been like nothing else you can find on the Internet. The info is mind melting. The connections are brain blowing.

    Normally I add all kinds of gematria tidbits, but don’t want to touch the masterpieces being painted by Brother Berg. True Artistry. What Gallery are you exhibiting in?


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