Jamie T’s Sheila and Bob Hoskins: The Plot Thickens

Follow-up to my Jamie T piece on prophetic records, the music video for “Sheila” from his debut album, Panic Prevention. It stars Bob Hoskins, who died exactly 7 years 3 months after the album release. Sacrifice =73. Ritual Sacrifice =73. Sacrificial Lamb =73. Coincidence, or further alphanumeric evidence of deep occult programming?

Sheila =324. There’s our target date again. Castro Dies =432. Castro =324. Again, from the release of the Sticks N Stones single to the death of Raul Castro is 2430 days. And from the release of the Kings N Queens album to the death of Maurice White is 2340 days. Sticks N Stones =187. Bob Hoskins Sacrifice =187.

  • From the release of Kings N Queens to 3/24 is 2390 days. Jamie T Panic Prevention =239. Again emphasizing the current 239th year of America, perhaps. The 44th President Barack Obama =239.
  • The duration between the death of Hoskins on 4/29/07 and our 3/24 target is 696 days, a curious number. Thursday =696 and 3/24 is a Thursday. Royalty =696, tying into the Kings N Queens theme. African American =696. Obama Sacrifice =69. Barack Obama Dies =69.
  • [4+29+20+07] =60. Conspiracy =60. Obama Sacrifice =60. Barack Obama Dies =60. [4+29+7] =40. Oscar Romero and Fidel Castro both have birth numerology of 40 [4+29+2+7] =42. Bob Hoskins =42. He died on the 119th day of the year.

It should also be noted that Hoskins shares a 10/26 birthday with Hillary Clinton, in light of my previous post. Sheila runs 3:32 in length and Hillary’s AIPAC confirmation came 332 days after her campaign announcement, or 10 months 26 days. Hoskins died at age Seventy-One =144 from Pneumonia =108. Hoskins Sacrifice =1008.


  • Who Framed Roger Rabbit =109. Robert William Bob Hoskins =109. Bob =19. Masonic Ritual Murders =109. Obama Sacrifice =109. Psychological Warfare =109.

It’s 3342 days from Panic Prevention to 3/24. That’s like 4+29=33 and Bob Hoskins =42. Panic Prevention =1202. Cuba Kills Obama =122. Panic =113. Prevention =57. Cuba Murders Obama =157. Cuba Assassinates Obama =88 and he’s the first president in 88 years to visit Cuba, after the 88th Oscars – reminding us of the Oscar Romero connection. Poison =88. This is a straight up “Conspiracy Theory” =88. Bob Hoskins Sacrifice =88.

Here’s a link to the video.


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