The Dead Zone: Yet More Predictive Progamming for Donald Trump


There’s been much speculation lately connecting Donald Trump to Martin Sheen’s character from The Dead Zone, the flick based on a Stephen King novel. It’s about a man who wakes from a coma with psychic powers which allow him to foresee the psychopathic populist Greg Stillson’s surprising rise to president and the ensuing World War III / nuclear apocalypse that is to come. It’s the classic question of if you could go back in time would you kill Hitler. Of course Hitler was just another actor-agent playing the villain role in this ancient global conspiracy. The connections between Stillson and Trump are alarming, however, giving the savvy viewer a sense of the second sight. Notice the blood-red ribbons of subliminal programming in Stillson’s logo, suggestive of a headshot.

The Dead Zone =107. Stillson For Senator =107. Visions =107/35. Set in Stephen King’s fictional town of “Castle Rock” =107/35. Christopher Walken’s character “Johnny Smith” =56, falls into a coma after crashing his car into a “Milk Trailer” =56/128. Stephen King =56/128. There’s a murder in a gazebo and the line “Gazebo, you like that word?” Gazebo =56/565. And even the tagline for the movie continues that 56 train a’rollin: “He can see the future. But can he escape it?” =156. Peter Hurkos =156, the real life inspiration for the story, a man who awoke from a coma with psychic powers.

Notice the 56 on the license plate; no coincidence. Sheriff =44. Officer =44. Police State =44. Kill =44. Eriff =44. THE DEAD ZONE =722. Like the 22/7 Pi Cycle code of history repeating. Wheels Within Wheels =227. Dead Zone =38/74. Masonic =38/74. Psychic =38/47. Trump =470. President =47.

  • Released 21 October 1983. [10+21+19+83] =133. Crippled America =133 (Trump’s latest book). Elect =133. White House =133. [10+21+83] =114. President of the United States =114. October 21st is now known as Back to the Future Day, the date they travel to in 2015. It’s 156 days (22 weeks 2 days) from 10/21 to 3/24. False Flag =156. Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =1056. President Barack Obama Killed Under Aries =156. The ‘fulfilment’ or activation of 56.

From the film’s ’83 release to our 3/24 date: 11844 days. I see that as an ominous code for Presidency =118, Death =118 / Kill =44. It’s also a span of 32 years 5 months 4 days. Barack Obama =32 and he’s 54 years old. False Flag Event =54. Damn intriguing sequence, IMHO.

  • Greg Stillson =58/157. Freemasonry =58. United States =157. Psychic Energy =157. Stillson =48/120. Illuminati =48/120. Donald Trump =48. Illuminati =48. Six Six Six =48. Donald J Trump =148. The Art of the Deal =148 (Trump’s other book). Destruction =148. Presidential Assassination =148.
  • Gregory Ammas Stillson =91. POTUS =91. Make America Great Again =91. Deception =91. Zionist Conspiracy =91.

The scene at the rally where the crowd is chanting Stillson while Johnny hears KILLSON =38. Donald Trump =138. Death =38. Psychic =38. Dead Zone =38. KILLSON =239. The 44th President Barack Obama =239. Barack ‘Barry Soetoro’ Obama =239. In this the 239th year of America.

  • Trump =88. Uncle Sam =88. Christopher Walken =88.
  • Watch the movie if you haven’t, it’s a beauty. It’s also the second work of King’s that foreshadows the rise of Trump, the other being The Running Man.


3 thoughts on “The Dead Zone: Yet More Predictive Progamming for Donald Trump

  1. We’ve got to give King and maybe Joe Hill the royal treatment. Any of his works you’d like help on just lemme know. The man is a wizard with SPELLing and spells that go global. I’ll hit up The Stand and IT, characters and dates, and drop some of Stephen’s Spellwork off in a day or two.


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