Amtrak Derailments and Basketball Predictions

A Chicago-bound Amtrak train went off the rails in Kansas on 3/14 Pi Day – a date suggestive of history repeating. AMTRAK TRAIN DERAILMENT =227, remember 22/7 is the approximation of Pi just as “Twenty Two Divided By Seven” =314.As such, it comes exactly 44 weeks after the major Amtrak trainwreck in Philadelphia on May 12, 2015. That former crash happened at 9:23 PM with 243 people on board; perhaps yet further code for the 24/3 target date: Ten Days Later =144. That Philly train was said to be travelling at 106 mph and this crash happened near “Garden City” =106. (University of North Carolina’s basketball team is 106 years old.) Prophecy =106/666.

Train Crash =48/666. KU vs UNC=666. The NBA Finals =666. Amtrak Derailment =66. Train Derailed =66. Derailment =606. (The movie Trainwreck released 66 days after teh Philly crash.) Six Six Six =48. Illuminati =48. There were 32 people injured, 32 km from Dodge City. Barack Obama =32. KU =32. Amtrak =64. Barack Hussein Obama =64. Obama Trainwreck =64. The train’s name: Southwest Chief =64. March Madness =64. Kansas Jayhawks =64. That’s what we call a tribute.

  • All but 3/32 were injured and released. The remaining 99 passengers and 14 crew members…” That’s a 113 hoax-signature for us. Amtrak Crash =113. From this crash to the start of NBA Finals on 6/2 is 11 weeks 3 days. Golden State Warriors, originally from Phildalephia, are in their 44th year and have been receiving 44 tributes all season – perhaps this derailment is a clue to their coming upset.
  • A CBC article tells us there were 131 passengers. Championship =131.
  • Thirty-Two Injured =239, synching up with the previous 9:23 crash time, as well as the 239th year of America, which it is currently.
  • Amtrak Train Derailment =92. Dodge City =92. Chicago-Bound =57/102. Train Crash =57. Amtrak Train Derails in Kansas =102. It happened 10 months 2 days after the Philadelphia Trainwreck.


I wonder if this Kansas trainwreck is foreshadowing a Kansas upset in the NCAA basketball championship on 4/4. Again, the crash comes 44 weeks after the Philly Wreck. April Fourth =144. Forty-Four =144. Get Outta Dodge =144. North Carolina Tar Heels have 44 all-time tournament losses and Kansas Jayhawks’ next tournament loss will be their 44th. Coach Williams =1144. The train witness in the CBC article is “Daniel Aiken” =144. This derailment comes just 144 hours after a train derailed into a creek near San Francisco.

  • North Carolina’s coach “Roy Williams” =66/156 and he turns 66 exctly 119 days after 4/4. Williams =44/98. Lupercalia =44/98. That’s 2/13 and Williams was born on the 213th day of the year. North Carolina Kansas =213. From 2/13 to 4/4 is 1 month 22 days. Trainwreck =122. Like the 122-minute movie with”Lebron James” =923, connecting to last year’s crash at 9:23 and the Yom Kippur date of 9/23 (or 23/9) coming 222 days after Lupercalia 2015 when AMTRAK =222.
  • That’s also 222 days between Lupercalia =44 and the 44th President meeting the 266th Pope on the 266th day of the year. Pope Francis =122. Padre Jorge Bergoglio =1122. It’s also 22 days from this train crash to 4/4. Basketball =22.

This train incident (most definitely another rigged spectacle, like NCAA basketball) happened on a date with numerology of: [3+14+2+1+6] =26. Game =26. Train =26/62. [3+14+16] =33. With end date it’s 309 days between train crashes. TAR HEELS =309. Exactly 39 weeks after Philly Wreck there was a head-on train collision in Germany.


On the same Pi Day as the Kansas crash, a report from South Africa regarding a train crash from 4/28 of last year. The conclusion of its investigation was “Frustration over unpaid overtime” =159. Israeli Secret Intelligence Service =159. Thirty-Third =159. Oracle =159. It happened in Johannesburg =53 and today has numerology of 53 [3+14+20+16].

  • Johannesburg South Africa =102. Amtrak Train Derails in Kansas =102. Chicago Bound =102. The train was called the “Business Express” =106, connecting back to prophecy, this number coded into all the train events we’ve covered.
  • This so-called Denver Train Crash occurred exactly 322 days before the Pi Day events. With the end date that 10 months 17 days. 240 people were injured. Two Hundred Forty Injured =117. Two Hunred Forty =216. 6x6x6 =216.

7 thoughts on “Amtrak Derailments and Basketball Predictions

  1. Your on a Roll Brother. Im going with a kansas vs NC final. What would be fun is to pick a game, one game and try and lock it up with gematria? Like say IU vs Chattanoga??


  2. Said exactly 32,200 days after Calvin Coolidges CUBA speech in Have.Anna….and on the 4th week 4th day since the popery signed their agreement in Have.Anna. whereby the papacy stated “Our fraternal meeting has taken place in Cuba, at the crossroads of North and South, East and West. It is from this island, the symbol of the hopes of the “New World”…and CC called it the “Queen of the islands”. These two trains crashing exactly 44 weeks apart bear the names SouthWest and NorthEast, 4 and 88 and of course their religious brother Obama is the first president in 88 years to visit on 3/22…..such mental oppression these religious men uphold..thinking numbers and dates hold power for them…when in reality it is but a trail of crumbs they leave behind them marking them for the religious they are


  3. These men “christen” ships, planes and trains and as such the events are their vehicles of ministry…preaching their new storylines, morals and lessons to the unwary through manufactured events.


  4. Hey Joe – You hooked me on the Cuba angle in your comments. Cuba is becoming a bigger & bigger story, and should peak in about a week or two with an Ending Event…..Brother Berg has done a nice job eluding to it in recent previous posts.

    Yo Shawn – The Final Four has been decoded, and I let the answers slip on another blog. Shame on me, I know 😉 No surprises this year – take the favorites, and you’ll do great. I may officially release my pics once the Tourney gets going.

    I will say that 34 has been a huge number relating to sports lately. I’ll be gambling on the score which I think will total 143 points (maybe 144 or 134 points too.) And the winner will be the same winner from 34 years ago. Everything is always in perfect symmetry.

    And finally to El Hombre, Brother Berg…..I don’t have a comment for this post, but you dropped that 1 month 22 day date count in the last post, and connected that to the movie Trainwreck – awesome. It was the missing piece I was looking for 🙂


  5. **That date count is on this blog post. Can’t keep all these train stories straight.

    Choo Choo Train =144. All Aboard =66. Loved the “Get Outta Dodge =144.”


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