The Mind-Controlled Taxi Driver


The Uber driver who allegedly killed six people on a random rampage in Kalamazoo is back in the news today after telling police that the Uber app “took over his mind and body” and “made him feel like a puppet.” Hiding the truth in plain sight. “He claims that the smartphone programme told him to kill his victims.” Sounds like MK-Ultra, mind controlled assassins, only the evidence suggests that no such attacks took place, another hoax, and the real victims of Mk-Ultra are the gullible public who believe this to be reality. His name’s Jason Dalton =44. MK-Ultra Assassin =44. Kill =44/59. Jason =59. Monarch Slave =59. Dalton =66. Uber Driver Blames App =99. MK-Ultra =96. Jason Dalton =996.

  • This news comes on Pi Day, 3/14, like the first bold fare rate on this coded trip receipt from the shooting hoax. Will this trend continue with similar events on April 8th and May 23rd?

Remember, TWENTY TWO DIVIDED BY SEVEN =314. And from 2/27 to 5/23 is 2 months 27 days. $4.08: Hoax =48. Illuminati =48. Six Six Six =48. Train Crash =48/666. Safe Rides Fee $1.15? Uber Driver Mind Control =115. Psychological Operations =115.

But the best is the total: $5.23. THE ILLUMINATI FORMULA TO CREATE A MIND CONTROL SLAVE =523. Ha, there you have it ladies and gentlemen; and as Zach at FTFT is predicting, based on the connections between Taxi Driver, John Hinckley, Jodi Foster, Checker Cabs, and more, 5/23 is indeed a major target date to watch out for. (Read in reverse, that could also represent the day after our 3/24 target.)

5 thoughts on “The Mind-Controlled Taxi Driver

  1. Hey Capsa, what is your email address? I did some work yesterday on the Grizzlies game and wrote an article. I want to send it to you and Zach to see if you can see more connections.


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