Decoding Tony Scott Train Flicks


Unstoppable =141. First establishing shot reads “Stanton Southern Pennsylvania” =141. Based on a 2001 incident involving runaway train CSX-8888, aka “Crazy Eights” =141. The Philly Trainwreck of #188 happened 14 years 11 days after the 8888 event. The train in the movie is #777. Number Seven Seven Seven =88. Fox 43 =88 (the station covering the drama). The train originates in “Fuller Yard” =122. Trainwreck =122.

  • Hero is “Frank Barnes” =64. Train company is “AWVR” =64. Amtrak =64.
  • He says he’s been railroading “28 years, November 13th 1981, 28 years.” From that date to the Philly Trainwreck is exactly 33 years 6 months. (The director) Tony Scott =933. Scott killed himself in 2012 by jumping off LA’s Vincent Thomas Bridge.
  • Exactly 20 years to the day before the 10/26 premiere, Olympic bronze-medalist diver Lawrence Andreasen died on the same bridge, attempting to set the record for highest dive from a bridge. Andreasen was born on November 13th — exactly 36 years before the date Frank Barnes started railroading. This means Unstoppable double coded the future suicide of its director.

The movie premiered on 10/26 and the good guys’ train is #1026. Film official release [11+12+10] =33. The Philly Trainwreck happened on May 13th, the 133rd day of the year. [5+13+15] =33. Stanton =103. Runaway Freight Train =103/238. There were 238 passengers on the Philly Trainwreck.


Tony Scott and Denzel Washington teamed up for another train thriller, The Taking of Pelham 123 about a hijacked train that departs at 1:23. Conspiracy =123. Crazy Eights =1203. It was released on 6/12/09, that’s 2160 days before Philly Trainwreck (5 years 11 months). The Philly Crash happened 5110 days after the Crazy Eights incident, the latter of which was traveling at 51 mph. The Pelham hijackers demand $10 million paid in 60 minutes (notice the 106); the film has a run-time of 106 minutes and the train that crashed in Philly was going 106 mph. Prophecy =106/666.

  • 501 days between Pelham 123 and Unstoppable. Another Amtrak derailed in Vermont on 10/5 of ’15 and we heard from spokesperson “Dana Huoppi” =105. Vermont =1005. That’s 151 days between the Vermont crash and the Kansas crash – and 22 weeks 2 days after Philly. Amtrak =222.
  • Pelham =330/124. Stanton =421 (the fictional town of Unstoppable the reversal of Pelham). The hijackers end up stealing $307 million. It’s 307 days between Philly Crash and that in Kansas on Pi Day.

Remember the Madrid Train Bombings happened on 3/11, 911 days after 9/11/01. The duration between the ’93 WTC Bombing and 9/11 was 3119 days. Similarly, the duration between the Madrid and Philadelphia train events: 11 years 2 months 11 days (11211).

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