North Carolina Tar Heels – Forecasted NCAAB Champions


North Carolina Tar Heels Sixteen Champions =430. NCAA Champs =34/43. Tar Heels =34/43. NC =43. Tar Heel State =134. Super Bowl 50 saw 34 total points scored. 34 years ago, Tar Heels won the championship with a young Michael Jordan, who would go on to wear #23 for 9 seasons (239) before retiring on 10/6 to play baseball (NC’s basketball team is currently 106 years old in the 239th year of America). North Carolina Tar Heels =236. The current coach of North Carolina is known for recruiting Jordan. From the upcoming final game on 4/4 to Jordan’s next and 54th birthday (NRG Stadium =54 / Chapel Hill =154) is 10 months 13 days (113). That 1982 tournament from 34 years ago started on 11/3 and finished on 29/3…

Twenty-Sixteen NCAA Champions =113. Michael Jordan =113 and he retired for good on 1/13 of ’99 [1+13+99] =113. That’s also a date with 33 numerology [1+1+3+1+9+9+9], matching his record $33-million contract. Michael =33. NBA Finals =33. That record was broken by LeBron James =42 who signed a $42-million contract. NBA Finals =42.

  • University of North Carolina =133/142. Super Bowl 50 score was 24-10. The Heels =241. Houston Final Four =214. Final Four =412.
  • With regards to the aforementioned 113 connection, the Pi Day “Amtrak Crash” =113 in Kansas comes 11 weeks 3 days before the NBA Finals start. We must also recognize the parallels between Jordan and this year’s forced retirement of “Kobe Bryant” =113. Kobe =33. Michael =33.
  • Division I Men’s Basketball Championship =216. Curiously, MJ’s listed weight is 216 lbs (6x6x6 in 2016) and Kobe’s is 212 lbs. UNC opened to the public on 2/12 in 1795, the day before Lupercalia.

UNC will be 221 years, 1 month 23 days old on 4/4. That’s the conspiracy code connected to the 122 we’ve been seeing heavily imprinted over the past year. Previous deciphers have shown the school’s motto to factor into the programming; UNC’s is “Lux Libertas” =44/53. There’s the 4/4 date and MJ is currently 53 years old. Tar Heel State =44/53. Champions =44/53. Their mascot is a ram called “Rameses” =44.

  • Again, if Tar Heels win they’ll remain at 44 all-time tournament losses while the Jayhawks’ next loss will be their 44th. The Kansas Amtrak Crash on Pi Day coming exactly 44 weeks after the crash in Philly. Forty-Four =144. April Fourth =144. Coach Williams =1144. Tar Heels Twenty Sixteen ACC Champions =144. Chapel Hill North Carolina =1404 and Tar Heels enter the tournament with a conference record of 14-4, reducing to [1+4+4] =9.
  • UNC =243. Like our 24/3 date and the 243 passengers on the Philadelphia Amtrak Crash. Twenty Sixteen NCAA Champions =2430. Also, [2+4+3] =9.
  • UNC has 40 NCAA Division 1 championship titles, ranked ninth all-time; 9 the completion of a cycle, a prevelant numerological theme this year. [2+0+1+6] =9.


(Notice the coded 1113) — Coach “Roy Williams” =66 turns 66 exactly 119 days after 4/4. NCAAB Champions =119. As I covered in a previous post, his surname Williams =44/98 connects to Lupercalia =44/98, the Satanic Holy Day on 2/13 – Williams born on the 213th day of the year. University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill =213. North Carolina & Kansas =213,  in what we project to be the final matchup. NORTH CAROLINA TAR HEELS NCAAB CHAMPIONS =2130. The final on 4/4 comes 1 month 22 days after 2/13. Again, UNC is currently 221 years old.

  • Lupercalia can be expressed as 13/2. UNC’s athletic director is “Bubba Cunningham” =132. Philly Trainwreck happened on the 132nd day and MH-17 crashed 132 days after MH-370 vanished. 32 people injured in the Kansas Trainwreck. Twenty Sixteen NCAA Champions =320.
  • Here’s a fun fact: the duration between Pi Day (which came 322 days after a major train crash in South Africa) and the date that Calvin Coolidge addressed Havana (1/16/28) on the last visit to Cuba by an American president is precisely 32,200 days {shoutout to Joe for that gem}. That’s also 88 years and change.

North Carolina =888. Tar Heels =88. Houston Final Four =88. NCAA Champs =88.

One thought on “North Carolina Tar Heels – Forecasted NCAAB Champions

  1. Slam Dunk 😉 First paragraph was a Gematria Bomb!

    Chapel Hill =86. Denver =68. Six Time Champions =834. Denver =834. Freemasonry =834.

    Six Time Champions =197. Super Bowl Fifty =197. Sixth =507, and its 57 days btw SB 50 & Final Four on 4/4.

    We don’t even need these comments – Bro Berg is crystal clear on the Winner. UNC Or Bust =133 😉


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