Tar Heels ACC Champions Projecting Final Four Victory


This picture is titled “Roy and the Boys” =171. Fifteen =171 (UNC made #1 seed for the 15th time, more than any school in the nation). Chapel Hill North Carolina =117. NCAA Champions =117. [Our Blue =557. Glory =557.] Now watch how completely that shirt is coded through all the text: “ACC Champions NC Our Blue” =216, in perfect harmony with the year and suggestive of the next goal: Division I Men’s Basketball Championship =216. An anagram of that number is “North Carolina Number One Seed” =126. The tournament is at Houston’s “NRG Stadium” =126.

  • NRG Stadium Houston =76. Twenty Sixteen =76. UNC’s motto “Light and Liberty” =76. NCAA Champs =79. Final Four Houston =79.
  • Fifteenth =48. Final Four =48. ACC Tournament =148. That reads as the 133 Tournament. University of South Carolina =133. UNC or Bust =133. And of course it’s held in DC, home of Government =133 and White House =133.

And if those 42 & 11 jerseys were switched, it’d be coded up for University of North Carolina =142. The Heels =241. Final Four Victory =214. Houston Final Four =214. Final Four =412. (Super Bowl 50 score was 24-10). Maybe in the excitement they forgot where to stand, maybe it’s just a coincidence. But regardless of the arrangement, we’re meant to see the 1/2/4. ONE ONE THREE =124, which appears to be the source code to decipher the “Twenty-Sixteen NCAA Champions” =113.


Right away I see four Vs in the logo: VVVV =16/88. Here we are in ’16 and North Carolina =888. Tar Heels =88. Houston Final Four =88. NCAA Champs =88. Final Four Victory =88. NEW YORK LIFE =71. DIVISION I MENS =71. Seventy-One =144 and check out all the 144 connects in the previous write-up, plus these new gems: CHAPEL HILL NORTH CAROLINA =1404. TAR HEELS TWENTY SIXTEEN ACC CHAMPIONS =144.

  • Washington DC =822. Tar Heels Number One Seed =228. United States of America =228. Great Architect of the Universe =2028.
  • Held at the “Verizon Center” =75/174. New World Order =75/174.

Tar Heels got the win on 3/12. Including the end date, that’s 3 weeks 3 days before the final on 4/4, or 24 days. March 12th and April 4th both share a numerology of 24. It could be argued that there are in fact six Vs in that logo: VVVVVV =24. College Basketball Champs =204. College Basketball Champions =242. The number 24 also connects directly to 144.


16 thoughts on “Tar Heels ACC Champions Projecting Final Four Victory

  1. I hope you and Maestro are right! I just bet 600$ on the Tar Heels at 5 to 1 odds to win it all. Pays 3000. Counting on you Brother !!


  2. I’m still holding out on the Florida Gulf Coast University upset. Most likely it won’t happen, but the Eagles of FGCU(216) probably have the best chance of the dream upset.

    They won in with a 96 point victory. That 96 is always a scary omen of change, especially this year with his 69 twin, and oddly



    • The Ninety Six(139) points may have been just an homage to Julius Caeser(139) or perhaps because it was the first game of the tourney, it could have been a shout out to who is running the event.



  3. I’m just going to leave this here just in case…

    FGCU Eagles—86
    The FGCU Eagles—119
    Number Sixteen FGCU—206, 1236, 1122(J)
    FGCU Sixteen Seed–869(J)(Nine Eleven), 966, 166(Twin Towers, September Eleven, The White House)

    FGCU does the Unthinkable—230, *1380*
    FGCU Twenty Sixteen–1440
    Tarheels Upset—1014, 169

    Justin Case


      • One Seed Goes Down—-1014, 169 same as Tarheels Upset.

        I still don’t think it’ll happen, but there you go. I try to anticipate the Headlines and see if the digits play. This time they seem to.


  4. Bavado is where i bet. I have an account there. My mom bet 200 too! She read your Broncos superbowl champions and said lets roll with the TarHeels.


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