Todd Palin’s Sledding Incident: Running Obama’s America Off a Cliff

Sarah Palin’s husband seriously injured after a snowmobile crash on Pi Day. This news comes as the third part of a string of sledding stories, from a stuntman launching off a 1,600 ft cliff ten days earlier to a drunk snowmobiler crashing into the Iditarod dogsled race and killing a dog, two days before Todd Palin’s accident. Events unfurling like the Fibonaci sequence in sacred geometry. Predictive programming a run-up to an even bigger event to come?

The man charged with crashing his sled into the Iditarod is a native, and as such, I predicted his name would have the standard Negro/Slave coding of 59: Arnold Demoski =59. {Todd Palin =59.} Kill =59/44. Iditarod =44. The deceased dog’s name is Nash =42/139. {Freemason =42. Freemasonry =139.} Dogsled Race =93/48. Snow Machine Accident =93. Propaganda =93. Six Six Six =48. Illuminati =48.

The Finnish daredevil who rode his sled off a 1600 ft cliff (Todd =16) with a parachute is Antti Pendikainen =76. Barack H Obama =76. The Obama Administration =760. Daredevil =44. Just for good measure on the symbolism. Pendikainen =102. United States of America =102. So who/what is driving Obama’s America off a cliff? “Finnish Daredevil” =96/105. Freemason =96. Satanism =96. Masonry =105. Zionism =105.

The media keeps referring to the alleged accident as a ‘Snowmachine Crash’ =74, as if the former First Gentleman of Alaska slipped while snowblowing his driveway. Sledding =74. Todd’s Fake Injury =74. Snow Machine Accident =93. Propaganda =93.

  • Snowmobile Crash =77. Todd Mitchell Palin =177. This happened 177 days before Todd’s 52nd birthday on 9/6 and 6 month 9 days after his last. 177 days is also 5 months 23 days, like our 5/23 target date…

Sarah L Palin =666. Leader of Alaska =666. Nailin Palin =666. Birth name “Sarah L Heath” =606/322. This crash comes 33 days after Sarah’s 2/11 birthday. Did you catch my piece on the suspicious death by the numbers of Juneau’s mayor Greg Fisk on 11/30? November Thirtieth =211. His company named “Seafisk” =211/420 and he died 42 days into office. Fisk =45. Sarah Palin =45. Alaska =45.

  • Todd’s crash on 3/14 comes 3 months 14 days after Mayor Fisk’s death. That’s also 106 days. Prophecy =106. Fisk was elected on 10/6 and died 56 days later on a date with 56 numerology. Mayor Fisk Found Dead In His Home =156.
  • As another parallel, Todd crashed 56 days after Sarah endorsed Trump on 1/19. {Star of David =56/119, All-Seeing Eye =56/119} Fisk’s police report number reduces to 119, as the investigator’s name Erran Kalwara =119.



That 56 day span is also 1 mo 24. Snow Machine =124. Todd Injured =124. From 11/30 to our 3/24 date is — 3 months 24 days, interesting. That’s also 115 days. Fisk =115. Stephen Gregory Greg Fisk 1151. His 42 days in office equal 11.5% of 2015.

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