Drawing the Prophet: The Nomination of Supreme Hoax Actor Merrick Garland


33 days after the mysterious Lupercalia death of Justice (=33) Antonin (=33) Scalia, there’s a new judge in town: OBAMA PICKS GARLAND FOR SUPREME COURT =144. JUSTICE GARLAND =144. SUPREME COURT =1044. Merrick Garland =71 (Seventy-One =144). Scalia died on the 44th day of the year. Forty-Four =144. Scottish Rite of Freemasonry =144. Allah Akbar =144. This announcement comes 4 months 4 days after Garland’s last birthday and 4 weeks 4 days after Scalia died – standing there between the 44th president and potentially the 44th man to hold the office.

Justice Merrick Garland =113. Indoctrinated at Harvard in “Cambridge Massachusetts” =113. Scalia was born 3/11 and Garland was born on 11/13, turning 63 during the Paris Attacks – a psyop stacked with 63-coding [Paris / Terrorism / Charlie Hebdo / False Flag Event / Terrorist Attack]. Oh, and one more: JUSTICE GARLAND =63. Sixty-Three =153. Garland =153. His surname reminds of the Draw Mohammed Day shooting in Garland Texas — which happened on 5/3 of last year, 10 month 13 days before Garland’s announcement for yet another 113; the call-sign of the hoax.

  • Remember, the Paris Attacks on 11/13 came exactly 311 days after the Charlie Hebdo psyop, which was blamed on the drawing of the Prophet Mohammed, exactly like the Garland TX psyop, both connected to the new Supreme Court Justice via several red strings.

We’d be remiss to not take the opportunity to remind readers that 9/11 happened 3119 days after the ’93 WTC Bombing and the Madrid Bombing of 3/11 happened 911 days after 9/11.

Merrick B. Garland

The psyop in Garland is known as the “Curtis Culwell Center Attack” =92/110. The assailants were “Elton Simpson & Nadir Soofi” =110. Nadir Soofi =110. The Koran =92. PsyOps =110. Antonin Gregory Scalia =110. President =110. Martial Law =110. Curtis Culwell =178. Merrick Brian Garland =178. It was an attack on “Religion” =53 and it happened on 5/3. That’s 116 days after Charlie Hebdo. Everybody Draw Mohammed Day =116. Court Pick =116. Hard not to see that as an inverted 9/11, another state operation blamed on “Islamic Extremists” =74. Muhammad =74 (Masonic / Global Government / Social Engineers). His initials MG (4+7). Judge =47. Gavel =47. Obey =47. Authority =47.

  • “Elton Simpson and Nadir Soofi” =300. “Drawing of the Prophet Mohammed” =300. 
  • CNN’s headline “Obama’s Court Pick” =59, matching the breaking news from 4/4: “Scalia Dead” =59. Corrupt Judge =59. Kill =59 and Scalia took his seat as Justice on a date with 59 numerology. “Court Pick” =515; and the distance between Dallas/Fort-Worth Airport and Marfa TX, where Scalia died, is 515 miles.

Supreme Court Justice =1910. News comes exactly 1091 weeks after the Oklahoma City Bombing, the prosecution of which was led by none other than Merrick Garland. Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building =144. Justice Garland =144.


Oklahoma City Bombing =87. Inside Job =87. Justice =87. Antonin =87. OKC Bombing =203. Shadow Government =203. Thirty-Third Degree =203. Cambridge Massachussets =230. Garland has birth numerology of 23 (1+1+1+3+1+9+5+2).

  • Ted Kaczynski =1172. Federal Appeals Court Judge Merrick Garland =172.
  • Alfred P Murrah =141. Merrick =41. Dude has life lesson number of 41 (11+13+1+9+5+2). And that name Merrick reminds me of the Big Pharma corporation “Merck & Co” =41. USA =41. Unabomber =410, which was another state-sponsored psy-op hoax that Garland acted in. Actor Judge =104. Actor Agent =104.

From OKC Bombing to Garland’s placement on the lower court (at age 44) by Bill Clinton: exactly 1 year 11 months 1 day (1111). Corrupt =111. Flag of Israel =111. Rothschild Zionist =111. Jew’s Invisible Government =111. And Garland just happens to be Jewish. That’s also a span of 701 days. Merrick Garland =71.

4 thoughts on “Drawing the Prophet: The Nomination of Supreme Hoax Actor Merrick Garland

  1. On October 13, (113) the Sanhedrin, the highest tribunal of the Jewish state and religion, was re-inaugurated by a group of rabbis (Israel National News online edition, October 13, 2004).
    People have no inkling of the spiritual ramifications of having this world turned over to the flesh and seared consciences.


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