White House Easter Egg Roll


White House Easter Egg Roll =115. Where The Wild Things Are =115/241. President Obama =142. White House Easter Egg Roll =133. White House =133. Government =133. South Lawn =133. God Bless America =133. 

  • The author of Where the Wild Things Are is “Maurice Sendak” =61. President Obama =61 and he was born in ’61. Easter Egg Hunts =61. Egg Rolling =61.

It’s the 138th annual Easter Egg Roll. The President of the United States =138. The American Dream =138. EASTER EGG ROLL =144. FORTY-FOUR =144. WHERE THE WILD THINGS ARE =1446. AMERICAN PRESIDENT =1044. NUMBER OF THE BEAST =1044. The first 144 digits of Pi sum to 666.

  • March 28th 2016: [3+28+20+16] =47. Easter Egg Roll =470. President =47. Caesar =47. President Obama =477. US President Barack Hussein Obama Dead at Fifty-Four =474. This is the 88th day of the leap year. EIGHTY-EIGHTH DAY OF THE YEAR =138. And again, this is the 138th annual event. Harmonics.
  • [3+28+16] =27. March Twenty-Eighth =207. The New World Order =207. This year’s theme is “Let’s Celebrate” =127. Death of Barack Obama =127.


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